My Nebula
Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 0

In the beginning, storytelling was invented to teach vital lessons in life. As the oldest living art form, storytelling was also used for entertaining the masses. Within these countless bound volumes, surviving through the generations are stories about people, places and events. Records of the latter are now part of our culture as a society whether real or apocryphal.


I’m not here to tell you the difference between fake and real news. Hopefully, you’re smart enough to make that decision for yourself. What I am here to tell you about is comes beyond the 4th wall (or what I’d like to call Deadpool’s Theory). You exist in one corner of the multiverse—We exist in another.


I regret to inform you that in the world in which I live is not much different from your own. 9/11 happened when I was just a toddler—a one year old to be exact.  15 years later, as if the world knew no greater evil, a terrorist strike on the nation’s capitol from what seemed like to be an extra terrestrial robotic entity, turned the world upside down.  No one questioned where these “bots” came from. All Earth knew was that in the next coming months, some group known as the Global Union of Benevolence (GUB), setup their own caliphate and created a one world government consisting of every major terrorist organization, both foreign and domestic.


Those who didn’t bow to GUB were erased from existence, both physically and mysteriously. The latter seemed mystical but those who watched too many sci-fi shows involving time travel were on to something. The so-called “awake” ones were few on Earth but those like my family, left for the Lunar Plane.


I can’t say that we knew what was going on but my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio had its own problems that escalated before we left for the Moon. One of them being a robotic invasion—I believed GUB called them the Lainhardt. I wanted to know what “tech” they were using. Could it been technology from the Lunarians? This I soon found out to be true. Unfortunately, the subject was taboo in some areas except for Space Station Zyra, the Lunarian nation’s capitol. 




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