Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 10
Kurune Legacy

As the human seed flourished, so did their society. The first city built on the mainland was Anama, followed by Quan then Lennore. On Earth, the Anomaly still tried to revive Project Lightspeed. And notably did succeed in bringing more humans to PowerLand but in larger quantities. This large influx exponentially grew PL’s population a hundredfold. Most of them resided in the cities of Nemoa and its sister city, Nimoa, Atarishi City, and Bermu. The latter city became the capitol of Diamond Centre. The area around Bermu also contained the richest deposits of Diamonds in the world.


What became evident of these humans was accepting those not like them, mainly the Nexus, into their society. Those bitter clingers had their minds wiped. Also, those horrified by Hurricane Zeno wouldn't remember such an event. Yet there was one thing about them Lina despised very much—those with superhuman abilities looked upon as deities and were relied upon as such.


No matter how many times Lina destroyed their shrines and temples, the humans rebuilt them. Also, erasing their minds of the notion was temporary because it was an inclination within their heart—something that Lina couldn’t read. The latter she knew was another hallmark attribute of true divine beings. Grandmaster Reign II suggested that the last remaining ancients remove themselves from this society and create their own. Consequently, Lina and all those with her moved Far East.


There were some humans that didn't believe in the pagan practices of their human brethren were allowed to make the journey with Lina and her kind. They settled in a city they called Kuru. Surprisingly, Zini was in the area. She had been there for several decades as a hermit. Though reunited with her family, she preferred to live on the outside but with the Kurune guards that did the same.


A New Age began. It was widely known as the Age of Discovery. Much of the technologic genius came from Earth but the technology was vastly superior because it was enhanced in PL. At the tip of the spear was the Kuru nation. This nation contained the cities of Lux, Sapphire, Cinara, and their capitol, Kuru. They excelled at modern medicine in advanced weaponry. Only the city of Quan matched their splendor. Kuru however, had a sentiment family of weapons known as Vismourne.


The Vismourne family consisted of a great sword, gauntlets, and staff. The Vismourne could channel the user’s chi into powerful attacks, both melee and ranged. Initially, only the bloodline of Izdubar could tap into its power. This was a security measure incase the weapons fell into the wrong hands, and few engineers in current day PowerLand knew how to remove this feature, if any. Kuru’s engineers rivaled those of Quan and made their home the first advanced technological city of its time. Kuru also was the larger of the two in terms of population (roughly about 100,000). Current day Quantona is three times that but at the time of Kuru’s existence, was a quarter of their population.


At the time, the only ones able to wield the Vismourne other than the King were his younger sister, Princess Raven, adopted daughter Zini, and wife, Lina. An extra security measure was installed in the Vismourne to sense the will of the user. If they had ill intentions with the Vismourne, they became like any other weapon. The latter function is why most people call the Vismourne sentient. Likewise, a growing number of Diamond Centre’s historians saw the Vismourne as AI symbioses because of this feature.


The Vismournes’ unique, shiny metallic diamond crafted appearances also attracted the attention of treasure hunters and thieves from all over the planet. Some humans believed their deities blessed them with modern technology; however, this was far from the truth. Darius Izdubar, king of Kuru, was responsible. It was because of him and Quanto James, Mayor of Quan (soon to be renamed Quantona after one of his descendants a few decades later), PL’s society was industrialized and with little help from those to whom they saw as divine.


Queen of Kuru was none other than Lina herself. For a long time, she went by Lina the Anomaly but the latter surname was bitter to those who died fighting this evil race. To many of those immortals in the ancient world, she was known as the Dreamer and wasn’t referred to as by her other title. Consequently, Lina considered using her birth name, Celes Goodman. After all, Lina was Celes as an adult and with her memories now in full, she could rightfully claim it. The last bit of her memories recovered was that when she was on Earth as a child. Over the centuries, her memories slowly returned. The people of PL still called her Lina because that really was her nickname.


For the first time in her life, Lina was truly happy. Darius and Lina chose not to have children biologically but were content with the adoption of Zini as their own. It’s true that their kingdom had a measure of peace for a couple centuries and the environment was ripe for raising a family. Consequently, Lina felt as long as Crystal and the Anomaly lived, there would never be peace.


Lina believed that she couldn’t be there all the time to protect her children if they were in trouble. Eventually, Darius convinced her that the DMS would give their children the defenses needed against their foes. Several months later, King and Queen Izdubar had a little girl and named her Hilda.


As a child, Hilda was taught by the finest in the land and with the help of her older sister, added to the Vismourne family with defensive equipment. This began with the creation of the Vismourne Armor. Though Hilda couldn’t fly, her armor allowed her to and at supersonic speeds. Its durability was on par with Zini’s Stellarium exoskeleton but not as great.


Stellarium and Vismourne were cousins but Stellarium was made from natural elements and was inherently stronger. Hilda, like her older sister around the same age, didn’t possess any power granted by the DMS overtly. Regardless, Hilda was loved dearly by all of Kuru. Though it seemed Hilda wasn’t super powered like her mother and sister, she was extremely brilliant like her father.


Hilda’s superhuman “power” was her intuition and photographic memory. Secretly, Hilda always enjoyed being with the wild animals of the field and wasn’t threatened by them. Some believed this was because she befriended the mythical beasts of PL—mainly the drakes, dragons, & wyrms. The latter protected her from the others not so friendly. When this fact became publicly known, Kuru’s youngest in the royal family found her place in her kingdom as Princess Hilda Izdubar, the Dragon Tamer.


As one of Kuru’s princesses, Hilda became well liked by the people and was quite the entertainer thanks to her inherited DMS powers. Lina soon learned that the secret to her daughter’s power was a mental link Hilda shared with these beasts—something that no other person on PL possessed. Yet this was just the beginning—Hilda’s fame had yet to be well known.


Some towns on the outskirts of Kuru contained roving poacher bands. Neighboring countries didn't outlaw the practice but in Kuru it was illegal, this included towns within its borders. As long as these people kept their distance, the law wouldn’t come after them. Yet none of them anticipated the Dragon Tamer’s involvement.


Lina could only do so much with her telepathic powers, Zini and the Kurune Royal Guard apprehended the offenders, and then King Darius came with his denunciation. Most of the time it was the poachers being deported back to their own country after spending time in Kurune’s jail. These three factors that frequently led to a poacher’s demise only caught inexperienced off-guard. Seasoned criminals avoided detection with various gadgets, complete with multiple getaways. Among their many gadgets included technology that made telepathic detection nearly impossible without brain injury and to exit the place when the KRG were chasing them via teleportation modules. Yet these methods were use sparingly. Most of the time the KRG were too late to save the poor creatures.


Increasingly, Hilda had nightmares of these poachers attacking the dragons. The trauma and adrenaline was so great from these dreams that it triggered a latent power within Hilda—One that soon made poachers label Kurune as Dragon Synergy Field or DSF in the years that followed. It didn't matter where they were, if a group of poachers attacked one Dragon, they were assaulted by a dozen or so in the vicinity. Such a phenomenon was previously non-existent and the KRG only saw this happen twice. It was Zini that comforted her little sister after she had these nightmares. She started connecting the dots after her and the KRG frequently saw these angry “Dragon Swarms” make a meal out of every poacher band stupid enough to attack one of their fellow beasts. Furthermore, Hilda’s dreams of these occurrences stopped troubling her when the outcome of these attacks changed for the better.


When confronted about this issue by her parents under Zini’s deduction, Hilda didn’t deny it—She could control dragons in her dreams and while awake through telepathic link. Word soon spread throughout PowerLand—Princess Hilda Izdubar was the Dragon Whisperer.


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