Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 9
Operation: First Destiny

Perhaps all the humans in the Ancient Isles would've been exterminated hadn't it been for Glen sabotaging Zeno’s efforts. Unlike Celes, Glen was far more secretive. Furthermore, Crystal's mistake was settings and off on his own thinking his alter was down and out. One of Glen's deeds that gave Zeno’s victims hope was leaving of clues for the humans to send for help to Lina and the others. There were times when Zeno blanked out. Sometimes this was after just a simple looking himself in the mirror—literally. Other triggers were humans begging for their lives. On the flipside, Glen saw in that moment what he had become and felt he had no control whenever the humans tried to rebel against the Anomaly. Yet his willpower in fighting back against his alter played a role in the humans’ survival in the ancient days of PowerLand.


Those humans that were spared saw that Zeno wasn't all there. Rumors circulated within the their community about when the evil speedster was at rest, he was a completely different person—appearance and all. Others were skeptic and believed there was no such evidence. These naysayers would get their evidence from the many diplomats from Ruby sent to find this mystery person. At the outset it was a suicide mission but all of them returned home unharmed.


The mission wasn't in vain because the humans stopped rebelling with weapons of war in a physical sense. Their fights for now weapons of war a psychological sense. Psychological warfare was something that Zeno couldn't handle—appealing to this young man's humanity was the human’s greatest weapon. Behind the scenes, Lina and the others were there to diffuse each situation. Their primary focus was to undo the brainwashing Crystal did on him.


Unfortunately, the Anomaly knew of their enemy's presence in this community and notified Crystal. It wasn't until after Zeno’s capture that this happened. In the meantime, Zini tried her best win her boyfriend back. This only succeeded in creating a rift between them so large that she left the scene heartbroken after Zeno made cutting remarks about her and Glen's relationship. She didn't care if Zeno was actually a different person. There were some memories she felt only Glen knew but his alter new some of them as well. To her, it was all Glen but he was malingering as this Zeno.


The interrogation was short-lived as in I only invaded the human community and began executing the humans until Lina and the others released Zeno. He escaped after the energy field Lina trapped him in dissipated from the bombardments resulting from the Anomaly’s heavy artillery.


Enraged Zen all decided to perform an extraordinary feat he believed one about the humans in one fell swoop. There was a large body of water separating the human community from the mainland, and the human community from the main part of Ancient Isles. And ability to run across water, he ran in a circle around this area faster and faster and created a giant whirlpool when this was achieved, the speedster would gain more momentum and turning this world pull into a waterspout. Equivalent to a category six hurricane, Zeno would use his speed to dump this hurricane on their community and after which would have it move elsewhere.


Grandmaster Reign II foresaw the power of this freezer was too great to neutralize this hurricane and initiated Operation: First Destiny. The DFC was put into action by evacuating the humans out of the hurricane's path. The humans would be relocated to the PowerLand mainland. Anticipating this, Zeno moved the hurricane East towards Ancient Isles mainland. Zini, who at first didn’t want to be involved, now was because her current place of residence, Mamnue, was threatened with heavy rain and floods from the massive storm. So she fled the island but soon met up with Lina and the others. To gather they fully evacuated the humans from the Ancient Isles.


Hurricane Zeno made another move southward before reaching the mainland but before it could, Lina and the others fought the evil speedster in the eye of the storm and defeated him. As he came to his senses, Zeno reverted back to Glen but his guilt was great. Even though Lina was ready to forgive him, Zini wasn’t and knowing this drove Glen over the edge as he went into self-exile.


The battle wasn't over yet. Most of the Ancient Isles was destroyed by the hurricane except Caprice. So those left behind stormed the Anomaly capitol and found it vacant. Even their Queen abandoned the city—so they thought. Crystal expressed her extreme displeasure and down neutralizing her herald. Lina and the others didn't know was there arch enemy could duplicate this hurricane and was willing to destroy her city with it in order to kill them all. What was different about the hurricane this time around was its extreme speed and arrival at its destination. Lina only had seconds to react and more than a half dozen to save. Zini became the one to buy them some time as she confronted the storm and her mother as the Stardust Dragon.


Zini’s massive telekinetic wall pushed back against the category six hurricane yet she underestimated her mother's seemingly uncanny ability to multitask. Crystal simultaneously attacked Zini while moving the massive storm. As a result, Zini was sucked up by the storm but not before Lina and the others made it to safety. Caprice was destroyed and Zini was lost somewhere in PowerLand’s vast ocean after the storm dissipated. She found herself on the mainland but wouldn’t have contact with anyone for a long time until PowerLand became more populated.


The mainland came to be known as Diamond Centre because it was rich in diamonds.


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