Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 8

Zini knew where to find her boyfriend. She knew someone kidnapped Glen but it wasn’t the humans. At first she took it out on the Nexus but after Lina and the others calmed her down, Zini left for Caprice, only to be driven away by the Royal Guard. This only angered Zini even more. Her persistence merited a one battle with her mother again. This time, she showed restraint in not transforming into the psychokinetically vulnerable Stardust Dragon and proved to be a match against the Nightmare with just her telekinetic prowess alone. Unfortunately, the threat of Crystal killing Zini’s beloved in revenge for the Don’s assassination forced the young woman to retreat and never return to Caprice.


Meanwhile, in a subterranean lab, Glen's body underwent a change on a molecular level. Pleased the results, Crystal started his training but basing it off the charts recorded by her scientists’ computers.  On one side of the equation, Glen showed low levels of telekinetic activity but in extenuating circumstances, his movements were untraceable, had a body of steel, and could lift several tons. This was somewhat of a paradox because the telekinetic version of Glen peaked at the highest possible for any human to accomplish. His so-called “alter” was distinguishable by his purple skin tone and superhuman powers. This skin tone was shared among the Anomaly race, however, the inconsistency of this occurrence made it seem that he was one of them. The most rewarding part of this experiment was that Crystal created an obedient minion. This minion soon came to be the fastest person alive on PowerLand. In other words, the DMS birth the first speedster in PL’s history. As for his name, Crystal named him Zeno—named after late 5th century BC philosopher Zeno of Elea, known for his paradoxes. It is interesting to note that Zeno’s creation came about by application of this philosopher’s Quantum Zeno Effect. The unstable particle was the DMS. The scientists attempted to decouple the human “system” from Glen to completely transform him into one of them; however, a phenomenon occurred as the presence of Crystal’s psychokinetic painkiller attracted the DMS particles and formed another person within Glen’s psyche.


The most challenging part of Zeno’s training was Glen’s resistance to the brainwashing and Zeno’s arrogance. Crystal found Zeno’s enthusiasm slightly amusing but the constant challenging of her leadership became a nuisance. Eventually, Zeno submitted to her. He was fast but Crystal’s psychokinetic power was on another level. She could pinpoint the location of his mind with deadly accuracy. No matter how fast he was, Crystal could stop him before he could act.


Now Crystal believed Zeno was ready to be unleashed on their enemies—starting with the human races. She sensed Zeno’s disdain for Roanoke. It was evident that all of Glen’s hatred manifested in his alter ego. Capitalizing on this, Crystal sent him to attack Roanoke. In a blink of an eye, Roanoke became a lifeless city. Crystal assumed that the humans would bow to her and the Anomaly, seeing that they were powerless to stop her herald. She didn’t, however; anticipate on the intervention of Lina, the Nexus, the DFC, and the Stardust Girl.


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