Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 7

Though Don anomaly was long gone dead, the technology at the bottom of the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle continued to operate—It was self-sustaining. As years went by more humans were taken from their Earth home, taken across the dimensional barriers of time and space, and brought into in a foreign world. In times past, only small groups of humans aboard Navy vessels, cruise liners, and airplanes were victims of this alien abduction. Crystal knew where Earth was and in her late husband's memory, she expanded production of these machines in other parts of Earth’s vast submarine landscape.


There was an experimental project use on Earth's population during the 16th century. It was called Project Lightspeed. Crystal’s aim was to transport whole cities, everything included, to her world. The Americas was a place of interest. Randomly picking a spot, an English settlement known as Roanoke was chosen. The colonists were asleep at the time of the abduction. Some heard buzzing sounds but the latter was ignored, as it was believed that locust swarms were traveling through the area. An exact replica of Roanoke was built on an island within the Ancient Isles. When the bait and switch happened, the people of Roanoke woke up one day and found the scenery around them different than what they had known. Many of them were in panic, including the colony’s leaders, Virginia Dare and her husband Richard Edwards.


Immediately after learning of Project Lightspeed's execution, a handful of the Nexus, as a gesture of goodwill sought to help these new ones in their world. This was standard protocol for any and all humans abducted from Earth by this technology. The other half went with Lina to destroy the infernal machine on Earth and made sure anything like it would never be created again. This was done by the installation of the newly formed Dragon Fang Clan in Earth’s society on every continent.


The DFC on Earth was a secret order sworn to stop the Anomaly’s in addition to serving as a CIA like organization to the Nexus and their allies between both planets. Time and time again, the Anomaly tried to restart Project Lightspeed and the DFC stopped them. Andrew II stayed in PowerLand but the DFC was everywhere and in every time period. This heroic display of initiative was the deciding factor that gave Andrew II the privilege to be called the second Grandmaster.


Formally known as the Ancientpower Clan, it was renamed the Dragon Fang Clan by Grandmaster Reign II in honor of his father after Project Lightspeed was shutdown the first time. Grandmaster Reign II held a ceremony that night and after slaying one of Crystal’s dragon summons, he dedicated the kill to his father. Lina and Grandmaster Reign II returned to PowerLand after the DFC achieved their mission. The DFC proved to be one of mankind's protectors against alien invasions. In 1955, under the direction of one of Grandmaster Reign II’s generals, Area 51 was founded. This organization proved to be a sight for researching and developing the Nexus’ advanced technology as a defense again hostile alien races.


Back in Roanoke, the situation surrounding their abduction did not sit well with Virginia and Richard. Also, the Nexus’ presence on the island was unwarranted. They were banished from the island as Roanoke's leaders vehemently enforced their isolationism policy. Any other citizen who violated it by associating with anyone not from within the city’s limits was exiled. In time, Roanoke brought the other human cities of the Ancient Isles into their coalition. Roanoke was their capitol. These other cities included Garnet, Ruby, Emerald, and Carne.


There was a sixth city on an island south of Roanoke. Today is called Mamnue (Ma’am-nwau). In the Arabic language it means forbidden. No one dared to step foot on this island except for those thrill-seekers. Human folklore say that the Stardust Girl currently resided there, even in modern-day PowerLand. Mamnue was once a proud city until their rebellion against the isolationist policy of Roanoke cost them dearly. Before Roanoke could invade to teach them a lesson, a being of great power, described as a human-like armored Dragon by Roanoke Naval forces, destroyed the city.


Virginia and Richard noted Mamnue as a warning to all who associated with nonhumans. They called these beings “aliens” but in some cities, they were known as demons because of their superhuman power. Mamnue was often called Devil's Island because of Zini's presence there. Most of the humans obeyed Roanoke's directive except for Glen Edwards and a few of his peers. Glen was the son of Virginia and Richard. He was a rebellious teen. This became evident when he and a group of his friends journeyed to Devil's Island unbeknownst his parents. Alarmed at this discovery by others townsmen, his parents sent a group of vessels to retrieve him. To their surprise but also to their displeasure, he had befriended the beast. Their immediate response was to bombard the island and kill them all.


This only angered Zini as many of her new friends perished in the bombardment. She could only save Glen. The others weren’t in her reach when the ambush occurred. Roanoke lost their entire Navy that day as the Stardust Dragon decimated the fleet. Glen knew he didn't have a home to go back to so he asked Zini to allow him to live with her. He did so for several months until Crystal kidnapped him. This was done unbeknownst to Zini.


Glen found himself as a lab rat to a group of Anomaly scientists. Crystal's new experiments consisted of the Dark Matter Substance on human test subjects. Most of the humans captured for these experiments perished. In the sight of their horrific deaths, Glen became frightened and feared for his life.  When it was time for the DMS trials to begin on him, Crystal erased horror from his mind by placing him in a state of tranquility as the DMS particles bombarded his body. This was done in small quantities for months as Glen lived inside a giant test-tube. The pain was excruciating for others but Crystal’s psychokinetic painkiller kept his vital signs stable. This was method was not used on other patients. What made Glen so special? Crystal knew the connection Glen shared with Zini was special. Her daughter seemed happy with him—Crystal was going change that.


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