Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 5
The Nightmare Begins

From a distance, Lina saw Dragora burning. Suddenly, a man from the Ancientpower Clan came to meet them halfway. Founded by Grandmaster Reign I, this clan was regarded as the military force of the Ancient Isles. The Ancientpower Clan consisted of monks that protected the people main island with their lives. Andrew always traveled with a handful of them.


There was something different about this messenger. His movements were that of a drunkard. His speech was garbled. When she read his mind, she saw the Nightmare. Just as she did this, the man collapsed. Lina healed the damage done to him by the Nightmare and all them continued toward Dragora.


On the outskirts of the city, Miranda, Mackie, her younger sister Kita, and Andrew's son Andrew II, with others within the Ancientpower Clan. The Nightmare started insurrection from within. They fled in fear of their lives as their fellow citizens turned on the. Now that Lina and Andrew I were back, they could sneak in and retake the city. Those citizens that were still escaping needed the help of Kita and Andrew II. The latter two left with a few dozen citizens to New Union City.


In Dragora, Don and the Nightmare were executing the last loyal followers of the Designers. Severely outnumbered, Lina and the others watched the execution after making their way to town square incognito. Lina couldn't take watching the slaughter anymore. Against Andrew and Miranda's wishes, Lina confronted the execution squad head on and by herself.


Surprisingly, Lina took all of them down. A handful of guards now protected Don in the Nightmare. Seeing her success, Andrew and the others started to help. Lina finished off the last of the Anomaly guards before fighting the Nightmare one on one. During the fight, Nightmare gloated about being the better half. Her arrogance angered Lina and to Nightmare’s dereliction, gained the upper hand as she became more focused. Seeing this, Don jumped in and the tide quickly turned.


The tables turn once again as Andrew and the others came to her aid. Unfortunately, the battle seemed to be at a standstill. Andrew and Miranda sacrificed their life to stop Don in the Nightmare after the latter summoned more minions to fight them. Lina escaped the city just as Andrew, Miranda, and the rest of the Ancientpower Clan tackled Don and the Nightmare. They attempted to release enough Ki to destroy the whole city with their enemies in it. This “Ki-bomb” only incinerated the new minions that surrounded them and only succeeded in wounding Don’s spirit. From then on, he lost the will to fight. The Nightmare took her wounded leader back to Caprice.


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