Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 4
Birth of the Dreamer

What was understood amongst PowerLand’s inhabitants is that immortals couldn't be killed. That was only partially true. Immortals could invoke a deathlike state to others like them, giving the illusion that this person was dead. The victim was very much alive but inert. The same was done to Celes. Her body was locked in an abandoned lab somewhere Don believed his enemies couldn't find. In the meantime, the red terror continued. The battle intensified as his star soldier entered the fray. They called her the Nightmare. The Nexus and the other Designers began losing the fight to save humanity.


Grandmaster Reign took a small group of people that included Miranda Nexus and her oldest daughter Mackie to search for this abandoned lab. They were going to find a way to free Celes from her eternal prison. Their enemies were sure to follow but at the current time, the Anomaly unaware of this journey.


They found abandoned lab deep within a forest in the east coastal territory centralized between Caprice and Dragora. The young teen was found in a liquid stasis pod. It was then the three prepared to revive her using the advanced technologic instruments with them to ensure Celes speedy recovery.


It took them several months to achieve this. Unexpectedly, Celes’ body aged but did stop around early 30s. Andrew believed since the girl was accustomed to looking like a young girl, this reversal was evidence of the recovery process working. He was unsure, however, the certain drainage of power would affect her overall performance.


These months turned into years as a three toiled night and day trying to wake their friend. They believed Celes was their only hope against Don's tyranny and the bloodshed of innocent people.


At long last, the system picked up brain activity on the monitors. After almost 5 years, the lady opened her eyes. The other three were sleep during this time but Mackie was the first one to notice. Just as Andrew and Miranda joined her, the lady broke through the liquid stasis pod, flinging shrapnel every direction. Andrew shielded himself and the others from the flying glass.


They soon found that unfortunate side effect of the recovery process was amnesia. The lady did not know her own name. In time, she remembered Lina. A recovered memory suggested it was a middle name given to her by her parents.


During this time, all four of them explored the lab and came across a holographic training room. Here Lina found more about herself and her powers. Telepathy was foremost power she learned. Through accidental mind reading, Lina knew about their dire situation.


Andrew did much to hide this, believing it was too much for Lina to take in. Sooner or later she would have to realize it was up to them to defeat this tyrant and his regime. In Lina's deductions, this irritated her at first because they withheld this information, including Miranda. Mackie wasn't told because her mind wasn’t strong enough to resist mental probing by someone like Lina.


After this experience, the other two Designers knew that the foremost Designer was mentally stronger than both of them even in her amnesic state. Fortunately, they could rely on Lina's good nature to not hold this sin against them. After she was calmed down, Andrew and Miranda explained the situation and to why they journeyed deep behind enemy lines to rescue her. Lina understood and agreed to help.


This reunion was short-lived after Anomaly scouts sought them out. Within minutes compound overrun by enemy soldiers. The three were able to fight them off until reinforcements arrived from Dragora.


In Dragora, the people met Lina after Andrew called a town meeting. Some were amazed at her potential while others were still somewhat in disbelief. All that changed when Lina’s healing powers emerged. Many of those were injured during the war she felt empathy for and healed some of them. Her powers worked faster than the nanotechnology currently used by this ancient civilization. How they viewed Celes now was quite troubling to the lady. Lina didn't like being viewed as some kind of Messiah. Consequently, Lina went into recluse when this line of thinking habitually permeated in the minds of Dragora’s populous. Andrew started searching for her.


When Andrew did find her, Lina first believed he thought like them and a battle ensued. Andrew explained that this was not far from the truth but he knew alone that she couldn't be a liberator other people. The Nightmare was in fact Lina’s equal. Without Lina, however, the scales were unbalanced. Andrew felt Don was training the Nightmare wrong. She had raw power but no discipline. The latter was what he could teach Lina and with this training, she would surpass her evil “twin”. Celes then remembered he did quite the same with training Celes until Don’s treason. At this point she began to trust him after she stopped attacking him viciously.


Andrew and Lina took this time begin her training. First, they a sparring match. Andrew showed to be better than her in close combat but in ranged warfare it was an entirely different story. The only defense he had against her in this setting was his endurance. This training was cut short when the men sent to guard Andrew notify him of an attack on Dragora. All of them quickly returned home.


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