Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 3

Within the influx of humans appearing in PowerLand, Don felt there was much to be managed yet created the illusion that he was a benevolent ruler. His actions told a different story. His own people didn't question his motives but the Nexus, mainly the Designers, did.


Celes was now in her early 20s, however; time progressed differently in this world. That being said, in human years Celes would be in her early 20s but in PowerLand, she was a couple centuries-year-old but still looked like a young teen. Fortunately, newcomers experienced this Temporal Amplified Environment (or TAE) and many of them outlived those on Earth in their time period. On the flipside, they weren’t privileged with true immortality in which the Ancients possessed.


The humans were immortal without interruption, given unnatural causes like accidental or intentional death weren’t a factor. Out of generosity, the Nexus family helped the humans with inventing technology that eliminated anything that prevented them from living out their full potential in eternity. The Anomaly secretly sabotaged those efforts with pseudo-tech that did more harm than good.


Don Anomaly took advantage of these so-called Lesser Races and believed they could be used for slave labor in building his empire. Those opposed where the other Designers. Unfortunately, Celes obliviousness to the matter blinded her to the great evil she was supporting. She served as the harbinger of death but believed it was against those having the audacity to rise up against them. She didn't realize that humans were no position to do so with their antiquated technologies. The Ancient’s civilization was vastly superior but Don's greed sought to exploit the vulnerability of PowerLand’s unsophisticated population.


The Nexus Family was deemed enemies of the state as Don saw they were against enslaving the humans. Therefore, they were forced into hiding, fleeing to the cities of London, Destiny, New Union City, and Dragora. The latter place was their capitol. Don, Celes, and the Anomaly resided in Caprice, the city in the northeast corner of the Ancient Isles. The Nexus Family to the residents in the Southwest. New Union City, a place in the southernmost part of the Ancient Isles, had a heavy human but intermingled with the Nexus to form a resistance to their oppressors.


The Anomaly terrorized the humans for decades. At that time, the Nexus Family reached out to Celes. After seeing the error of her ways, Celes vowed to stop the Don. Unfortunately, the plan was discovered by one of the Don’s guards. After having knowledge of the plot against him, Don sent his men to hunt her down and be killed. He then decided to use some of Celes’ DNA to create a clone of her—one that obeyed his every command.


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