Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 2
Girl of Time & Space

Instead of using spaceships, Celes was given the chance to explore her cosmic abilities. One of them included intergalactic travel, which she did with ease. She knew exactly were Earth was through her knowledge of the stars. Earth was 1,500 light-years from the Orion constellation and the latter was clearly shown in Pollux’s night sky. The hard part, though, was time travel. In the current timeline, Celes’ parents were nowhere to be found. In her first “time-jump”, Celes, Don, and the Anomaly with them found thin 1490 Earth, themselves in the time before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  What she didn’t know was Don Anomaly had an ulterior motive. He wanted to stay there and explore while Celes visited one of her favorite people in the history books.


Celes was fascinated by the work of Columbus and Magellan. Mainly their discoveries of uncharted territory, shaping the way ship navigators perceived the seas and their connection to the known world.  To her, the universe was a giant sea and so was time itself.  This time around, even though her objective was to potentially stop the abduction of herself and her mom, Celes’ deep admiration of Christopher Columbus clouded her mind. As a result, Celes and the others were not in the right time period.


Don didn't mind the detour because he had other plans. One of them became the driving force behind the conspiracy theories concerning human disappearances throughout history, beginning with the Bermuda Triangle. While Don and his crew worked on their alien abduction technology at the bottom of the ocean, Celes continued to learn about her powers—Every week or so was something new. Most of the time, the additional power learned was in a unique situation.


Manipulating time wasn't limited to affecting what was around her but also herself. With that being said, Celes learned how to change her physical appearance by aging herself and when needed, reverse the process. Biologically, Celes was 13 but she could physically look like an adult anytime she wanted. Logically, Don suggested that she do this because it will be hard for anyone to take her seriously as a child. Furthermore, if Celes showed her full range of powers, regardless if as a child or as an adult to this generation of humans, the repercussions would be detrimental to the timeline.


Celes came to Christopher Columbus as Celine Vera, marooned on an island near a place in which he later named San Salvador. She convinced him and the crew of the Santa Maria that she was captain of the Alejo. Her ship was lost at sea months ago and she was the only survivor of a crew of 50. In actuality, Christopher Columbus and his team were at the mercy of an emergent telepath.


Columbus was known for four voyages throughout the New World. Celes accompanied him on every one. As one of his crewmembers, Celes’ medical and navigational prowess added to the overall efficiency of these voyages.


The only real problem they faced besides Pirates and storms were frequent times where their instruments went haywire. The culprit, unbeknownst to Celes, was found in the bottom of the ocean where Don and his Anomaly were building structures that interfered magnet based navigational systems.


The journey ended in 1503 when a monster storm off the coast of Cuba heavily damaged their ships. As much as Celes wanted to prevent all this from happening, she didn't. Soon the time came when she couldn't hide her powers anymore. This was when they were stranded in Jamaica after this bad storm beached all three ships in Jamaica. Mind wipes of certain events were frequent instead of on occasion.


Governor Nicolás de Ovando y Cáceres was said to refuse sending help to Columbus and his men. This was what was recorded in history books. It was Celes that made him have a change of heart after teleporting to his domain. In an instant, she returned to Jamaica where Columbus and his crew were still stranded.  Columbus and his crew were on the island for a year.


During this time, they entertained locals with stories and explanation of certain tools used on their journey. One of them included the ephemeris. This was celestial navigational instrument used to chart astronomical objects in the sky. What the crew found fascinating about Celine was not just her ageless beauty but also her knowledge of the stars and seldom use of the ephemeris. She was also quite entertainer as a juggler, showing impressive skills in dexterity (though it was just her using telekinesis and manipulating time).


Soon the journey ended and Don came to retrieve Celes from her field trip. She left the expedition without a trace but not before erasing all memory of her from those who were a part of it. Routinely, Celes did this to everyone she would not see again on the journey. Celes didn’t leave this timeline without suspicion. Every once in a while, they ran into a storm that wasn't like any other.


It was in these situations where Celes had to neutralize the storm with her powers. In every occurrence, the crew learned of her powers and worshipped her as a goddess. This was quite unsettling to Celes as she refused to be worshiped as such. Their actions became the primary motivation to why the memory wipe took place.


Ultimately, Celes enjoyed her trip and was no longer homesick. She forwent looking for her parents as a result. Don, Celes, and the others with them returned to PowerLand in its native time period with the others. Celes had no idea what he was doing while she was on her field trip. The storms and malfunctioning of Columbus’ navigational instruments aroused suspicion in her mind. What was more suspicious was the influx of human inhabitants on the Ancient Isles upon their return home. The Nexus family and Grandmaster Reign (Andrew Rayne) found the humans’ mysterious appearance noteworthy in the absence of the others on their journey. Don anomaly insisted on referring to these humans as the “Lesser Races" from then on. His plans for the Lesser Races would soon plunge the Ancient Isles into a dark age.


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