Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Genesis


From the beginning, PowerLand was a spectacle among its intergalactic neighbors. The Designers, regarded as PowerLand’s creators, made this a world where the past, present, and future existed concurrently.


To the outside universe, PowerLand is known as Thestias, 34 light-years from the red giant Pollux. The latter star being one of two guideposts in the Asterism (a.k.a. Gemini constellation). Both Pollux and its twin, Castor, shined radiantly in the night sky. Pollux’s splendor was debated amongst its inhabitants constantly though but obviously, Castor was only a dot next to the star that gave their planet warmth and light.


Thestias was an uninhabited planet with several landmasses in the north and south. In the center is a Pangaea. A giant ocean separated all of them. Its lands were rich with diamond and a rare but radioactive mineral known as Polloxium. To the people PowerLand, it's a world unanchored in time.


The northern landmasses were collectively known as the Ancient Isles. It’s said that the Designers lived here many millenniums ago. It’s a war-torn land, reminiscent of the once proud civilizations known as the Anomaly and the Nexus. This war involved not just the latter superpowers at the time but also the “Lesser Races”. The Lesser Races were defined by their mortality and lack of superhuman abilities.


Many today still worship the Designers and their descendants as deities. Those who knew truth, though, know that how the Designers came to be was far from what was truly divine. In the ancient world, the Lesser Races feared these powerful immortals.  This was a result of Don Anomaly’s tyranny and the crimes against humanity committed by his heralds throughout the land. The stalemate resulting from the ancient Anomaly-Nexus War was the reason why the Ancient Isles remained uninhabited today.  No one from the Lesser Races dared to visit them or live there. It’s rumored that one of his heralds still lived there although the Don died several millenniums ago and during the war.


The leader of the Anomaly race wasn’t always evil. Don visited Earth during the early centuries with the help of a young girl known as Celes Goodman. She was a native of Earth but a mutual enemy brought these two together along with many others.  She was a prisoner aboard Lainhardt Omega and the latter was Don’s home. 


This space juggernaut was the first home of the early Designers. They were a part of a deep space mobile community.  The Anomaly and the Nexus were outcasts among the other races living on L.O.  One of the many issues they had amongst their neighbors was ill treatment. All that changed the day Celes entered the picture.


Celes helped Don Anomaly and Miranda Nexus, Queen of the Nexus family, liberate their people.  Consequently, their efforts seem to be in vain when they were all captured and banish from L.O. Celes encouraged them not to give up hope. That’s when this group of 100 or so beings searched the universe for a new home.  They set their eyes on the planet not too far from the red giant Pollux.


At its start, PowerLand’s inhabitants lived in peace. Invasion was impossible thanks to Celes.  People say she was the most important of all the Designers.  Her existence was a mystery to many as she wasn’t an ordinary human.  The first-generation of PowerLand’s inhabitants, mainly the ones who saw her deeds firsthand aboard L.O., knew there was something special about this 12-year-old girl.


Celes was a telepath who could also manipulate time, space, and energy. The origin of her powers was unknown to most except for her mother, Zahra, who shared a cell with her back on L.O.  The people around them regarded Celes as an abnormality—humans were not born with superhuman powers.  In the current universe, technological advancement made this possible but not in her case—so it seemed.  What they didn’t know was that Zahra could perform similar feats but with the aid of technology.


A growing number of people in their universe called people like Celes “mutants” and rightfully so. Those in the science community, however, refer to them as Cosmically Altered Beings or CABs.  If enhanced only by technology, they were known as Genetically Altered Beings or GABs. Then there were those who were created in a test-tube. They were known as Genetically Engineered Beings or GEBs. Lainhardt Omega’s entire population consisted of GABs and GEBs. With the vast majority of them being the latter.


The CABs were a rare occurrence in the known universe. Especially on Earth where people like her were rarely born. If they were, the current superstitious and xenophobic nature of their environment made their survival nearly impossible.  Zahra was a single parent living in India, but wasn’t without protection.   With all the gadgets at her disposal, she ensured Celes’ future.  Unfortunately, this did not protect them from the enemies of her family. Their intent was not to kill but to lure the family’s head out of hiding.  Zahra and her husband, Othniel, were separated in their dangerous line of work as interplanetary government agents. Though Celes was gifted as a child with her abilities, she was no match for the abductors.  Zahra and Celes soon became prisoners aboard L.O.


Just like her mother, Celes had a strong sense of duty to help others, especially those in need. Celes saw a call to action as she witnessed seeing the injustices of the Anomaly and Nexus races—Celes could feel their pain. Many of them were in the same cellblock.


Being a Telepath gave Celes an edge, not for just for empathy but also for offensive measures. When the insurrection started, Celes manipulated the guards into releasing the prisoners. The hand of their fellow guardsmen dealt those that opposed the mutiny without mercy. Then uprising then spread throughout the ship. 


The rebellion went on for a few months until someone, who went by the name Master Wongo, rallied what was left of the original regime and fought back.  Their experience trumped the rookie telepath and her puppet show.  After capturing Celes and the rebels, their judgment was death by airlock. Neither did they know, being a CAB, granted Celes more than what they believed. One of these feats included surviving the vacuum of space.


Zahra wasn’t present during her daughter’s banishment but knew of it and was heartbroken.  What she didn’t know was that the so-called death sentence became a farce.   The lady knew this after Lainhardt Omega was struck hard by a projectile shortly after rebels the banishment. Celes sent Master Wongo a message—she wasn’t one to be trifled with and was ready to take them down.


Lainhardt escaped at FTL, seeing that this unexpected turn of events may have doomed them and their crew. Celes imagined that they were now going to abandon ship after making the jump. She was surprised the ship was still in shape to perform such an action.  Her first notion was to go after them but a fellow Designer by the name of Andrew Rayne, known to many a aboard L.O. as the Grandmaster, believed this would’ve been unwise course. So Celes backed down.


None of this mattered to the girl as the years passed. At first, Celes was distraught. She was hundreds of thousands of miles away from home and her parents. The other three Designers sought to cheer her up by ways of brotherhood. While Miranda and Andrew stayed on PowerLand, adapting to the environment of their new home, Don and his crew searched for Earth by means of Celes’ memory and growing teleportation powers.


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