Author: Othello Gooden Jr.

Chapter 9
Kira vs. Kaitlyn

“Now you stay outside Kaitlyn.” Kira ordered, looking firmly into the child SECAI’s eyes, pointing a finger at her.


The droid looked up at her with a puzzled look and blinked. “Why Ms. Mancini?”

“Because I said so!” Kira barked.


Kaitlyn folded her arms and scoffed. “Why is it that I can’t be in on your counseling sessions? Is it not I you’re supposed to be training? Humph… Some trainer you are!”


Kira became severely agitated at Kaitlyn’s defiance. Kira sat there patiently in front of Dr. Alexander’s office in a chair next to Kaitlyn. Her fists now balled up. Nerves twitching. Her patience was wearing thin. Then she remembered David Jr. once acted like her—well, from what Alene told her.


But he’s just a little kid. She’s NOT.” Kira thought to herself, rolling her eyes away from Kaitlyn who was still pouting.


“What happened in my past is NOT for you to know!” Kira grumbled after a short exhale. Her eyes were on the floor.


“Yet you let someone else know?” Kaitlyn answered naively.

In that instant, Kira face palmed herself and sighed hopelessly.

“Impossible droid.” Kira mumbled under her breath.

“Impossible trainer.” Kaitlyn jokes.


Kira immediately put her hand down and looked disappointedly at Kaitlyn. She raised her injured hand up and balled a fist up at the droid. She was grimacing in pain from her injury but the rage she felt seemed to diminish the feeling.


“Thanks Dr. Alexander.” A voice was heard from inside the room.


Kira unclenched her fist and put her hand down after she heard the voices. She looked innocently at both the student and Dr. Alexander as they came out the room.


“Kay, seeya next week?” Dr. Alexander smiled at the male student who started walking down the hall.


“Yep!” He smiled back at her, walking in reverse while facing the doctor.


After they waved goodbye to each other, he turned around and started walking around the corner.


“Kira?” Dr. Alexander beckoned, motioning Kira with her hands towards the inside of her office.


Kira rose from her seat. Kaitlyn did the same.


“And where do you think you’re going?” Kira looked at Kaitlyn with discontentment.

“You know where!” Kaitlyn challenged.

“Droidda, if you don’t sit yer can down I’mma—”


“I don’t mind if your SECAI joins us. Besides, I wanna know all about her!” Dr. Alexander interrupted calmly.


Kaitlyn bowed lightly. “Arigato.”


Kira quickly raised an eyebrow at Kaitlyn thanking Dr. Alexander in Japanese. “What the—wait? Lemme guess, Kayla taught you that?”


Kaitlyn cheekily grinned at Kira as she walked into the room before her. “Hai!”


“Dumb droidda picked the WRONG time to be respectful. Malfunctionin’ half circuit!” Kira grumbled as she walked into the room after her.


Dr. Alexander closed the door behind her after she was the last one to enter.


“So, what’s your name?” Dr. Alexander addressed the SECAI first after Kira and Kaitlyn sat down in chairs before the doctor’s desk.



“Last name?”


Kaitlyn looked up at Kira. Kira looked away from her in disgust.


Kaitlyn turned back to Dr. Alexander with a grin. “Dartan-Mancini-Mellis-Daryl!”


“That’s a whole lot of last names!” Dr. Alexander sounded surprised by Kaitlyn’s answer.

“Well, Kira’s full name is—”


“SHUDDAP ALREADY!” Kira yelled.

“Kira! Don’t shout at her, she’s only—”


“Right… Giving out personal information isn’t normal. Wait… She isn’t! SHE’S A FRIKKIN’ ROBOT!”


“Contradiction. I’m a Silicone Embedded Circuitry Artificial—”



“Kira, is that any way to treat someone like that?” Dr. Alexander raised her voice, appalled at Kira’s discriminatory behavior.


“I’m sorry Dr. Alexander. Ms. Crabby Pattie’s been acting like this all day!”

Kira slowly turned her head and looked Kaitlyn strait in her optical circuits.

“What the HECK did you just call me?” Kira challenged.

Dr. Alexander shook her head and sighed hopelessly. “She’s right you know.”


“Like HECK she ain’t!” Kira shifted her contempt to the doctor after turning her head towards her.


“Oh really? Cuz if I recall, David Jr. use to act like—”

“Yeah, but he didn’t give me THIS many problems.” Kira grumbled.


“Not from what you told me.” Dr. Alexander’s tone was laid back. She smiled after the silence enveloped the room shortly after her statement.


“Whatever.” Kira said, defeated.


“So she has a son?” Kaitlyn tilted her head at Dr. Alexander while shortly looking over to Kira. There was certain eagerness in her voice.


Kira anticipated what was about to come out of her mouth. “NO YOU CAN’T SEE HIM!”


“Why not? I think it would be nice to visit other people her age!”

“Cuz she’s an AI!” Kira snorted.

“HEY! Why you so racist, Ki?” Kaitlyn joked.


“Why not?” Kaitlyn finished Kira’s sentence with a smile on her face. “The others do!”


Dr. Alexander started laughing.


Kira sighed while looking away from Kaitlyn in defeat. “What the frak ever!”


“So I take it this skill she learned from either Durk or Gordon?” Dr. Alexander instigated in between laughs.


“Seriously, doc, she’s ALWAYS like this!” Kira whined. “Bieng sarcastic ain’t no skill anyway!”


“A SECAI is the product of their mentors slash trainers.” Dr. Alexander informed her.

Kira face palmed herself again. “And that is a problem.”

Dr. Alexander looked at her puzzled. “It is?”


“…Midterm next week and remember… NO MPDs or any OTHER personality disorders!” Kaitlyn played an audio recording of Prof. Olive’s voice.


“Gaaah… You WOULD do that… Frickin’ droidda… I hate you!” Kira shook her head that was still inside of her palm.


“Not as much as your team’s gonna hate that F on yall midterm!” Kaitlyn snickered. Dr. Alexander followed suit in laughter.


“THAT’S NOT FUNNY!” Kira yelled.

Both Dr. Alexander and Kaitlyn stopped laughing.

“Yeah, but you’ve been actin’ funny from the—”


“Just STOP okay, that’s just wrong! I DID NOTHING TO YOU!” Laura cried. She buried her face in both her hands—almost crying.


“Kira, I…” Kaitlyn turned away, ashamed at the scene as Laura started crying.

Kaitlyn looked back Dr. Alexander. “Is this why she’s at counseling?”

“Yes, Kaitlyn, she has an MPD.” Dr. Alexander’s tone was soft.

“Kira, I-I’m sorry…” Kaitlyn turned her head back towards Laura who was still crying.


Tears were seeping through the young woman’s fingers. Laura didn’t answer the SECAI.


“Kira?” Kaitlyn called out to her again.


“The name’s Laura!” the young woman exclaimed, looking sideways at her as she talked through her hands covering her face, “NOW LEAVE ME ALONE YA ROBOTIC MEANIE!”


Kira’s personality came out in full force as she put her hands down. She suddenly stopped crying and evil-eyed Kaitlyn. Kira’s face was red and wet with tears. Her both hands were balled up.


“So, what happened to your hand?” Dr. Alexander noticed the bandage around Kira’s left hand.


“Bike accident.” Kira answered cooly.


“YOU LIE! YOU LIE!” Kaitlyn played an audio recording of a cartoon character yelling those words.


“Forget yo Invader Zim lookin’ can muthadroidda!” Kira grumbled, eying Kaitlyn from the side.


Dr. Alexander laughed at Kaitlyn’s use of a SECAI’s built-in lie detector.


“Shoulda had it disabled but NO the others didn’t want it!” Kira sighed, folding her hands.


“Cuz you lie.” Kaitlyn’s voice was low and mysterious but cynical.

Dr. Alexander laughed at Kaitlyn’s voice acting. “Check and checkmate.”


Kira sighed, this time drumming her fingers on the armrest while looking aimlessly around the room. “I’m gonna be SO glad when this class is over. I won’t have to put up with this droidda anymore!”


“What makes you think that’s YOUR decision?” Kaitlyn inquired, looking at Kira straightly.


“That’s right! The others may want to keep her, Kira!” Dr. Alexander nodded.


“As long as I DON’T have to raise this droid! One child is enough. I can’t handle two!” Kira looked at both of them after she stopped drumming on the armrest.


Her eyes were on Kaitlyn briefly before turning her nose up at her and back to Dr. Alexander.


“So about this injury. That bandage on your neck… Hmm… Okay, what’s the problem this time?”


“What problem?”

“You know!”

“No I don’t!”

“C’mon Kira. You can’t hide—”


“It does!”


“But you brought me into it!”


“Now I’m kicking you out… LEAVE!” Kira pointed forcefully at the door.


Dr. Alexander shook her head at Kaitlyn who was about to get up from her chair. “Don’t listen to her.”


“AMARIS, REALLY?” Kira face palmed herself while sighing angrily.


Amaris sighed, shaking her head. “Kira, you have to learn to get along with not just God’s creation but man’s too.”


“You sound TOO much like Naira right there… And that scares me. Besides, man’s inventions are more broke down than we are!”


“The limitations of a SECAI are relative to its maker and mentors slash trainers, Kira.” Kaitlyn smirked in her answer.


“One more time, malfunction lookin’ can droidda.” Kira threatened, evil eying Kaitlyn again.


“Try meh…” Kaitlyn tilted her head at Kira with an evil smirk on her face.


Kira threw her hands up in the air and turned away from the droid. “Dang droidda… It’s like I’m fighting with myself!”


“So who’s the droid?” Katia spoke as she briefly looked to Kaitlyn and then back to Dr. Alexander.


Katia pointed at Kaitlyn with her thumb as she asked her question.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself Katia!”

Katia looked back at Kaitlyn.


Kaitlyn blinked at her. “So I guess you’re another one of Kira’s personalities, huh?”


Katia shrugged. “I could say in the flesh but I’m only renting space. Nice place she got up here tho.”


“So why is it that you do? Can’t you just move out?” Kaitlyn was puzzled by Katia’s words.


Katia shook her head. “Not quite that easy given the nature of how we come to be!”

Kaitlyn nodded in understanding Katia now. “I see. So how did you?”


“Did I what?”

“Come to have an identity disorder!”

“NONE OF YO BEEZ WAX!” Kira snapped, dimming her eyes at Kaitlyn.


Kaitlyn shook her head, sighing as she turned her eyes back to Dr. Alexander. “And here she is calling ME impossible. Blah… Ain’t this a beast?”


Kira raised an eyebrow at her using the word ‘beast’. “Why you stealin’ Kayla’s words?”

“Cuz I’m around her most of the time. I’m surprised yall two buds haven’t—”


At hearing that Kira pointed her finger angrily at Kaitlyn, upturning it towards the sky as she interrupted the droid with a grumble, “Lemme tell you something, droidda, I ain’t friends with NOBODY in dis here school, got that?”



“Yes really!”

“That’s not what Gordon said!”

“Frak him!”

“And what about Durk?”

“Frak him too!”

“My emotion sensors say different.”



“Really?” Kaitlyn dimmed her eyes at Kira and continued cynically, “Answer me this… Why is that every time Durk crosses your mind, yer hormone level goes over 9000?”


Kira raised the backhand of her injured hand up at Kaitlyn. The droid wasn’t phased. Amaris started chuckling to herself. Kaitlyn’s comebacks were amusing.


“You’re only hurting yourself.” Kaitlyn said cooly.

“Don’t re-injure your hand over something this stupid.” Dr. Alexander cautioned.


Kira lowered her hand and sighed. She started drumming with her fingers on the armrest again. That’s when the bell rang.


“Lunch time!” Kira rose from her chair with a sigh of relief. “Finally!”

“That was my timer actually.” Dr. Alexander quickly gazed at her computer at her desk.


It was flashing red and emitting short alert sounds. Amaris clicked on a button within the program and the beeping stopped.


“So you have lunch after this?”
“I do… But this droidda don’t!”



Kira quickly shifted her eyes at Kaitlyn in her teasing remark.


“We’ll continue this next week?” Dr. Alexander asked as she too rose from her seat, walking the two to the door.


Kira looked back at the doctor. “Uh… Reschedule?”


Kaitlyn started lightly waving her head at Kira. Half of her body followed suit in an intimidating manner at the young woman as she rapped, “Haters gonna hate.”


Kira just gave Kaitlyn the silent treatment this time before turning back to Amaris.


“Um yeah, sure.”

“Thanks, doc.”

“No problem!”


Kira didn’t bother to look behind her to see of Kaitlyn followed after nodding to Dr. Alexander on her way out.


“Hey Kaitlyn!” Dr. Alexander called before the droid walked out the door.


“Eh… What’s cookin’, doc?” Kaitlyn said in Bugs Bunny’s voice as she turned around to Amaris.


Amaris laughed at her answer. “How you say goodbye in Japanese?”

Kaitlyn bowed low at the doctor as she answered, “Sayanora!”

“Sayanora!” Amaris repeated, bowing in return to Kaitlyn. The SECAI walked out the door.


When Kira was halfway down the hall, she heard Kaitlyn call out to her. She started quickening her pace until Kaitlyn’s voice was lost within the crowd of students going to and fro. Then another voice called out to her. It was Gordon.


Kira turned around and angrily glared at him. “What you want?”

Gordon put his hands up in defeat. “Hey, I wanted to say hi.”

He started looking around for someone.

“Here I am!” Kaitlyn alarmingly exclaimed from behind Gordon.


Gordon jumped from his place as he was startled by the little SECAI that surprised him from behind.


He turned around and waved a finger at her. “Katie, what have I told you about sneaking up on people like that?”


“You do it all the time to every cute girl that—”

“To those whom I know!”

“But you know me!”


Gordon shakes his head and sighs hopelessly. “And you should know by now that I DON’T like to be snuck up on!”


Kaitlyn rolled her eyes and mumbled in a low town, “hypocrite.”

Kira ran her hand through her hair and then folded her arms. She leaned the left side of her body against the wall toward them both. “I had to deal with that defiant attitude all day!”


“She’s fine with me!”

“That’s cuz you don’t mind female company!”

“Um… No, we cool wit each other… Right Katie?”

“As cool as an AC!”


Gordon laughed at her response and held up his hands up in a high five fashion. “That’s my girl!”


Kaitlyn returned his high five as she said in King Harkinian’s voice, “Mah boi!”


Kira rolled her eyes at the scene as both Gordon and Kaitlyn started laughing at the voice.


Frikkin’ Zelda nerds.” She thought to herself with a grunt.


“Great! Then you can have her early cuz I’m DONE wit dat little robo!” Kira said aloud. “So you two video game nerds can do whatever now!”


“Nope. Chuck Testa.” Kaitlyn answered as said those word’s in Chuck’s voice.


“You WOULD do that.” Kira sighed as she face palmed herself and started shaking her head.


“Prof. Olive said that each team member must keep their SECAI for at least—”


“I KNOW WHAT THE FRAK SHE SAID!” Kira jumped at her. “Frickin’ robo, you play too many games! I can’t stand it! Why heck can’t you just removed yourself from—”


“Play?” Kaitlyn interrupted. She grinned as she continued to troll Kira. Gordon started snickering. “Sorry, this monster, I mean bot, cannot!”


Kira let out a low scream that gradually rose until it sounded like an angry high-pitched yell as she turned away from her.


“Speaking of games, you comin’ to see me compete in the X-Games in January?”

“Where is it this time?” Kira voice changed to a more calm tone as she turned to him.

“Lake Tahoe, California.”

“Umm…. Okay, but I AIN’T sittin’ next to that bot on the way down there!”


“Well, I don’t wanna sit next to Peter Griffin’s evil little monkey either!” Kaitlyn stuck her tongue out at Kira.


Kira angrily sighed but quickly retorted slyly, “Have you looked in the mirror lately?”

“Have you?” Kaitlyn reflected.


Kira grinned widely and asked in a heavy Italian accent, “Why you no answer my question?” She paused and returned to her normal Americanized accent and snorted, “You must be afraid of ya own reflection… Like a Dorian!”


“Well, Ardala, least my reflection doesn’t show that I’mma control freak!”

Kira threw her hands up in defeat. “Whatever!”


“OOOH… Burnt AGAIN… like toast!” Gordon instigated as he darted his eyes between Kira and Kaitlyn.


“Frak you ya video game lookin’ ugly butted mutha—”


“You mad or na? At least I know how to master both the electronic and traditional sport arenas!”


“But I mastered shutting her down like an ultra fed champ in a game of LOL!” Kaitlyn casually said.


Gordon fixated his eyes on Kaitlyn. “Hmmm… You learn well from my bro!”


Kaitlyn nodded at Gordon while cheekily grinning. “Well, he DID say that I’m his Jedi apprentice!”


Gordon smiled back. “You’re our Jedi apprentice.”


“Speak for yourself.” Kira grumbled as she folded her arms again.


Kaitlyn copied her stance and as she spoke, she shortly swiveled her head from side to side sassily. “At least I show more promise than Darth Mancini over there… or is it Whiny Kyla Ren?”


Kira pointed angrily at Kaitlyn as she lost her temper again. “THAT’S IT! Yer sleepin’ outside my room tonight, droidda! And frak you for being such a goddang troll and frak you, Gordon, for siding with her! Frikkin’ troll squad on full power today!”


The young woman turned around and started walking and as she quickened her pace down the hall, she tilted her head back at the two and yelled, “LATER DOGGIES!”



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