Blood Witch
Author: Lydia W.

Chapter 5
Chapter 5

 I avoid my mom and whisper a spell to soundproof the my house, except for my room, the second I get home so I can't hear her calling for me. I get ready for school the next day in a flash and dart out the door before she can say anything, Viktoria hot on my three inch heels. My sister doesn't speak to me in the car and scurries off to whoever she's friends with as soon as I'm done parking my car. I see Maggie's long, white blonde hair trailing behind her near the front doors and I try to catch up to her at a normal human speed. I lose sight of her but follow her scent to her locker and give her a small heart attack when I pop out of nowhere.

  "Rosa!" She exhales loudly and shakes her head.

  "Hey, I didn't see you in science." I lean against the locker beside hers as she rummages through stacks of books and papers.

  "Oh... I started feeling sick yesterday so I went home." She's lying, I can practically smell it. But I decide not to press it since she seems uncomfortable.

  "Well maybe I'll see you there tomorrow." I'm tempted to recite a truth spell but the rest of the school seems to be filing in pretty fast.

 She slips off her light gray cardigan and shoves it into her bag. I see that weird birthmark thing and open my mouth to say something just as she begins to speak but I'm interrupted by Lucas, who appears out of nowhere and gives me a tight smile.

   "Oh, hi, Mr. Daniels." Maggie starts nervously braiding her hair at the sight of him.

   "Hey, Maggie. Rose, do you have a second? You haven't turned in those papers yet."

   "Right! I forgot them in my locker yesterday. Sorry. I can go grab them now." I smile at Maggie and tell her I'll catch up to her but she seems less than enthusiastic about that as she watches us weave through the crowd, heading towards the locker I have no intention of using while I'm here.

  "Is everything okay?" I ask Lucas under my breath.

  His hair isn't in the usual low bun he wears; instead, it hangs in slight waves just above his shoulders. "I just wanted to check on you. You seemed upset last night."

  "Can you blame me?" We're both talking low enough that only we can hear unless another vampyre or werewolf is eavesdropping.

  He stares at me, still walking staright without barreling into anyone, and his tone changes. "Of course not. But you should make sure Lorraine knows you're alright. You didn't call either of us last night."

  I snort quietly. "I wasn't aware I had to check in with you guys." Lucas starts to guide me towards his classroom and I follow willingly. Once we arrive, he unlocks the door and ushers me inside. I hop onto the nearest desk and cross my legs, expecting a serious conversation. But he locks the door and slowly walks over to me until he's an inch away.

  "Hey, I love the idea of a little rendezvous in the classroom again, but we can't get caught. The job just started." I tuck my hair behind my ear and lean back on my palms, trying to create space between us before I lose my mind and attack him.

  "Cast a spell so no one can see us," he whispers, leaning closer and grabbing one of my wrists.

  "Tempting. But it's more fun this way. Isn't that why you're doing it?" I've moved towards him now, whispering into his ear. I just can't help myself around this man.

  He backs away and gives me a strange look. "I'm doing it because I'm attracted to you."

   "Uh, okay. I'm attracted to you too. I'm not complaining about your attraction to me." I sit up straight and cross my arms. "What's wrong?"

  "Nothing, nothing. I'm sorry. I'm just worried about Tyler." He shrugs and tries to give me a reassuring smile but I don't buy it.

  I slide off the desk, slinging my purse back onto shoulder, and cllose the few feet that he put between us. "You don't have to tell me what's wrong. But don't let it affect whatever this is." I stand on my toes to give him a light kiss on the cheek and I feel the beginnings of stubble starting to form. "I'll see you in math later. Just breathe, okay?"

  He gives me a genuine smile this time and I wink at him as I leave the classroom, reciting a protection spell in my head just in case he's in danger.


Viktoria is waiting for me where I left Maggie, chatting with her as if they're long lost friends. I narrow my eyes at her and Maggie follows her gaze, giving me a happy wave.

  "Hey, sis," I say to Viktoria, baring my fangs slightly at her.

  "I should've known you guys were sisters! You guy definitely look related." Maggie shuts her locker and faces both of us. "I was wondering when you'd be back when Vik showed up."

  "Maggie told me you had to go somewhere with Mr. Daniels. I explained to her that you've been having trouble in his class and he offered to tutor you." Viktoria's face is full of faux innocence.

  "You should've told me you needed help in math! I'm great at math." Maggie nudges my arm gently and I envision that Vik's purse is heavy, so heavy that she can barely hold the weight, until my sister practically falls to the floor from the magically enhanced weight. I release her purse and return my attention to Maggie, who barely noticed anything.

  "It's sort of embarassing."

  "Yeah, but to spend time with teachers? Not my idea of fun." Maggie starts to walk away, motioning for us to follow but I hiss at Viktoria to go away and catch up to Maggie within a second.

  I struggle not to laugh since my time with Lucas has been nothing but fun to say the least. "It could be worse."

We countiue to weave through the crowd and I notice her shoulders visibily start to relax, so much tension leaving her body that I briefly consider compelling her to tell me what was wrong. But before I have a chance to do it, Tyler is directly in front of us and the smell of him makes me want to puke. Maggie stops short in front of his bulky frame and I freeze just behind her, glaring up at him so hard I can almost feel my eyes start to turn that vampiric red.

  "Maggie." I grab her shoulders and make her look me in the eyes. "Go to class. Forgot that you and I ran into Tyler. If anyone asks, I went to the office for a schedule change." Her light green eyes dilate, telling me my complusion worked, and she walks away without a care in the world.

  "Let's cut to the chase, Ty. You know what I am and I know what you are." I put my hands on my hips and tilt my chin up at him defiantly.

  "I just wanted to have a nice little chat with you." He grins back at me and grabs my arm, yanking me through the crowd.

  I pretend that I can't shake his arm off in about two seconds and bare my fangs at him as I'm dragged through the unknowing crowd of students until we come to a sudden stop in front of the stairwell doors, where the closest student is about ten feet away. I pull my arm out of his grasp without a problem and grab his wrist, twisting it until he cries out softly. Then I release him and jump back to give us a wide amount of space.

  "What'd you wanna chat about then?" I maintain a defensive stance, watching him and smelling him for any moves he wants to make with magic.

  "I think you and your sister are disgusting abominations that need to be dealt with. And I think your parents are criminals for creating you two." He's speaking quietly enough but he says it with such anger I lean further away from him.

  "I will kill you if you touch my family," I growl.

He steps closer to me and I let my fangs show more, causing him to cringe and move so his back is pressed against the wall. "If you hurt me then you'll be dealing with the councils and me."

  "It's worth the risk if you're dead," I spit out but he's right; even if I killed him in self-defense, they would still come after me.


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