Blood Witch
Author: Lydia W.

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

  Drew sighs and I watch his shoulders visibly relax. "You guys are making a big deal out of nothing. I'm dating a werewolf, who cares?"

  "Look, dude, a long time ago, a wolf and a vamp said the same thing. You know what happened? They had a fucked up hybird baby that murdered a bunch of people. Then its parents were violently executed. Do you want that to happen?" I spit out, tired of his nonchalant attitude.

  Lucas puts a gentle hand on my knee. "There's a lot more at stake than you and Aurora, Drew." He keeps his hand on my knee and I know he means to calm me down but it's really doing the opposite. I can see the outline of his tattoo through his shirt and he's making it hard to focus. Drew, on the other hand, has no problem staring pointedly at Lucas's hand and clearing his throat.

  "Who said we're gonna have a kid?" the young vampyre finally asks.

  "It's really just a precaution. But there are plenty of people who wouldn't hesitate to kill you guys over this, I promise you that." I keep my voice level and Lucas's hand finally moves from my knee.

  "You don't know how serious this is... I was born a hundred years after this all happened and even then, our people were terrified. There's a reason why we have certain rules. I know you're very new to this but this is serious." Lucas is three hundred years old? At least he was turned relatively young.

  Drew looks a lot less impish now that he understands the implications. I know when I was his age, I would've been pissed if everyone was trying to tell me what to do.

  "Hey, Drew. Are you and Tyler close?" I ask suddenly, earning a confused look from Lucas.

  "We've gotten closer... well, since I got turned actually." He furrows his brow. "I'm not sure what he is. I've only really smelled a few vampyres and one werewolf." Now he flushes.

  "Does he smell anything like Rosa?" Lucas asks, realizing what I'm getting at.

  Drew pauses before answering. "Now that I think about it, he does. I mean, her scent is pretty unique but there's something similar."

  "Thank you. I love being unique." I wink at him and get a tiny smile. "So Tyler must be a witch then."

  "Are we done? I want to shower," Drew says, standing up slowly.

  "Oh! Yeah, we can be done." I grab my bag and jump up. "Hey, Lucas," I say after Drew has started to wander off and Lucas is grabbing his things. He turns around with a lazy grin and I am close to melting once again.

  "You busy later?" he and I both ask at the same time then burst out laughing.

  "I think we have different ideas unfortunately. I'm doing a recon mission on Tyler later." I pause and give him a deliberate smile. "But afterwards... I have no plans. I did want to ask if you wanted to join me on the mission though."

  He starts walking towards me, pondering my invite. "Only if I can take you to dinner sometime soon."

  I step closer to him. "Are you asking me out on a date, Mr. Daniels? I'll only say yes if you can figure out a way to get Tyler's home address."

  "I have it on file. He's in two of my classes." He leans toward me, his face an inch from mine. "Looks like we have a date, Rosa."


  I'm helping my mom set the table for dinner when Viktoria comes flouncing into the dining room, looking way too happy for me to not be suspicious. Mom and I exchange a confused and, quite frankly, worried glance before I snake my arm out and grip Vik's hand from reaching into the bowl of broccoli cheddar soup.

  "What's up, Viks?" I raise both eyebrows at her.

  "What do you mean, Rosie?" The use of my nickname almost makes me vomit.

  "Viktoria, you just seem very happy. Anything new?" Mom interjects before I start blowing chunks all over my sister.

  Vik perches in her seat at the table and waits until we both sit down. "I do have some news. It's about the job that's technically Rose's but I decided to help out."

  I stare at her, mouth agape. "What did you do?"

  "I met someone named Tyler, another witch, who really wants to stop the wolf and the vamp. So I've decided to be his 'friend' and see what his plans are." She looks so smug.

  "Vik. That's the guy I'm doing recon on tonight with Lorraine." I spoon soup into my bowl slowly.

  "What?!" Mom cries. "What kind of recon? Is this boy dangerous?"

  "Me and Lorraine are meeting up with Lucas around eight fifteen then we're going to Tyler's at eight thirty."

  "Mr. Daniels? So you're bringing your new boyfriend into the mix," Vik hisses.

  "He's on our side so back off, Viktoria." I sip on my spoon slowly.

  Her reaction blindsides me. She uses her magic to flip the soup bowl, aiming for my face with scalding hot soup, before I use my own magic to control the air and swat the bowl away from my face with a gust of wind. My mom jumps in and freezes my sister when she tries to bolt.

  "ENOUGH," Mom shrieks.

  Viktoria's glare is murderous and my mom whirls on her first. "Viktoria, you are never to use your magic against your family." She turns to me. "Rosa, whatever you decide to do with this job, you need to discuss it with me and your father."

  "You want to know about her sex life?" Viktoria scoffs.

   With a wave of her hand, Mom releases her hold on my sister. "Viktoria, get out of here." Vik doesn't waste one second and darts out of the room.

  I sit down and make myself a new bowl of soup with magic. "Uh... anyway. Mom, where's Dad?"

  She sighs and sits down heavily. "He requested an audience with his council." She gives me a narrow look. "About your friend, Lucas Daniels."

  "Okay, so I have a thing for a guy around my age that I see every day. Sue me. We're trying to help each other out with this thing." I sip my soup angrily.

  "Just be careful who you trust, honey." She reaches over and touches my hand. "Now would you care to fill me in on everything?"

  I give her a rundown on just about everything that's happened. She listens silently when I tell her about meeting Lorraine and I assure her that if anything bad happens with her or Lucas, she and Dad will be the first to know. I tell her how Tyler is ridiculously suspicious and how he seems to be too close to Drew and that's when she starts to look worried.

  "I don't want Viktoria around him," she says once I finish, combing her fingers through her golden brown waves in an anxious gesture I've come to notice.

  "Well if she went to his house, I'll be there later. I still need to find out more about him and I don't trust Vik to not do anything stupid." I finish the last of my soup and grab a piece of bread. "Send Dad my love and tell him we're holding things down just fine." My phone buzzes with a text from Lorraine telling me she's out front.

  "He should be back tomorrow," she calls after me as I race out the door to meet Lorraine.

  Lorraine is leaning against our mailbox, staring appreciately up at our house. "Nice place."

  "It's my parents. I don't usually live with them but since I have to help them out, it's not a bad alternative to my condo." I pull my long hair up into a quick ponytail and cross my arms.

  "Is anyone else coming?" She frowns when I settle against my sleek black car.

  I give her a sly smile. "Lucas Daniels."

  "Might not wanna mix business with pleasure." She sounds serious but she does give me a smile.

  "He has Tyler's address. And he'll be here in about two seconds." I catch his scent and he's there, using his vampyre speed.

  "Sorry if I'm late. Hi, Lorraine." He nods politely, his longish hair free from the small man bun he usually has.

  "Can we transport there?" Lorraine is staring at Lucas with wide eyes.

  "We can try." I motion for them both to hold on to me, much to Lorraine's displeasure, so I just latch onto her wrist and Lucas willingly holds on to my other hand. "Lucas, what's the address?" I shut my eyes.

 "8709 Newburn Way."

  I repeat the words silently in my head three times until I feel a rush of air around us. Lucas jerks slightly but Lorraine stays still, used to doing this herself. I open my eyes and I'm satisfied to see the correct address.

  "Hope we're still in New Hampshire," Lorraine mumbles, pulling out her phone to check the location.

  "Where else would we be?" Lucas is still holding my hand and I squeeze it slightly so he'll let go. But he pretends not to notice and keeps his hand in mine.

  "Sometimes transporting doesn't always work right since there's always another place with the same name in at least one other state." I look at Lorraine and she tells us that we're only about ten minutes from the high school. I realize with a start that my sister is indeed here and she's inside with Tyler. "Do you have any jewelry you can charm, Lorraine?" 

  "Yeah, I'll strengthen the ward on my bracelet. Do you need us to activate yours, Lucas?" She nods at his necklace, and without waiting for his reply, recites a strong protection spell and his necklace glows briefly before his scent is almost completely gone.

  I give her an impressed look before touching my own necklace and strengthening the ward by saying a quick spell in my head. "They won't be able to sense or smell us now." I hop up into the nearest tree, my favorite spot for stake outs, and I pull a struggling Lorraine up. Lucas leaps into the tree but sits on a thicker branch above us.

  "So we just sit here and wait?" Lorraine gives the house an annoyed look.

  "We can't do much else. I can try calling Viktoria." I slip out my phone and click on my sisters name. It rings a few times until she answers grudgingly. "Where did you go, Vik?" I talk low enough that she can hear me through the phone but not in the tree right by Tyler's house.

  "I'm at my friend's house, Rosa." I hear Tyler ask if I'm on the phone but she ignores him. "What do you want?"

  My eyes narrow at Tyler's question. "Why are you at Tyler's?"

  I can practically feel her anger through the phone when she hisses, "How do you know I'm here?"

  "I heard him ask about me. Tell him I'm flattered by his interest but he's too young for me. Not to mention, I think he hates vampyres." I glare up at the house when she answers by hanging up on me. I shove my phone back into my bag and lean back against the tree.

  "Stake outs are boring," Lorraine whines, leaning back beside me. "Can't we just go in there and fight him?"

  "Someone's coming outside," Lucas says quietly so only I hear him and I motion for Lorraine to be quiet.

  Tyler saunters outside and puts his phone to his ear. After a few seconds of listening he starts to speak. "I have one of the hybirds here now. It's the younger one." He pauses and lets out a snort. "Yeah, all I had to do was show slight interest and she was all over me." I let out a low growl and Lukas reaches down to touch my shoulder. "I think we should wait till we have both of them. Much more satisfying."

Lucas makes a low growling sound and I recoil at Tyler's tone. What does he want to do, feed me to the wovles and watch me die? Bathe in my blood? Lorraine gives both of us confused looks but I shake my head at her.

Tyler laughs at whatever the person says on the other line. "I gotta go. She's waiting for me. Tell Mel I miss her." He hangs up and goes back inside.

I tell Lorraine everything he said and she looks rightfully disgusted. I leap out of the tree and start to stride away, almost vibrating in anger. Lucas jumps down and helps Lorraine climb out then comes after me. He grabs my arm and turns me around.

  "We'll figure it out, Rose. He won't hurt you or Viktoria."

  "Let's hope not."


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