Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 18
Society Needs To Change.

Im sorry that im not good enough to society. Sorry I dont smile enough. Sorry im not happy enough. Sorry that I am sad more times than not. Sorry I have scars on my body that I put there. Sorry that im 19 and still cry a lot. Sorry that I speak my mind while others hide their feelings. Sorry that I make mistakes. Sorry that its taking me too long to get better. Sorry that I have depression. Sorry im slightly bi polar. Sorry that I dont do everything right. Sorry that I dont know how to make friends. Sorry for being that loner kid. Sorry for complaining so much. Sorry im too skinny. Sorry I don't eat enough. Sorry I hate myself. Sorry im not straight.

In a society where we tell our children to be themsellves and be individuals, we sure put down a lot of people when they do just that. People get mad at me cor "complaining" that im not happy. They tell me to grow up. Just change already. They dont know what im going through. They dont know how hard im trying. I get people telling me im too skinny, eat more. But what happens when someone stops being seen as society's definition of skinny, and start being called fat? ill never win. Ill eat too liytle and be called too small or eat too much and be called too fat. We try and tell kids they will make mistakes in life. And that its okay, everyone does. But as soon as they make a mistake, we scold them for it and punish them. We laugh at people who cry over the age of 10. They are growing up. They shouldn't be crying. I've been picked on for not being straight. Because that's what's normal, being straight.
But what is "normal"?
Society preaches individuality. But then punishes people when they have it. A gay man cannot live a life free from hate based on who he loves, but a straight man will never get beat up for loving a woman. A kid who learns differently than his peers is put in special ed because he's a problem. A goth kid gets dirty looks for painting their nails black and wearing spikes. But these things are what makes someone an individual. So why does society feel the need to look down on these traits.
Who cares if im socially awkward? Who cares if that girl loves another girl? Or that guy loves black? Or i have depression? Or that kid learns better with pictures instead of words? No one is "normal". Normal doesn't exsisted. Every person is different. And as a society, we are teaching that everyone should be themselves, but be just like everyone else. Or you will get teased and picked on or in trouble. I mean, we look at kids in classrooms and point them to the special ed room as soon as we notice they don't act exactly like their peers.
How about we EMBRACE the differences in each other. Instead of looking down on them. How about we start teaching acceptance instead of hate?
Because in the end, not all Goths are mean; not all people with depression suck; not all gay people are evil; not all druggies are bad people going nowhere.
Some of the best people you will ever meet, are those individuals who arent afraid to be just that, individual.
Lets stop making children hate themselves, and start making them embrace themselves.


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