Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 17
An Escape

I write to escape.

I read to enter another reality.

I draw to get my feelings out there.

I dance to get lost in the music and have fun.

Having an escape from the world around you is a good thing. A very good thing. We face problems every single day that sometimes become more than we can handle. Like those 6 essays all due on Friday. Or the project for work that will decide if you get the promotion or not. Or you're getting bullied at school. Even your relationship starting to fall apart. Every new problem adds to the ones you already are dealing with.

Every problem will effect your life either in a small way or a very large way. Whether small or big, having an outlet, and escape from those problems can be the difference between staying sane and going crazy. Some people have never found a positive outlet for their problems and they end up doing something stupid or drastic.

 Me, for example, I have gone through a lot in my short life. I turned to cutting then smoking. Neither was a good way to escape my problems. Some people turn to worse things like killing themselves, drinking all the time, doing drugs that will kill them. They wanted to escape their problems but they didn't know how to do it in a good way. I learned that when you turn to these things to help you feel better, you are just replacing one problem with another. Wise words from my father. You cant escape your problems forever, we all know that. You have to turn around from whatever you are running from and confront it.

But sometimes, you just need a break from them all. A moment to clear your head. Forget everything wrong, and just breathe again. Finding that thing that gets you to a point of calm and peace, will be one of the bests moments. Dealing with the obstacles I have faced in my life, I have learned there a few things that can make me feel better.

By simply reading a book, I can follow someone else's story, and realize that my problem might not be as big and bad as I thought. It could be worse.

By writing, I have a way to release my emotions without doing any harm. It helps me clear my head of everything I am thinking so I can think about the problem in a new light.

I love making people smile. So I draw people stuff. I learn things about people I have never known, or I meet people through my drawings. I'll draw for myself sometimes. I can take my emotions and turn them into something beautiful or sad that I can be proud of.

And by dancing, I give myself freedom. When that music comes on, you bet I'm not thinking about those 6 essays or that promotion. I am thinking about my next move. Thinking about what move will look best with that piece of music.

By finding all these ways to distance myself from my current problem for a little while, I am able to look back on that problem with a new attitude. Not one of hate or anger or hurt. But one of understanding and calmness.

Once you have found the thing you love the most, use it. Whenever you are upset, use that thing. I doodle in class when I start to get worked up. Because I know it will calm me down. Do something good so you don't turn to something bad.

Replacing a problem with a problem will only make the problem worse.


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