Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 33

Magnus and Neko entered the main room of the prison level traveling at a constant jog. Neko’s legs were sore but having Magnus there helped her go on. He would glance to his side to make sure she was keeping up, his decision to let her live still weighed on his mind.

I could strike her down at any moment, would be the beginning of his thoughts followed by, but I only strike down adversaries, not little girls. It would be sacrilege to everything I was ever taught.

Neko listened to his thoughts every time he let a word slip from under his subconscious. Even if the topic was about maiming her, the interworking of her new master’s mind enthralled her attention.

Yet I allowed her to live, and worse so, she held my very own blade against my neck and spared my life. Harakiri is still an option, he thought.

Another matter to consider was Bio-Machina. “Sup, Magnus. Have you seen anybo- hey you got some little rat following you,” Senium said.

Magnus and Neko ran into Senium as he stood near Samael’s old cell smoking a cigarette. His thoughts had blinded his eyesight, and thus the two parties ran into each other, now staring at one another.

“I have captured an Ascending member,” Magnus said.

Senium looked Neko over and scratched his chin. “She doesn’t look captured.”

“Are you sick?” she asked.

“Silence,” Magnus snapped. If you’re my captive you cannot speak freely, Magnus thought.

“I’m over here, silly. Your thoughts went over there.” Neko pointed to her right, and then the concept of deception dawned on her. Oh, sorry. Got it, she thought back.

“I don’t think prisoners are allowed. The boss was pretty clean cut about his orders, and even then, they came from above Deus.”

“But the fear of death is instilled within her. She can provide priceless information on our enemy.” Magnus grabbed the back of Neko’s neck and shoved her in front of him.

Be gentle I’m just a little girl, Neko thought to Magnus.

“But we’re actively wiping all of them out, today. Her information would only be useful for a couple more hours. Sounds like more of a hassle than anything.” Senium walked forward and held his hand out. “I’ll take care of her. Deus just called and there’s going to be a meeting on the floor a few stories above this one.” A small mist formed around his hand.

Help me, he heard her say.

Magnus reached out and held Senium’s wrist. “Let Deus decide what happens to this one. I’m sure he will see her usefulness.” He was glad that there were no open wounds on his hand. A mental note posted on Magnus’s mind not to touch his eyes or eat food with his right hand until washing thoroughly.

Senium looked at Magnus with a crooked smile. “You’re a strange bird Mr. Magnus. I’m not one for directives, but I’m sure we have to kill all of these runts.”

“Neko will be judged by Deus.”

Senium’s smile grew wider. “So you know her by name?”

The jig is up. Neko threw her hands out and sent a concentrated force of telekinetic energy at Senium’s chest, knocking him on his back five feet from where he stood. He hit the ground wheezing, scrambling to understand what happened from Neko’s surprise attack. He then coughed with spots of blood flying from his mouth.

“What are you thinking?” Magnus said.

“He was privy to our plan. Privy. See I know mysterious words too.”

Senium mumbled a few curse words and got to his feet. When he looked around the prison, he found himself alone. “What the hell?” He reached into his pocket for his pack of smokes, and noticed his hand missing from the wrist down. “They took my damn hand.” His yellow blood oozed out of the stub.

Something in his mind told him to look down and he saw that the center of his chest down to his waist was completely blown out. His small intestine sat in a pool of destroyed organs and thick blood. One lung was hanging down by itself and his heart was absent as well. He saw his ribs against the walls of his hollow torso and the dark pink patches of tissue covering his innards, what was left of them anyways. A cold feeling came over his head, and the world around him hazed.

He gasped at first, but not out of shock. He smiled a little, than started to laugh. “Could this be the end? Is it finally here?” He closed his eyes and waited for death. As he felt a cold wind blow over him, he opened his eyes to the disappointment of reality.

Senium’s body was fine. His chest was full of his rotten organs and covered by his skin once more. His vision returned in full and the cold feeling was an illusion. He reached into his pocket, wrist bone connected to the hand bone, and pulled out his pack of cigarettes. “Bummer.”

Senium placed his backpack on the ground and pulled out a cellphone. He pressed the green button and the phone rang twice. “Senium, how is your mission progress?”

“It’s fine.”

“Are you going to have any problems making the rendezvous point?”

“Nah no problem there, but we’ve got a traitor on our hands.”

Senium took two drags on his cigarette before he heard Deus’s voice. “That’s unfortunate. I have to assume it is Magnus?”


Deus sighed. “Ever since Lamina died I sensed something different about my child. Meet up with the rest of your brothers and sister. Good luck my child.”


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