Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 30

Lilly used her transvision technique to watch, through Ben’s eyes, him and Trisha jump back inside the Tower after flying. When Samael came into view she immediately disconnected from Ben’s optical perception. “Two years isn’t long enough,” she said. Samael’s grin held the same effect on her as it did in the past. “He better not think he has a second chance with me.”

Lilly walked out of her room and down the well-decorated hallway. A servant up ahead stood from his seat after taking notice of her.

“Mistress Lilith, good afternoon. Is there anything I may be able to assist you with?” the servant said.

Lilly shook her head. “No I'm fine. If Baal or Shax come by tell them I have left to deal with our infestation.”

“Of course, mistress, but there is one thing that I have been instructed to do.”

“What is it?” Lilly stopped in front of the servant.

“I was ordered to distract you.”

“What?” Lilly heard a click sound as something tight locked around her neck. Lilly grabbed for the object and realized a telekinetic chain had shackled her. “What's going on here?” She turned around and saw Baal smiling ear to ear.

“Hello, Lilly.”

Lilly’s brow dropped and her eyes flickered white. “What are you doing?” Her eyes returned to normal as she felt another telekinetic chain attach to her left wrist. A shadow moved at her side then another chain attached to her other wrist.

“Nice jewelry,” Shax said, standing by her side.

“Stop this.” Lilly pushed Baal with her reduced telekinetic energy into the wall and held Shax in the air with her right arm. “Mutiny.”

“No, Lilly. This is the will of the Doctor.” Baal struggled to remove himself from the wall and took a step towards Lilly. “We've been ordered to take you to him.”

“Chains and all,” Shax said. He used his telekinetic energy to bring himself back to the ground.

“I don't believe you.” Lilly focused on her power, her eyes still shimmering, as she was still trying to enter Demon form. The telekinetic force increasing throughout the room made the servant press against the wall behind Lilly, his body bruised by the power.

“It's time I stop playing around.” Baal, with ease, walked up to Lilly and brought up his left hand over his right shoulder. Lilly tried harder to restrict his movements but could not slow him down in the slightest. Baal backhanded her across the face hard enough to knock her off balance. Shax caught her by the hair and held her up to face Baal all the while uncontrollably giggling.

“Look into my eyes, Lilly,” Baal said. She looked up at him, a quiver in her breath. “Your place at the top of this Tower has come to an unarguable end. I doubt Dr. Chen has any real plans for you in the new world, but the one who will be in charge is I, a real Demon.” When Baal said Demon, his eyes flashed red and his true face appeared to her in a fraction of a second. Shax stopped giggling. When he caught a glimpse of Baal's true form there was nothing to laugh about. “Its familiar behavior for me to lie in the shadows, but pretending to be second best is over. I will bring the light of the morning to the new dawn. Shax, take her to Chen. When you do, come back to me so we can prepare for our guests.”

Shax head-butted the back of Lilly's head and knocked her out instantly. He threw her over his shoulder and started to walk away.

Baal's plan was flawlessly moving along. “Help.” The servant was on the ground trying to sit up, the force that Lilly exerted had damaged his internal organs.

Baal crouched down and looked into the man's eyes. “I'll help you under one condition.”

“Anything, Master Baal.”

Baal's eyes turned red, as did the servant's. “Give in to me.” The servant shook a few times then let out his last breath. Baal slowly inhaled, stealing away the man's death rattle. Baal stood up and shook a little, the man's screams were filling his head as the servant's brainwaves were being assimilated into Baal's overall sub consciousness. All the memories and thoughts the servant ever had ran through his mind's eye in a flash and was washed away from reality. After the pressure stabilized, Baal could feel his power growing deep within. “Yes,” he said to himself. “All of you will be rewarded in the other life.” Baal put his hands in his pockets and walked down the hallway. A small twitch of the shoulders and he was fine.


Shax entered the observatory floor and shoulder checked the scientists working in his way, making a scene for the Dr.'s attention. In the center of the room, Chen stood before a device, nearly half the size of the floor, humming from the machinery inside of it. Tubes full of Ascension Serum, along the face of the machine, circulated and bubbled.

The Dr. stood in front of the main panel while numbers and different letters, indicated the machines current operational status, blinked at him. Chen turned to Shax as he came near and said, “I see she was not willing to aid in the final step of my plan.”

“She was talking all crazy Dr. like she was about to turn on us. Me and Baal just asked her to lead the way and she was mentioning something about skipping town. We managed to get a hold of her though.”

“I was worried that would happen. Lilith, you were one of my hopefuls. Now you try to turn your back on us over some failed experiment. The uncontrolled group has shown promise, but this Benjamin is still incomplete. Shax place her in the chair over there.”

The chair was built into the machine and had wires all along its back. As Shax placed her inside the device, Chen pressed a series of buttons on the panel and the chair activated. The chain around Lilly's neck turned blue then locked into a groove that was in the headrest of the seat. The set of wrist chains she wore did the same, clicking in unison as they locked in place. Two clamps came from the foot of the chair and grabbed her ankles to secure her in place. A helmet came down form a hidden compartment and placed itself on her head with a click. “You've done a good job, Shax. Carry on.”

Shax walked away forcefully bumping into people on his way out. “Good job, Shax. Carry on.” What a joke. I'll kill you first when the new world is here, you old fool, he thought.


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