Tower of Babel
Author: Isaac Woulms

Chapter 19

A chill gust of air came from the balcony’s open door, and cooled the room to an uncomfortable temperature. Curtains that used to cover the windows to the balcony now lay on the ground in a pile of forsaken cotton. The eight dressers near her bed had their drawers open and contents thrown about. A vase was in pieces near the entrance door, tossed by Lilly when a maid attempted to enter her room. The piano in the mini studio was flipped upside down. All of her brass instruments were bent to an unrecognizable shape. The lights were off in every room, giving the destruction a place to hide.

Standing outside, Lilly stared off into the horizon as the wind blew in her hair. She still wore the clothes she bought with Ben, but she contemplated burning them. “He kissed her,” she said. “She's trying to screw him over while his guard is down and he kissed her.” She slammed her fists against the steel balcony railing, buckling the safety feature as if it were made of hollow aluminum. “I almost left with him.”

“Are you in distress, Lilith?” Baal walked unto the balcony.

“What do you want Baal?”

Baal walked to the ledge of the balcony and took a seat with his feet dangling over the side. “Your room is a complete mess. That's not like you.”

“If that is how I want my room then that is how I will have it.”

“It's a shame to see you in such a way. You’re like a beautiful bird who is trapped in cage. Only this cage is wide open, and you could fly out at any time you want. You do know that right?”

Lilly shook her head and said, “The Tower gives me everything I want and I have nothing to worry about living here. Those are the facts.”

“Facts? Facts are an important item to review, but what about numbers? Three Ascending members are dead and over 300 employees and potential Ascending members have been murdered. There is a special task force of seven cybernetic engineered assassins that are on a remarkable kill death ratio who have yet to be deterred. How long do you think it will take them to get to our rooms?” Baal turned and looked at Lilly for a moment then looked back into the distance. “Not to mention one Ascending member who has turned sides and is now assisting our little friend Ben in reaching the top floor. Have you seen the way they've been interacting with each other?”

“I get the picture.”

“The way she's just throwing herself at Ben, hmm.”


“I watched them share a kiss not too long ago, won't be long till she's got her lips on his-” Baal turned to look at Lilly but almost jumped off the balcony. Her eyes were glowing white, the first sign that Lilly was about to enter Demon mode.

Baal came down from the ledge and took a few steps back. “Now Lilith, let's relax. I didn't mean anything by it.”

Lilly just stared at him, her eyes still glowing. He could feel a vast amount of power radiating from her. The kind of power that resembled a nation of marching guns and a leader with an excellent staff of speechwriters, Absolute.

“Remember that you're not supposed to use your Demon mode. Everyone in the Tower probably already knows your partially using it.”

She had her hands balled into fists.


Leave, she said with her mind.

Baal put his hands behind his back and walked back into her room. He won't be bothering you any time soon. Styx are about to be released and him and the metal men will be destroyed, Baal thought.

After Baal left, her eyes returned to normal. She walked to the center of the room and looked around at all the carnage. It wasn't a lapse in memory or a psychotic episode, she knew full well who trashed her room, but Lilly couldn't believe it. She walked to the corner of her room, into the studio, and picked up the sole surviving instrument. She took the violin and bow to her bed, brought the violin to her chin, and played herself a song.


Baal entered his room and wiped the sweat from his brow.

His pet rustled in its cage when the master entered. Baal looked at the clock on the wall to discover he was an hour late for feeding time.

“Poor girl,” he said.

The refrigerator door opened and a plate of sliced cheese and salami hovered across the room. Baal took a seat in a large recliner that faced his balcony, as the tray gently landed on a stand to his right. His pet pawed at the door and crawled across the room to his feet.

“You can sit on my lap if you want. Let’s enjoy the view.”

He fed his pet piece by piece as he stroked her hair. Occasionally he would run his hand down her bare back to her thighs. The naturally cinnamon tan of her body and her black hair complemented her beauty. The young woman curled on his lap and affectionately licked his fingertips as he fed her. Baal never gave her a name. It wasn’t necessary.


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