Author: Falco276

Chapter 28
Typical Twins

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)
Nya… stupid time management skills… Anywho, thanks to all you awesome people who proved Kyoya wrong in the last chapter! Apparently I am not the only person who names inanimate objects! Take that, Kyoya…

Faust let us out of PE at exactly the right time. On the dot. Guess he is the kind of person who would be really punctual.
So, we all went to the classroom, got our lunches, said hello to Ryutaro who waved his fan at us (Not sure if he was waving in a friendly way, or just to get us to leave him alone…), and sat down in the lunchroom or courtyard. (Where ever you wanted eat.) Oddly enough, there were no villainous midgets in sight! Or maybe I just couldn't see them over everyone's heads.
Everything looked fairly normal. Normal. Since when is this week normal?! All the students were seated and talking about student-y stuff, the tables were pretty straight, the walls were the right color, the large circle and the square plant pots were placed where they were, and finally two suspicious looking red and blue clothed twins leaned against the wall—wait, what...?
My eyes lit up and I nudged both Sora and Angelique, pointing to the far wall.
There were two twins, roughly the same height. One had a blue shirt and orange-ish hair, and was banging lightly on the microphone, trying to figure out why it was so short. The other wore a red jacket and had blonde hair, and was holding the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, shaking his head.
"It's Dan and Reiki Sodo!" Sora realized.
"Yeah!” Angelique agreed.
"Dan is the red one, right?" I asked.
"Yeah… I think so… like Bakugan Dan." Sora informed.
"What do you think happened to Damian and Captain Capri…?" Angelique wondered.
"They probably got fed up with this job…" Taking my best guess, maybe they actually did quit, thinking that it was too much to handle a whole population of over 3,000 students that crowded about the courtyard.
"Should we help Reiki? He seems to be having problems with the microphone…” Sora suggested, helpfully glancing at both of the Gemios Bladers to set up with the stage.
"Great minds think alike! Dan seems to be thinking the same thing…" I suddenly realized.
Sure enough, Dan was now adjusting the mic to a taller notch, much to the irritation of the more rash, and debatably less competent, brother.
Tapping the mic once more, Dan tried to speak into it, but was pushed away by Reiki.
"Hi! We are your 'Lunch Supervisors'! I am Reiki, and that guy over there is Dan! Not the other way around, got it?!"
The students got silent pretty quickly. A voice from further down our table, guess who, mumbled something inaudible to us. Not one to think before acting, Reiki promptly grabbed the nearest object, which happened to be Dan's head, and attempted to throw it. Angered by his failure, he grabbed two pieces of some kid’s sushi, stuck one in his mouth, and threw the other one at Sam.
Dan decided to take the mic before things got too out of control.
"Don't mind us… just pretend like we're not here. As long as you don't take notes off of Reiki's behavior, you should be all right," Dan announced, receiving a glare from his twin.
Needless to say, Dan was a little too late. A full fledged food fight had already started down at the end of the table where Sam was (If you haven't figured it out yet, most chaos leads to him), and was making its way down the table, at the same time spreading to the whole room. Sora, Angelique and I looked around in both shock and amusement. Multiple sandwiches flew above our heads, some hitting the ceiling—obviously not accidently. Yogurt splattered against the walls, and half of the students were getting pelted with grapes. Reiki looked proud of himself, and Dan had returned to shaking his head in disbelief. The noise level had rose sufficiently, and the walls weren't the right color anymore.
"How are we going to explain this?" I asked, ducking as a bag of chips narrowly skimmed my head.
"Who said we had to explain it?" Sora replied.
"Yeah… but we're bound to get chastised for this sooner or later…. All the classes, not just us…" I remarked.
"What about the syrup?" Angelique brought up.
"Huh?" I clearly wasn’t paying any attention.
"Can't we use the syrup to clean everything up?" Sora volunteered to share his idea with us.
"Oh yeah!" Angelique agreed.
"Do you think anyone will notice if we disappear for a few minutes?" I said, hoping that they’ll like my idea.
"Doubt it…" Sora said.
We ran out the doors and down towards the art room. It wasn't that far away. We stopped abruptly at the door, and knocked politely. Not that Jack cared or anything. The door was locked.
The door opened after a few seconds to reveal none other than Zeo Abyss. What the heck was he doing here? Looking closer, I saw that the Art Room was once again in a state of disorder. No wonder.
"Uh… hi! How can I help you?" Zeo asks us, setting down a small bag of baby carrots that he was snacking on. Well, Sora and I at least. Angelique had gotten all red-faced and most likely wasn't hearing too well.
"…can we borrow your syrup?" I ask enthusiastically, before stopping and realizing how awkward that sounded.
But before he could even stand up, a husky jumped out from under the desk, startled me, and knocked me down as if I was his owner. Wearing a Lakers Basketball jersey, the dog now happily licked my face as I tried my best to push his drooling mouth away while laughing with joy.
“I forgot to warn you guys that I own a dog.” Zeo said awkwardly as he pulled it’s collar away from me.
I could really now tell that Angelique was totally speechless while her face now gushed with squealing excitement, “OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE A DOG!!!”
Sora and I blushed towards Angelique’s behavior, softly hugging the dog as if it chose her to be it’s owner instead of the Byxis Blader.
“Yeah, Tetsuya always likes to meet new people.” Zeo smiled as he offered Angelique to feed a small baby carrot to the adorable husky.
“Wait, you named him Tetsuya?” Sora now questioned him in confusion, finding the name as a little reference to the creator of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura but not exactly him. Who knows? There are a lot of Tetsuyas everywhere.
He continued watching Angelique, who was now cooing with the dog. “Just a little reminder to tell you guys that the crab lover quit from being a math teacher.”
Way to go TCPS! Keep doing that with the other sub teachers too! (Except for Julian.)
“Aw man! But I loved his song!” Sora complained sadly.
“Well, anyway,” I said, returning to the subject. “Zeo? May we borrow your syrup please?”
"Suuuure… I think I saw some over here… may I ask why you need it…?" He inquires, leading us to the counter with mild difficulty due to the piles of stuff.
"Because we need to clean up the lunchroom!" Sora said desperately.
"…Ooookay then…" Zeo replies. Not planning to question our motives any further, he opened multiple drawers and cabinet doors in search of the sweet maple sauce.
For a good 3 seconds, I spotted a pentagram tattoo almost fading on his wrist before it was quickly got covered up by the sleeves of his shirt. I almost never knew that the fox blader used to practice his evil ways by reading a Wicca book that sat on Mr. Wagner’s desk. Wait. I almost did a double-take as my brain tried to process what was happening. The first time we approached him I could’ve sworn that it first was an art book before it turned into that. Shuddering at the thought, Tetsuya snapped me out of what just happened a few seconds ago, by barking happily and placing his forepaws on my right leg.
“Woah there.” Zeo got hold of the husky’s collar before Angelique got a chance to approach the cute adorable pet. Opening a drawer, he found the bottle and handed it to us.
“Um, thanks!” I waved the syrup in a short farewell as the fox blader returned the wave and resumed reading his art/Wicca magic book while softly petting Tetsuya with an evil smile.
We ran back to the lunchroom and arrive out of breath. Nothing had really changed, except the color of the walls again, and the room may have gotten the tiniest bit messier. Maybe a little more. Okay, it was a whole let messier.
We rushed back to our seats and poured some syrup on the table. We waited… and waited. Nothing happened. Sora poked it. Still nothing.
"Maybe it needs a chain reaction like last time…?" suggested Angelique.
"Good idea!" I said, and reaching to grab my fork. Before I got a chance to do anything, another bag of chips came flying out from behind me, knocking over the syrup and causing everything to go up in sparkly smoke. When the smoke cleared, everyone's food was gone. I guess that was a minor setback…
Having nothing to eat, they let us out to recess early. Sora, Angelique, and I returned the syrup to Zeo and demonstrated how it worked.
"Thanks, I guess. That was kinda interesting to observe…" he told us, "Oh and I'm not quite sure I got your names, mind telling me?"
We were a bit hesitant, but Zeo is trustworthy, right? To Sora and Angelique, yes. But to me? Not at all. Bringing up that horrible image of the last second fading pentagram tattoo and the Wicca book that he was currently reading, my brain refused to wipe those images away. I returned to being my normal state and re thought on what he just asked us and wanted to know.
Sora nudged my arm and whispered, “He wants to know our names Roxas!”
“Uh, right.” I hesitated nervously, “I’m Roxas Hendricks.”
“And I’m his brother, Sora!” he exclaimed excitedly.
"And… uh… that's Angelique!" I pointed towards her. She was once again speechless as I could tell her that she really wanted to play with Tetsuya all day long.
“Sweet! Well, thanks for telling me your names because I need to leave Tetsuya in my car. He might seem thirsty.” Grabbing the leash, and securely hooking the dog’s collar, Zeo waved goodbye as he exited the art room. All of us exchanged nervous glances as I looked at Angelique, her face now frowning. I really hope she wouldn’t cry at the sight of Tetsuya leaving.
The bell rang, a sign that we should start heading to our next class at the right time. Sora and Angelique walked towards the door while I simply stared through the window.
There, I could see Zeo walking the dog down the parking lot towards a blue Toyota Celica. Unlocking the door with his key fob, Tetsuya happily jumped in with hot pursuit. I couldn’t quite see what’s happening next, but there was something that the Byxis blader did that no other Bey villains as Sub teachers even dared to do (except for Ryuga) and the sight of that also chilled down my spine in trembling fear.
I almost thought I was hallucinating.
Giving me the evil red eye look, Zeo appeared, not as a tall young nobody- wait. Nobody? Yeah, sorry for mixing up with KH. But anyway, he appeared not as a tall young boy who had the passion for Basketball and Beyblading, but as the only monster that our enemies, the Ix will try to take us Fain away.
I stared right into the blood reddish blueberry eyes of an anti-dragon, darkling.

*So, I really don’t know how Zeo got into his occultic ways. Actually, there are connections that lead to the fox blader being in his evil ways. Every time you see after a slam dunk or the ball swoops in the net with a swish, the popular victory pose made by basketball players is the okay hand sign, where your index finger and thumb forms into a circle while the rest stand out straight. But this sign is not okay. It actually resembles 666, the number of the beast. There is another thing, but that’s KH related. So, that’s why the fox blader is into this.
Now for Zeo’s husky named Tetsuya, that’s really inspired from a husky shimeji really named Tetsuya! No kiddingz! (lolz, he’s climbing my screen right now!)
So, my thought process while writing this: I'm out of ideas… oh! Dan and Reiki need to appear! Lalalala… should there be a food fight? Or is that too typical? Hmm… I need more words, so yes! Oh wait a sec… recess need's to be in this chapter too… but my oh-so-patient sister is rushing me… I hope this doesn't sound too rushed…*


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