Author: Falco276

Chapter 25

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)
Nyaaaa… I wanedt to finish this by January 21st, but but obviously that didn't happen~
Meh~ Onward to science!*

Much to everyone's relief, there were no signs of any explosions coming from the science lab as we walked towards it.
If you remember, the project for either today or tomorrow was to be building a baking soda volcano.
Upon entering, we noticed the things-that-were-supposed-to-be-cakes sitting on the back counter. Evidently, Tsubasa's method of baking worked. But then again, no one really knew what cakes are supposed to look like when following the directions we were given.
Reiji stood at the front of the room, and Ryutaro was somewhere in the corner watching, bored. At each sleek black marble desk, there was a test tube with some odd-looking vinegar (I wasn't quite sure what was wrong with it, though) in it, and what probably was supposed to be baking soda in bags that looked suspiciously like the sugar bags that had been given to us the day before.
Something about us didn’t seem right. I realized that there were two new students that Ryutaro was nevertheless caring to introduce and Reiji was away playing the Kellogg’s Krave Krusader game on his I-phone. Later I got to know that they’re names were Roxio “Roxie” Hernandez (a somewhat short Hispanic girl that to me, she looked like she survived a pack of gangs from the movie Freedom Writers) and Kensley De Jesus (a tall chubby boy who looked quite nervous when he looked around, an odd itch occurred. Jiggling his moustache and straightening his glasses seemed to calm him down from being very hesitant.)
Upon taking our seats, Reiji explains to us, the directions. Or rather, reads them off a paper.
"Ssspoon three sscoops of Baking Sssoda into the ssmall funnel—"
Okay, the way the Serpent Blader talked right there. All along I think I told you that I was a son of Hermes. But Reiji also seemed to join me at Camp Half-Blood when he told me that he had the same father as me. Great. He was also a son of Hermes, too. But the way he talks is slightly not normal for a demigod to talk like that. I’m guessing that a long time ago, he must’ve been raised with a bunch of Lydian Drakons and that’s how he adapted their accent.
So weird for a psycho snake guy to talk like that.
Anyway, Sam nervously raised his hand, "Mr. Mizuchi, we don't have funnels or spoons…"
Bonk. Splat!
"There. Now you have both. Everyone elssse, go get sssome from the counter."
Poor Sam.
After retrieving said materials, we followed the previous instructions given to us.
Reiji continued reading.
"Take the scisssssors and cut the pointy part of the funnel,"
We all looked around nervously. No one really wanted to get hit in the head with scissors. Not even Sam (gasp). Luckily, some of us had some in our pencil bags, so we shared. But that didn't really help fact that the direction made no sense in the first place.
"Huh….. I ssskiped a sstep. Oh well!" Reiji says, smiling faintly. "Aaaand.. dump the baking sssoda into the vinegar!"
What!? Was this guy Dyslexic too, other than being ADHD? Proof is he just said it. Yeah, so much for having these mental disorders invading every demigod. -_-
I stared at the vinegar a bit more. Was vinegar supposed to be fizzy? Bubbly? Isn't it supposed to smell a bit less… sugary? Same goes for the baking soda… But whatever, Reiji supplied this for us, so it MUST be right! …right?
I took the baking soda and funneled it into the test tube of suspicious vinegar. I waited…. And waited… And waited….
Nothing happened. I thought these reactions were supposed to be fast. Looking around at my classmates, I noted that they hadn't gotten any better results. Reiji started around, obviously annoyed. Without warning (though you probably could of predicted it if you really tried), he grabbed the nearest test tube, put his hand over the top and proceeded to shake it really really hard and rapidly. Bubbles started to form in the test tube, and when he finally stopped, and took his hand off, the built up pressure was set free and there was a loud "POP" sound before a fountain of bubbles spewed from the top. Reiji, obviously satisfied with this result, nodded and told us to do the same.
If you haven't figured it out yet, the vinegar wasn't vinegar… it was soda... or pop… whatever you want to call it. Most likely, it was something clear like Sprite or Ginger Ale. And the baking soda most likely was the sugar we'd used the day before.
As you probably know, shaking soda makes it explode. So does putting Mento's in it.
Evidently, sugar works as well.
The majority of our classmates looked around hesitantly, not sure if they should obey the psycho snake person, or endure the consequences of not doing so. Some, were overjoyed at the thought that they could create an explosion, and did so immediately. I just looked around the room at people's reactions. Sora was cracking up again. Angelique was smiling like crazy—though I've never seen him without a smile. Sam was still on the floor, nursing an injured head, due to the earlier incident with the spoon. Ryutaro was in the corner of the room with headphones on, turned towards the wall. Headphones. Ryutaro had headphones. Not to mention, they weren't even plugged into anything.
I looked to the chaos of the lab, and then back to Ryutaro. I probably should get his attention, even if chaos is amusing.
Standing up, I walked over to Ryutaro. I held my breath and tapped his shoulder.
He turned, and before we made eye contact, his eyes widened, and he immediately took off the headphones and but them around his neck, got up, and walked over to Reiji. He grabbed Reiji's collar, and dragged him towards the doorway.
My classmates tried to clean up as fast as possible. Ryutaro was a bit scarier than Reiji when it came to discipline.
"You guy's can probably go to your next class, now…" said a voice from the back of the classroom. We turned, and saw Tsubasa standing against the back counter, glaring at the things that were supposed to be cakes. We obliged, and were glad someone bothered to tell us these things.

*Yaaaaaaaay! Tsubasa! Let's see... next up is… ART! Hurray! If you haven't noticed, I really like art…*


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