Author: Falco276

Chapter 23

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)*

Angelique, Sora, and I walked across the street with the rest of the class to math. Everyone could hardly wait to see our incredibly crabby teacher again. We reached the door of the math room, only to find it locked. Not to mention all the lights were off and it didn't appear that anyone was in the room. So we all just kind of sat there, not sure what to do. Until Ryutaro came and told us.
"I guess no one informed you: Along with Reiji, Tetsuya is ALSO not trusted to be alone with students. Especially this far from the main campus. And, since there was no one sane enough to teach with him, your math class has been temporarily replaced with a food class located in the culinary arts building."
So that means I won’t have any Algebra 2 now? :(
Remembering the first time we received our schedules, I slowly realized that Hayner will be joining me in the same period. Wow. I really want to know his reaction towards the new teacher.
"Do we get to eat food in food class?'
"I suggest you all hurry and get there, your… teacher is not fond of waiting, apparently," Ryutaro tells us, retrieving his fan from the newly formed pile-of-books and Sam.
So, we went all the way back to the Culinary Arts room, which was conveniently placed on the exact opposite side of campus. We got into the lab and found an incredibly bored-looking blonde boy sitting on the edge of a smooth metallic table swinging his legs and eating sea-salt ice cream he got from who-knows-where. No psycho snake maniacs in sight. Speaking of Reiji, we never DID find out where they put him during food class…
Nevertheless, our classmates were appalled at the aforementioned blonde so-called-teacher. He looked like a second grader, at best, from Sunrise Elementary School or Ocean Bay. Angelique, Sora, and I exchanged knowing glances. Our classmates weren't THAT far off. I mean, Yu is pretty close to Kenta, age-wise. And on Kenta's wiki page, it states that Kenta is ten years old, and is in fifth grade.
"Uh… excuse me? Do you know who the new 'food class' teacher is supposed to be…?" asked none other than Sam.
Cue popsicle hurtling at Sam's head.
"I am your Food teacher! Mr. Tendo! So go sit down!" exclaimed an annoyed Y— Mr. Tendo.
Hayner suddenly came in, an appalling expression stamped on his face, “That’s our food teacher!?”
“What? You got a problem with that!?” Yu argued.
Hayner muttered something that I couldn’t clearly make out and calmly sat at the lab table.
We all did as we were told, and once we were seated, Yu informed us we'd be making cake. Cake. Thanks to the Math-class-mix-up-dilemma, our class time had already been chopped in half. So, there was NO WAY we'd have time to bake a CAKE. Besides, we only have a microwave in the lab, As far as, I know, we don't have an oven on school campus. Actually, there is one in the kitchen in the gym, but
I wasn't about to suggest that. Class would be over by the time we got started. And, the cake is a lie.
All of the needed supplies had been placed on each desk. I'm not sure where they got three pounds of sugar for all 36 students, though.
"Alright! Pour the… milk into the bowl first! Yeah, the milk! As far as you think is necessary! Now… flour! …Half of it! Yeah! And pour all the sugar in! All three bags!
And… oh yeah! Eggs! Eggs next! Crack… three of them! Put the shells in the empty sugar bags! Then throw them away! Now take the wooden spoon and stir it!"
What was he clearly trying to say? Can’t he explain it a little slower like Xaldin does?
Yu seemed to be having a great time doing all this. He just darted from table to table, very confident in his direction giving skills.
This went on for a while, until we got to the "dump everything into the tin, smooth in out, and stick it in the sun to bake" step. At that point, a tall teen with long silver hair decided to walk past.
Couldn’t it be? It’s Tsubasa! Honestly, that’s the only character that I really like in MFB.
"Yu… what is this?" he stated, eyes closed and index finger and thumb holding the bridge of his nose.
"It's cake!"
"…what kind of cake…?"
"…uh… sugar cake?"
"You just made that up on the spot."
"Hn. Why are they sitting on the ground?"
"To bake! DUH!"
"… how long does it take to bake?"
"How should I know?!"
Tsubasa walked into the lab, and came out with a bunch of shiny aluminum foil and pizza boxes he got from who-knows-where. (Perhaps Imageneered?) He set each one up to make one of those homemade-oven-contraptions-you-see-in-Curious-George.
"What does THAT do?"
"Makes them bake faster"
"Oh… Oh yeah! I knew that! You just didn't let me get that far!" Yu accused.
Tsubasa turned to us, "I think you're supposed to go back to your classroom now…"
On the way back, I walked backwards and stuck my tongue out at Sora, " Told ya so!"
So then we went home, slept, and did non-existent homework!

*Day two: over! I think last period might be different each day so I can use more characters! Like Dan and Reiki! And Faust!*


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