Author: Falco276

Chapter 22
Jack still hasn't fixed the Art Room Yet

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)*

Everyone went back into the classroom to get their stuff for History, and withered under the bored gaze of Ryutaro. We then walked to History; which was conveniently on the 2nd floor in Building 4.
Julian was waiting for us with the same expression on his face as he always has. Which was kind of intimidating. So we sat down in silence. Julian opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the opening of the door and complaints of a very tired art teacher.
I sighed. There was the Peacock blader again.
Julian sighed, "Can't you clean it up yourself? I'm busy."
"No, of course not!" Jack exclaimed, and then hesitantly added, "Well, maybe I could've at first, but then Reiji tried to help and everything got even more messed up!"
Has he really been asking for help THAT long?! Seriously, what kind of substitute teachers are they!?
Julian thought for a moment and then replied, "Why don't you just take the kids and have them help you clean?"
Jack's face lit up at this and, with regaining his spirit, he told us to follow him. So we did. Because you never know what will happen if you disobey the villain at the wrong point of the story.
For some reason, I don't think Julian had a lesson plan for that day. Or maybe he didn't want to talk about himself dying.
When we got into the art room, we saw that it truly was a mess, and it wasn't a stretch to say that something did indeed explode in it. Paint was practically everywhere, and there were overturned tables and chairs. There were paintings of snakes all over the ceiling and walls, demonstrating how helpful Reiji was. The floor was piled high with paint splattered markers, crayons, and colored pencils. It seemed that Jack's idea of "cleaning" was putting all the matching stuff into big piles on the floor. Which, by the way, was not how things worked in the usually organized art room with supplies spread out evenly on each of the tables.
I leaned over to Sora and Angelique and whispered, "Did he launch his Bey in here, or something?"
They both shrugged.
I looked at Jack and found that he was glaring intently at me. If you remember our first encounter with Jack, you'd know why. I hoped he didn't hear what I said.
Fortunately, Sam was there to save us from any awkward situations!
"Um… Mr. Jack? What did you DO to this place?!"
Jack then directed his glare towards Sam and threw a mismatched marker towards Sam, who promptly ducked so the marker hit a bucket on the sink behind him. Water happened to be in the bucket, along with a sponge. The water sloshed a bit and flew out of the bucket, along with the sponge, onto the only right-side-up table. The water carried the sponge over to the edge of the table, and pooled around the random bottle of maple syrup. Then, something happened that none of us expected (actually, none of us had expected anything that had happened over the past two days, but that's beside the point). The water, syrup, sponge, and just about everything else, floated into the air with a purple sparkly aura. Then there was a flash of light, and everything was back to normal and clean, with tiny whit effect sparkles making cheesy "ding ding DING" noises.
Everyone stared silently for a while, a bit weirded out, before Jack broke the silence.
"Oooookay…. You guys can go to your next class now…"

*Heh… Math next! 3 Well, kinda, I think Tetsuya was fired though~*


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