Author: Falco276

Chapter 21
Villians are Stalkers

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)*

Sora and I led Angelique to The-Table-With-All-Our-Friends-At-It. But first he ran excitedly towards the entrance of the school, where outside, stood a Kona Ice truck with a long line of students patiently waiting for their ice-cream. Of course we were not little kids because arriving every Tuesday and Thursdays, Kona Ice after all gave out the best ice cream ever including Sea-Salt. Oh and also, just to fit in with the tropical theme to the truck, it also sported a series of characters including Kona the penguin and his island friends. (Get the free app to know more of his story.) And also not to mention Caribbean music plus with the Little Mermaid theme playing through the speakers of the truck.
“So, what’s all this about?” Angelique asked, peering ahead at the truck, her face now stamped with an exciting gasp.
“Well, I and Roxas always come here to buy ice cream.” Sora explained, jumping up and down in a jovial way. “And the best part is you get to create your own flavor wave!”
Angel now stared at him in awe, “Hhh! Really!?”
“Yup!” he said, as we all moved a few steps forward.
“You know Angel.” I started. “If you were here last year, you could’ve known everything around KHS.”
She sighed, “Yeah, that could be fun. But I was in Riptide Wave High School back then.”
“Hmm, yeah.” I agreed as it was our turn to buy ice cream. Angelique paid 3 munny to the guy and in return he handed a white crystal glistening snow cone and told her that you can choose any flavor and enjoy. Eyeing curiously at the cone, I saw her pick the sunset orange flavor and take her first lick in one sweep of her tongue. It was now Sora’s turn to make his own flavor wave. And I knew it. My brother always likes to make crazy combinations by manically mixing every flavor (including sea-salt) and continuously savoring the flavor in a wistful way. I really hope that 5 minutes later he doesn’t end up with a bellyache, causing us to leave school and head home together along with Ventus- Wait. Ventus? Since when did he arrive during lunch?
“Hey Roxas! Sora!” he waved at us while approaching with an Economics textbook clutched in his arms. Angelique also gave out a suppressed smile and a half wave.
“Ventus! Where have you been!?” I said happily as we hugged each other in joy.
“Forgot that I was a senior?” he smirked.
“Um, well, almost.” I said blushed nervously.
“So, who’s your new friend?” Ventus asked as he quickly ordered a sea salt Ice cream. 2 of them to be exact and gave me one in a generous way.
“Oh, meet Angelique! She recently transferred to KHS from Riptide Wave High School. And best part is she knows Beyblade too!” Sora jumped around the place in excitement.
“Sora! You don’t have to explain all that!” Angelique laughed as she used her arms to stop the ever hyper Sora from jumping around.
“Nice to meet you, Angelique.” Ventus proceeded to shake hands with her.
“Erm, thanks.” She blushed and looked at me, mouthing confusingly Is he your brother?
I nodded.
I can already commingle and read her mind just by wondering how many siblings do I have?
I decided to tell her that another time.
Anyway, Ventus raised up his arm, and stared at his watch in a hurry, “Listen Roxas, I have to quickly finish up this Economics test here.” Holding up his textbook, he gave us a returning smile “See ya later, Roxas. Bye Angelique and Sora!”
With that he headed off to Building 4, climbing the stairs in a hurry to the second floor.
As we now returned to The-Table-With-All-Our-Friends-At-It, there, all of our friends congratulated her on her singing. Still, they probably were a bit hesitant, because she WAS hanging out with US after all. You never know if a person is sane by "normal people" standards if they are acquainted with us.
It was at that time that I remembered we had forgotten to warn Angelique about the "Lunch Supervisors".
Perfect Role Model, that Captain Capri. -_-
"Again, there's a microphone, idiot," droned a clearly bored Damian.
Cue furious Damian bashing.
Angelique bent over to Sora and I and asked, "So…. Tobio and Damian do Lunch…?"
We both nodded.
"Oh, alright the—"
Angelique was cut off by the intent gaze of a certain-villain-with-a-lollipop, causing all three of us to stare back uncomfortably. Yikes, villains do love cutting us off, don't they?
"Uh… Hi!" I exclaimed. Tobio nodded sharply and then walked off.
"That was awkward…" Angelique added.
"At least he didn't yell at us for not eating…" I replied.
After that, Damian and Tobio didn't really bother us all that much. Soon enough, Lunch was over and it was time for recess, in which Sora and I talked to Angelique about Beyblade characters.
"So, what are your favorite characters?" she asked us as we walked around the courtyard in circles for the fiftieth time.
"Tsubasa!" I stated. “His Eagle is awesome.”
"I don't know. I like Ryutaro and Reiji a lot, along with a bunch of other characters!" Sora explained.
"I bet yours is Zeo!" I exclaimed (I've been doing a lot of that lately… maybe I should widen my emotional-horizons…).
"Yeeeeah… how'd you guess?" she asked
"Cause your face turned white when you saw him!" I pointed out.
"Oh… that.." Angelique blushed.
"We were guessing you had a crush on him," Sora added.
"… I guess you could say that! I mean, so would you if you saw Tsubasa, Roxas, or… I don't know if it's possible to have a crush on Reiji, but still." Angelique stated, with a nervous smile on her face. Sora stuck his tongue out at me, for multiple reasons.
We talked about random stuff for a while, until we came to an isolated part of the courtyard with no other kids around. It was the corner of a building with a really really big tree next to it. We aren't supposed to go past there, because then the teachers wouldn't be able to see us. (But, I guess we could've, since no one was watching us. Who would trust a villain to care for students, anyway? Nevertheless, it was a good thing that we didn't go past there.) Just as we were about to turn around and continue walking the other way, we heard voices.
"Gah! Why is that lady-statue staring at me?!" Sora yelped.
"It's a statue." I said, then I remembered the only statue we had in the courtyard was a dark bronze metallic firebird screeching ahead with it’s flaming metallic wings spread in typical Co:pern:ican fury.
"I KNOW THAT!" he sighed.
"Riiiiight…. Anyway, has anyone gathered any information?" Angelique asked.
"Hn. I found that two people know who we are." I informed.
"Who?" Sora asked.
"They never stated their names." I said mysteriously.
"Ok…. Anyone else?" Sora suggested.
"I've found fanart of Ryutaro…" I said.
Cue amused snickering.
"Where…?" Sora was now alarmed.
"Someone was drawing it." I said
"Do you know who it was?" Sora demanded.
"No." I calmly replied.
"Great… well, it looks like time's up and we're supposed to take the kids back to class, or something… Everyone go back to your assigned room!” Tobio announced.
Cue Sora, Angelique, and I running out of there before anyone saw us.
Once we had gotten into a populated part of the courtyard, we stopped to catch our breath.
"Were those the teachers...?" Sora panted.
"Yeah, look, they're walking out from behind there now!" I announced.
"Oh… what were they talking about?" Angel asked.
"Sora and I, from the sound of it…" I listened in.
"That's not good.." Sora said dreadfully.
"I suggest we keep it a secret that we know who they are, agreed?" I said
"Yeah…" Sora said.
"Agreed..." Angel confirmed.
"Because I can't imagine going through the trouble of explaining to them that they're characters on a show we watch…" I sighed.

*Cue end of story! Heh, I used that phrase a bit much… Along with the dot
dot dot (…). Anyhow, next up is History!*


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