Author: Falco276

Chapter 20
Dragons don't make the Best Teachers

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)
Kaaaaaaaaaay… Yeah, so, here's a new chapter! :D
I do not own Pixie.*

We walked to the Technology Lab, passing the Science Lab where Reiji was traumatizing the 9th graders accompanied by an annoyed Ryutaro. While we waited, we congratulated Angelique.
"Wow! Angelique! You're REALLY good at singing!" Sora praised.
"Thanks!" she replied happily.
That was about as far as we got before she was pelted with a barrage of compliments from the rest of our troublesome classmates. Heh, what do you know? Maybe she won't be considered weird for hanging out with us!
Our classmates didn't get too far either, because the door mysteriously opened on it's own with one of those haunted-creaking noises, emanating a dark aura and causing an awkward silence to form as everyone stared at the door.
If Axel saw this, he would start to freak out and think that Mrs. Pacilli had now become a menacing witch.
"WELL?! Come in already, will ya?!" the fierce voice growled.
The class filed into the room in silence, and took their seats at a computer. For some reason all the lights were off except for the dim Christmas lights on every plane hanging from the ceiling. And the windows were closed with the blinds down. Everyone couldn't help but glance nervously at the shadowy figure that sat at the front of the room.
After an uncomfortable length of time that consisted of Mr. Dark-Shadowy-Figure staring at us with glowing red eye (I'm not lying, they were GLOWING), the person finally stood up, and all the lights turned on dramatically so we could finally see what he looked like. There stood a tall man with spiky white hair streaked with red.
He wore a black tank top and pants. A white coat hung loosely around his shoulders like a cape, the sleeves fluttering in the non-existent wind. On his left arm was a gold dragon gauntlet, and his forehead bore a similar gold tiara-thing. He introduced himself, too, if you still aren't sure who he is.
"Ok, listen up! I am Ryuga Kishatu!" he told us, smirking as we stared at him uneasily. I glanced at Angelique and Sora, both who were failing at suppressing grins. We're great at not standing out, no?
…more silence…
I'm starting to get the feeling that Ryuga has no clue what to say to or do with 37 eleventh graders, considering he can't give his "L-Drago is the awesomest Bey and the one and only left rotating Bey so I'm going to PWN you" speech. He needs more conversation topics. And social skills.
"Now! Turn on your computers and draw something on that thing called 'Pixie'!”
Wait. Pixie? Me, Sora, and Angel had no idea what he was talking about. Shouldn’t he go right into technology talk like designing your own bottle rocket or building rubber-powered propeller planes?
Maybe it was just his first time teaching. Plus, as Vexen said, you should always respect your teachers (including substitutes) every time.
No one complained. We all did just that. On the computer, I started drawing an UNINJURED dragon. In purple. Remembering the random comment that Ryuga said in the beginning of class, what was all that talk about “L-Drago?”
Pff! Don’t ask me. Sora’s the Beyblade expert here. Anyway, unlike Jack, Ryuga is someone you probably wouldn't want to fall out of favor with. Unless you're Sam. Then, you have a major streak of failure to uphold.
"Mr. Ryuga? Aren't we a little old to do this?"
Everyone's gaze was greeted with the sight of Sam laying on the ground under a highly damaged chair, courtesy of a shiny, spherical, black, river stone. Thrown by none other than Ryuga.
"You should learn to keep your mouth shut, kid." He growled, taking a seat by the desk and glaring hard at us in turn.
Everyone went back to what they were doing, and I think Sam stood up for the rest of class time because he didn't have a chair anymore.
(sigh) And the rest was uneventful. -_-

*Ryuga is awesome. And one of the main villains. Peace!*


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