Author: Falco276

Chapter 19
The Beyblade World Singoff!

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)
Yeah, music now! There were a lot of really awesome ideas for music, (Ryuga, Teru, Faust…) but I had to go with this one 'cause it fit the story line a lot more! ^_^ Onward!*

Science ended uneventfully. Or, as "uneventful" you can get while being taught by a fuming villainous psychic. And so, we made our way to the History classroom.
Sadly, music is one of the only subjects that lack's its own classroom. Instead, it has its own chorus building where every student had their own music sheet 3 tier stands and Music teachers also seem to hate us. We've had five over the time I've been here.
Sora and Angelique walked beside on the way there. Angelique still bore the same huge smile. She must really like music.
"I can't wait to see who teaches music!" she exclaimed excitedly.
"Me too! And we can be sure that it isn't Tetsuya!" agreed Sora, climbing down the stairs ahead of us.
"That wouldn't end well… Especially with that song he sang yesterday." I sighed.
"What did he sing?" Angel asked, confused.
"Some really repetitive song about crabs!" Sora spoke up as if on that first day, he told me he liked it so much.
"Oh, of course! I could've guessed that!" she agreed.
"It went like this-" Sora was about to open his mouth when I intercepted and zipped it up.
"You memorized it?!" Angel now gasped.
"Yup!" Sora agreed as we now passed the media center and walked towards the hallway next to the office.
"Oh joy" I sighed again.
Ever heard the phrase "saved by the bell"? We were saved b the door. Because it opened. And there stood the one and only Zeo Abyss, much to the…erm…surprise, of Angelique. Her face was literally white. I waved my hand in front of her face and checked her pulse.
"Hellooooooo? Angelique? Are you okay..?" I commented warily. She shook her head rapidly and the whiteness went away.
"Yeah! I'm fine!" she replied, flashing us a nervous smile. As we walked in, Sora leaned over and whispered, "I think she really likes Zeo…"
I mentally slapped myself. Ohhhhh now I get it… Angelique has a crush on Zeo! Wow, must be really awesome seeing her crush in real life!
I leaned back towards Sora, "Like the way you like Reiji?" I asked with fake innocence, receiving a glare from Sora before we took our seats.
Zeo stood at the front of the room, slightly nervous. I can't blame him; it's his second day teaching at a new school in a different dimension. I'd be pretty nervous too if I was suddenly teleported to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh (Which I know NOTHING about) and then had to teach a bunch of little kids how to use Yu-Gi-Oh cards. That's kind of the situation Zeo was in, but he got Music, so it shouldn't be too hard.
"Ok… so you all met me in Science yesterday, but I'll introduce myself again. I'm Zeo Abyss but please just call me 'Zeo'. I know virtually nothing about music, but I had an idea. What if we did some sort of sing-off? There would be solo's for each person, and everyone should participate, so I can get a better idea of your voices. Sound okay?"
There were some cheers and a lot of consent around the room. Other people seemed nervous. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE singing, just not in front of people!
Plus, no one knows any of the songs I do. Except for Sora.
The first person who sang was a girl. She's known for being really good at singing and acting. She sang "Change" by Taylor Swift. I'm not a particularly big fan of Taylor Swift, mostly due to the fact that all her songs get stuck in my head one way or another, but that was one song I could handle. Don’t get me wrong here and I’m not kidding. Axel told me once that every time at the start of World History class, Xemnas always played Taylor Swift songs so loud that it could be heard from Building 5 or 8 in between. I always found that so obsessive in our Superior, that one time, on our way to grocery shopping, he forced me and my fellow Orgy members to listen to ‘I knew you were trouble.’ and ‘22’ very loud, that half of the members passed out from the obnoxious torturing voice that blasted through the van’s speakers. I thought that was my last day of living as a nobody. Then de:construction. :(
But no. That will never happen to me.
Anyway, as soon the song was finished, everyone cheered and clapped at the end.
Next up was Sam. You can leave it to him to make a joke out of something. Zeo already had an impression of him, for he had witnessed the Reiji-shoe incident, but had no idea of the extent of the de ja vu that had happened before and after that.
Sam thought that it would be a wonderful idea to sing Katie Perry's "Fireworks".
The class got a kick out of this, but I don't think Zeo was very impressed.
Third, was me. Great… I considered singing the Beyblade theme song- Wait. Beyblade? Why not Kingdom Hearts? Like, Simple and Clean or Sanctuary, or even KH by Memories and Jersey? But that would probably lower my below-zero reputation. I wanted to freak everyone out and sing some random Japanese song, but I only know three lines of "World is Mine" by Hatsune Miku. So, I sang one of those really creepy songs you can find in Reiji tributes on YouTube that Sora attempted to show me once. It was "Where Butterflies Never Die" by Broken Iris. So much for the reputation thing.
In short, I failed, on to the next person.
Angelique was up next. She seemed pretty confident, but still withered under the
gaze of Zeo. I gave her a reassuring smile. She sang "Dream on, Dreamer" by
Cascada. One of the most awesome songs in the world. (In my opinion.)
"The autumn rain is falling down
Through the clouds, hits the ground
Wash away, traces in the sand
Yesterday, so far away
You disappeared, love was here
I close my eyes to be with you again
You're still alive, the world is in your hand
Dream on dreamer
And the sun will always shine down on you
Keep on dreaming
It's alright, feel alive
Dream on dreamer
And the world keeps spinning
Round and round you go
Don't stop dreaming
It's alright, we're alive
(We're alive)
I write your name, across the sky
I'll be with you til the end of time
Don't wake me up, I'm reaching for your hands
I'll never go to break your heart
No matter if you're near or far
Just close your eyes to be with me again
You're still alive, the world is in your hand
Dream on dreamer
And the sun will always shine down on you
Keep on dreaming
It's alright, feel alive
Dream on dreamer
And the world keeps spinning around and around you
Go, don't stop dreaming
It's alright, we're alive
Dream on dreamer
And the sun will always shine down on you
Keep on dreaming
It's alright, feel alive
Dream on dreamer
And the world keeps spinning around and around you
Go, don't stop dreaming
It's alright, we're alive…"
When she finished, everyone pretty much just stared at her in awe. Including Zeo, who eventually regained consciousness and spoke up, "Well, you're a hard act to follow, so good thing you were the last one today! Everyone give a round of applause for the people who went today. Everyone else will go tomorrow. Yeah… class dismissed! That’s what I'm supposed to say, right?"

*…I'm horrible at romancy stuff and crushes. Zeo was a bit OOC that chapter, his personality isn't very obvious in the first place, though. Next up is Technology! ^_^
Darn, 4 Reviews! Not Enough!!!! *cue fuming face here.*
Oh and also, anyone remember chapter 14? You know, the one with the Hide and Seek Tag game at The Mall of Co:pern:ica? Cuz the official theme song of that chapter is “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz.
BYEZ!!! :D*


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