Author: Falco276

Chapter 18
Jack did something to the Art Room

*Disclaimer: I do not own MFB or KH.

Note: Parts of this written content in this story are not made up by me. That credit goes to Kirameki87. Also for Roxas having 3 brothers and a hard working mother (also including the KH teachers and students in the cast.) are not made up by me. Give that credit to Xyphate (Yes, refer to KH High School Times). The whole idea for KHS to have firebirds as their mascot is actually made up by me. Here is the replacement cast. (This happens after KH High School Times.)*

Science. With the one and only Reiji Mizuchi.
We walked into the lab and were greeted by… Ryutaro? How did he get there before us?! Oh well. Reiji was next to him, anyways. Not exactly "greeting" us… more like staring at us to the point where we were feeling really uncomfortable. But, same thing, right?
When we had all been seated Ryutaro spoke up.
"Due to the apparent condition of Mr. Mizuchi here, not being trusted to stay in the room alone with children, I have been chosen to help… Supervise. Apparently I'm the only person who can, quote and quote, 'keep him sane' So… any questions?"
No one raised his or her hand. Not even Sam.
"Ok," continued Ryutaro, "Then open your textbooks to page 317 and read the chapter. Then answer the workbook questions. We will do the baking-soda-volcano experiment tomorrow or the day after, courtesy of Mr. Mizuchi…"
There were a few cheers among the students, and then everyone went to work. It stayed quiet for….oh, I'd say… 5 minutes? Less? Interrupted. Of course. Nothing is normal here anymore. That's why it's awesome.
"RYUTARO! HELP! THE BIN IN THE ART ROOM EXPLODED, YEAH!" Said the person who had barged into the room. More specifically, Jack.
An art teacher bursting into the middle of science class? Really? Who would keep their class unattended? Heck no to the KHS teachers. Uh-uh. No way.
Ryutaro sighed. "That's the kind of thing you go to the principal for! Or Damian, he seems to have lot's of time on his hands…"
"That lady is scary! And you're the only person who didn't drink lot's of that 'coffee' stuff this morning!"
"Zeo didn't either! Ask him! I'm busy!"
"I don't know where he is.."
"Eh, take Reiji. All he's just sitting in the corner ranting to himself about suffering or something."
Jack agreed to this, and dragged Reiji out the door by the wrist. We all watched this either utterly confused or highly amused. You can probably guess to whom the latter applied to.
“But while doing that.” He reached over to the projector and turned it on. The blue screen titled EPSON stared back at us. I assumed the projector was booting up until it showed Vodcast(dot)O-R-G, the main website where it played the KHS news and not to mention every episode uploaded by one of our school counselors. “Your teacher told me to play this while doing your work.”
Clicking the ‘play’ button, the intro began while it suddenly switched screens to 2 students (a boy and a girl) sitting at the news desk with an oil pastel painting of a screaming firebird’s face with it’s beak opened in flaming fury. I really didn’t pay much attention to the school events but for the video events? Yes. All along they were talking about the Huggie, which I assumed it was a parody of the Snuggie. In the first half of the parody commercial, it showed of 2 young girls at the movie theatre, both of them wearing Huggies.
Behind me, I could hear two girls giggling loudly.
“Are those 2 gay!?” Olivia Canter laughed along with her friend, making half of the class snicker with arousing bursts of laughter.
The Pisces blader just shunned them with a warning.
Falling silent, the news now showed- Oh gods. Something retarded like the Reversible Puzzle. REALLY!? Sora told me as soon as we get home, he’d take Ventus along with his Clifford Puzzle and start playing that game everyday. I almost wanted to facepalm for my brother’s idiotic idea.
Then they showed the Twilight Town’s State Championship Athletic scholarship awards making KHS first in place. But something strange about that is Dr. Xenahort was not there to host the people who won the prizes. Instead there stood a (A/N: I apologize for not describing Dr. Ziggurat’s appearance. I actually don’t know how he looks like.) man holding the KHS news microphone and waving his arm towards a line of students who won the prizes. And you actually can’t believe what they were. A pair of Girly Toe Socks, all in different colors and mostly sporting pictures with cute frogs or pink hearts were dug up and worn by those rewarding students. Just to add to the fun of it, two girls were wearing them until one of them was defeated in mini volleyball, making one of them holler in victory. It suddenly got halfway cut off when it now showed 2 boys playing the trumpet with the Toe Socks as mittens. After that, a curtain fell over the same 2 girl’s legs, completely covering the rest of their bodies, when they sang “Mary had a baby, oh lord!” while they’re feet swung left and right. The final scene took place in the media center, where a bunch of students grouped around a boy who successfully flicked a piece of paper into the goal (formed by a girl’s hands) across the table opposite from him. The results ended with our librarian shushing them. She then pointed to the library rules, ending the scene with our grand title into the State Championships for Athletics awards.
After that, another short commercial that showed of the Bald, a new way for hair removal and the Knork a whole new way to eat with a fork, a spoon, and a knife combined together (IDK how that’s possible.) and they made it so dramatic, I just lowered my head down on my desk in arrogance.
My ears suddenly pricked up to the theme song trailer of the Romeo and Juliet school play that they performed for the KHS drama club in the Kathyrn Lingdren Theatre. But no. I was wrong by that hope. It was actually a ‘movie trailer’ to Spring Break, which was approaching a few more weeks to come. While being interviewed, some said they wanted to post at the beach, play lacrosse, rock out at a concert, and GTL baby? Yeah, one actually held up his shirt and exclaimed that in thrilling excitement. And lastly one of our own deans who claimed he’d glance at the new C-CAT test that was going to be made.
When the trailer finally ended, I looked over to Sora who now had a radiant smile on his face. He really wanted to watch that movie for fun, even though I told him it wasn’t real.
The next one was a senior yearbook ad. Or at least, he was in a hurry to get one before the deadline day occurred. Everywhere he went, ‘Who’s watching Me’ by Rockwell was playing in the background every time the yearbook was welcoming him by appearing randomly on the hallway floor with those goggly toy eyes, despising as if the book was stalking him down with prying eyes, wanting to know more about him. It even stared him down by hiding itself in his backpack and surprising him at lunchtime where he just simply stomped those eyes with his shoes. The final appearance took place in the Boy’s bathroom, where he was met by the sink. Ignoring it in fear, he raced down the hallways in panic and opened the door to a random classroom. Approaching the teacher’s desk, he slammed a piece of paper down and demanded for a senior ad. What would really happen if I got too late for a senior ad? Nah, it was optional of course.
The next one was about a Basketball Bracelet ad where… okay, well, IDK if should tell this to you or not. Whatever. It’s not that special anyway. -_-
The last video event to finally end the news was the Pep rally last year. I kinda felt sorry for Demyx, because juniors are allowed to attend the Pep rally of course, but from so much begging to get into the event, he gave up in final defeat and joined me in the cafeteria room in my sophomore year. Anyway, the pep rally this year which I currently attended to was fun and entertaining. It was amazingly themed with a glow in the dark show. (Last year was the acrobatic slam dunking basketball players that did amazing moves which I kinda sadly missed but luckily Axel recorded the whole thing and showed it to me through his phone.)
While playing the song Ghosts n stuff by Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire, it showed of a bunch of KHS cheerleaders, all wearing white ultra violet outfits, all of them labeled KHS and waving pom-poms above their heads and all around themselves. Then our firebird mascot came in, joining them to get the highlights more exciting. While all the racket of dance moves and waving pom-poms occurred, one of the dancers came in with a dark cube costume spotted with glowing yellow question marks magically rotating in a spooky circle as if it was hypnotizing the audience to have no memory of this Pep rally that ever happened. Blindly weaving through the cheerleaders, its speedy legs suddenly halted then turned and rammed into a wall. Falling back like an upside down turtle, the Question cube struggled to stand up by furiously waving its legs around. Half of the class chuckled as the Pep rally moved onto the flag wavers and a girl which the audience thought that she was levitating the glow stick around. Pff. In reality, she must’ve been holding an extra small metallic pole that supported the glowing stick… well? Not from falling, of course. Ending the highlights was an HD surprise to me. The credits looked so Mac-like because I assumed the KHS news staff always edited their recorded videos on a Mac desktop.
I almost heard a light yawn from my left. Sora was still awake, his eyes glued to the screen with full attention.
The KHS News officially ended off with the boy and the girl as news anchors signing off.
Since Ryutaro didn't seem to care or notice our existence, we all congregated with groups of friends and barely anyone actually accomplished any work.
The KHS news took up all of the class time, our attention mostly turned towards that.
And so, I went over to where Angelique and Sora were.
"When do we have art?" she asked.
"We had it yesterday, so we'll have it again tomorrow!" Sora happily said.
"Do you think the mess will still be there?" Angeluique wondered.
"What mess?" I asked.
"Well Jack messed something up and Reiji is going to clean it up. Something ought to explode." Sora explained, curiously peering over Angelique’s paper, hoping he got an answer right off the top of her head.
"I don't know about explode, but it's bound to be interesting!" she exclaimed, slowly shoving her paper, allowing Sora to copy off of hers (In teamwork.)
"Yeah!" he agreed.
"What else is there today?" I asked, secretly covering my paper with my arm.
"Hm… History, Math, Music, aaaand…. Technology!" Sora continued, biting the end of his pencil.
"Oh! Who teaches those?” Angel continued asking, her eyes never left the paper.
"Julian for History, Tetsuya for Math, and we haven't had the rest yet so we're not sure!" Sora guessed.
"Awesome!" she exclaimed.
I sighed. Boy, this was going to be another long day.

*Yayz! Any ideas for who should teach Tech and Music? 3 I've got some, but it's not totally official or anything… Thanks!
Oh and also for the KHS News, it’s based on the Bobcat News from Boca Raton Community High School.
To see the actual clips from the news, go to I-Tunes and search for Bobcat News. A list of episodes will appear and click on any date to see these chosen clips:
May 26, 2011- Huggie Commercial
December 9, 2010- All state Athlete Toe Socks Awards
May 12 2011- Knork and Bald Commercial
March 10, 2011- Reversible Puzzle/ Spring Break movie trailer
October 21, 2010- Senior Yearbook Ad
October 28, 2010- Basketball bracelet Ad
February 3, 2011- Pep rally 2013 highlights


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