Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 15

Coalesce- to blend, or come together as one.

There are no words to utterly describe when things in life coalesce. The particles in our solar system came together to create thousands of galaxies and cosmos that changed life on earth as we know it. It was not as if the planets one day decided to align and assemble for the hell of it, but it was a process that took extreme time and patience for the right moment in which the whole universe came into existence. Now that is the scientific version of how the Earth and the cosmos came to be. This is not to say it is the correct interpretation because there are many stories that have been told over the course of time that says how our universe came to be. So for all you creationalists who are reading this, do not get offended because I am using this analogy for a reason. 

 Just like the cosmos took time to blend and come together, personal relationships whether intimate or platonic take time to coalesce. One can not simply go into a relationship thinking that each one is the same or will work out perfectly. Relationships take time to mold and shape themselves into everlasting bonds that can not be broken. The relationships that cannot withstand the tests of time are the ones that were never meant to blend or come together. However, this does not mean these relationships were not meant to come into your life. These relationships have molded you into the person you will become so you can understand what it takes to create a melting pot and move carry on with your journey.

After finally going through these trial and error relationships, the lessons you carry with you become important when finding a potential best friend, lover, a partner in business, or possibly the lord or any G-d like figure. You will find that this person has gone through similar paths in order to stand in front of you in that moment in time. Although the paths may be similar, they are never two of the same. Which is maybe why opposites attract; the journey towards ultimate companionship is one that is hoped to be maintained by two people with similar wants and needs, but yearn for qualities that they do not posses. However this is just a theory, and I could be totally wrong.

Once in this union of what seems to be utter perfection, becomes everything you have hoped and dreamed of because you have found the balance in your life. The journey you take of hardships and sacrifices becomes the fruit of your labors. Life itself becomes an almost Nirvana like state. This person or figure that you have found become blended within your inner being and come together as one, and they essentially become a part of you and your identity. I do realize that not all people experience this in their lifetime, but I can not help but wonder that there must have been a point in time where these things were once valuable to them but traumatically were discoursed from their intended goal. Regardless, the relationship that you receive out of this kind of journey is something of indescribable proportions, but you are ever so grateful and beyond ecstatic to have with you to keep forever and beyond.

I know I am young, but I have experienced these kinds of relationships. Both the kind that were never meant to be and the ones I will keep forever. However, I truly believe that without these relationships I never would’ve coalesced into the human being I am today. Like the formation of the galaxy, it has taken me time to realize all of this and blend the experiences and come together as a solar system of my own.

Our universe is full of infinite mystery and wonder that make it whole and abundant. Then again so am I, and all of us in this world. Which is why we must explore ourselves and others just like space exploration of the galaxies. Because until we do, we can never have these relationships that we all strive for and want. We will never find that one thing that truly makes us coalesce.



Written by my good friend Stephanie H.

All credit of this piece goes to her.

Thank you.


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