Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 14
Falling In Love



       L O V E








When you fall in love, you will know. There will be this feeling inside of you, you can't explain. You might get goose bumps when they touch you. You might lose your breath when they kiss you, You might smile like an idiot as soon as you lay eyes on them. You might get butterflies at just the thought of them.

Whatever it is, be careful. Love can be a BEAUTIFUL thing. But can also be a DANGEROUS thing. Sometimes, when we fall in love, we stop using our brains. We get so caught up on all the amazing feelings they give us, we stop looking at the bad ones. The ones that make us cry at night. Or feel such an immense pain, we don't know what to do. We may be happier than we have ever felt when we are with that person, but we can't ignore the painful parts. Love is about more than happiness when you are with that person. It is about how they make you feel ALL the time.

When we find that person that finally puts a genuine smile on our faces, we are scared to let them go. We hold onto them for deal life. Afraid they will walk away. We force them to feel the same. That's not love. Love is a TWO WAY STREET. Both people must feel the same way in order for things to work.

If you are young, or if you are old, LET LOVE GROW. Don't one day tell yourself you love someone. Wait till the day comes that you feel it. REALLY feel it, deep down, in every part of you. You will know it when its happened. You may cry, as I did once, at the mention of a possibility, a likelihood, of a future breakup. I hadn't said I loved you yet. I was waiting till I knew for sure. And that was the moment. It hurt so much thinking that there was even the smallest chance that that person would not be mine one day. That was my moment.

I've loved only a few times in my short life. But I loved deeply. I've pushed people away with how much I cared. I've been hurt to find out people don't always have the same feelings I do. But that's where love gets dangerous again. We know how WE feel, but we don't know what THEY feel. Nor can we TELL them what they feel or MAKE them feel something they aren't ready for. Love is with two people. Sometimes you have to take a step back, and just let love happen. Let the feelings on both ends just form.

You cant push someone into loving you. I have learned that in the hardest of ways. Sometimes we have to sit back and wait. You have to let love happen instead of forcing it.

And sometimes, we love someone so much, we get scared. We push them away in fear of getting hurt. We would rather end things, than let that person have the slightest chance to hurt us. So we fight them. Push them away.

Don't ruin something because you are scared. Don't be afraid of what may never happen. We have to take chances in life. Love is the biggest one. But we have to keep on moving. We can't live life afraid. Or live it stuck in the past, on what happened, or who happened. We have to move on. Be thankful for what happened, no matter how bad. Because it left us with a lesson. It left us a little better off. Even if we can't see it.

Life throws us curve balls. Love is a roller coaster. Life goes on. So just keep swimming. Keep your head up. Don't be afraid to let people in. But know when it is time to kick them out.

Love is difficult. But you can't be afraid. So go out. Love. And Love again.


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