Author: Falco276

Chapter 14
Ready or not! Here we come!!!

The next morning, I got out of bed in excitement. Today was the day. Today was the day for the biggest day for me and my friends. Today was the day for the Ultimate game of The Super Hide and Seek Tag at whichever mall was decided on Co:pern:ica. Getting ready, I slid down the stair railing to see Sora and Ventus getting a head start on their cereal, while grabbing milk from the fridge, I sat down and greeted my mother and my brothers.

"Good morning Roxas, how was yesterday with your friend?" my mom asked as she slowly wiped a plate with a dishtowel in a slow circular motion.

"It was alright. I got Axel and Demyx to join in the game."

"Sweet! More people!" Sora said in a jovial way as he skimmed over a drawing book and ate his cereal.

"What game?" my mother quired in confusion, then she remembered the day we appeared on the news and with Vanitas cursing at them, thinking that we were doing gang activity. He was most likely in trouble, including us. But now she approved of us playing the game with trust and safety.

"Mom? Don't you remember?" Ventus said helpfully.

"Yes, yes I remember, but are you going to play at the same mall or different?" she asked in quarry.

Now, Ventus wasn't sure on what to say next.

Instead Sora decided to volunteer, "Well, we-…"

I covered his mouth, "Mom, were still not sure which one but don't worry, it's not that far. For my decision, I assume we should make a bigger challenge for this game. I say we officially play in the Mall of Co:pern:ica." I said proudly.

"Roxas! Are you crazy!?" Sora almost dropped his pencil in dismay and faced me from across the table, "That's the biggest mall in Co:pern:ica and you want us to all get lost there!? No way in the hell I'm gonna play there. Seaside Mall or Gardens Mall is a much better choice. Hmph." He ended with a calm way of arguing and simply went back to his drawing.

"Roxas, he's right." Ventus said, looking at me with an understanding face. "It's kind of safer that we play in a smaller mall like Seaside, Gardens, or Bushley. Like he said, there is no possible way of playing our game there. It's simply too huge."

"So what? You guys don't wanna take the challenge then? Fine! I'll tell Kairi that-…"

"Mom! I was so close onto saving my game!" a voice cried in an arguable way. Great. It was Vanitas all along skipping steps as he hopped down the stairs in a tired way and finally sat down at the kitchen table.

I tried to understand what his problem was. Then it occurred to me it was about his game.

"What are you looking at, Roxas?" he muttered, grabbing a bag of bread and sliding a few slices into the toaster to heat.

"Oh, uh, nothing." I said, rubbing my toe against the tiles, having this un-comfy feeling that I should tell him about the game, but Sora decided to tell him.

"Hey Vanitas. You wanna join us to play the The Super Hide and Seek Tag game at Seaside Mall or Gardens? Because Roxas changed his mind about those two and decided that we should all play at The Mall of Co:pern:ica."

While taking a sip of his orange juice and waiting for the toast to pop up soon, Vanitas immediately spat out some of the juice and looked at all 3 of us as if we were crazy. "What!? Are three retards expecting me to join you guys to play the game at a mall that we can easily get lost into!? No fucking way I'm doing that!"

"Vanitas! Watch your mouth!" my mom scolded from upstairs.

"Sorry." He apologized.

"Well, I think I want to try out new levels, so I'm with Roxas!" Sora immediately set his pencil down and placed his palm upon mine down in the middle of the kitchen table. Ventus looked at our hands and after about 1 minute, he also agreed with our (or my?) idea and set his palm down over Sora's.

Only Vanitas denied our idea.

"You guys can cry like toddlers crying for their mommies at the mall. There's no way I'm doing that."

I sighed. We had to get Vanitas by our side. I mean, he was in all of the games that we played in various malls in Co:pern:ica. Then we also need to get him into this.

After breakfast, I had to wait until Kairi called us 5:20 to arrive at Seaside Park. Even though we had no hearts, my ichor was running through my body in excitement.

So during the day, I decided to play a little Mario Kart Wii with Sora and Ventus. It was fun.

"Ha! Sora you need to try harder than that!" I laughed.

"Hah, it's okay! I bet I can beat you in Melee!" he challenged, removing the game disc out of the Wii as the console now ate up the gamecube game.

Ventus now set down his controller and hopped on his bed, hugging Clifford the big red dog.

"Eh, I suck at Melee. Go for it, Roxas. Beat him up." He cheered as he pet the red fur of his lucky plushie.

"Challenge accepted, Sora!" I said bravely as I now picked up my GC controller, only for my eyes to spot my watch, the hands striking exactly 5:15.

"Um, Guys, I just got a text from Kairi regarding us to arrive at Seaside Park for the game."

"Why Seaside Park?" Sora questioned as he turned off the Wii and got everything ready.

"Remember last time Sora?" I said.

"Oh yeah!" he suddenly remembered.

"We made our attendance there to see if everyone arrived." I reminded him.

Sora just shrugged and accepted my reminder.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Ventus cheered as he slid down the stair railing and headed for the garage door.

"Wait for me, Ventus!" Sora called, his backpack slung on his back as he, also, opened the door to the garage and hopped in Ventus's (or my?) car and patiently waited in excitement as I arrived with three cell phones in my hands (just incase we have an emergency.) and got in with a calm way.

The last person to come out was an unhappy Vanitas, muttering about our stupid idea.

"Can't believe you guys are actually doing this." He muttered as he sat down next to Sora, who looked out of the window as Ventus started backing up the car and, closing the garage door, we headed down Dawn Street.

"Hey, Ventus. You wanna hide in Sears again?" Sora asked as he looked to the right to see a stone sign that read Seaside Park in halogen blue.

"Okay, as long as we don't lose each other." Ventus returned the answer as he parked beside one of the taxicars.

As everyone got out, Sora excitedly ran ahead, leaving the 3 of us behind.

"Sora! Wait!" I called, but then I sighed. He was always like that.

Ventus chuckled, "Well, even also before the game starts, he'll just have a lucky head start."

"Yeah, he always is like that. Perhaps he had a sugar rush?" I joked as we now entered the playground area of the park. Considering that half of Twilight Town had two themes to it. The Sunset theme for the clock bell tower and the colleges were, and then the tropical Floridian theme with the palm trees and various malls, schools, and even the beach.

Even though I have never visited Florida, a friend of mine from Camp Half-Blood told me it's nice and peaceful. I almost could say the same for Twilight Town.

Yes, as I said again, it was finally the big meet for the Super Hide and Seek Game. All players were to meet up at Seaside Park where everyone would be accounted for and given their teams.

I spotted a few kids from Bushley who looked quite excited for the game to begin.

"Alright everyone!" yelled Kairi in the huge mass of people. Her, Sora, Riku, Naminé, Xion, myself, Ventus and Vanitas were all standing off to the side of the gathered players. They were ready to try and start the event but it was hard considering how many people showed up.

"Well, you're off to a great start huh?" Vanitas said sarcastically. Kairi looked at him and frowned.

"Hey, guys!" Riku tried.

"This isn't gonna work." Sora said sadly.

I sighed. Considering that there were so many people, I carefully eyed Vanitas. The others ignored him as he climbed to the top of the jungle gym on the playground.

"HEY! EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN!" He yelled over everyone. The whole crowd grew silent.

"Darah rah duh di da, Vanitas is lovin it." Some one from the crowd sang the Mc Donald's I'm lovin it theme with his name in it. Maybe it was one of his friends, knowing that he works there.

Immediately, Vanitas scanned the group and said crossly, "Alright, who the hell said that? I'll kick you scrawny ass you little wringed neck mother fucker!"

"Vanitas!" Ventus scolded. "Calm down!"

"No, fuck him!" Vanitas said as he started to search the crowd for the person who might have said the earlier comment.

"Which one of you skinny mother fuckers said that! Was it you, string bean?!" He yelled as he pointed at someone. Ventus shook his head with a look of panic on his face. He climbed to the top of the jungle gym and pulled on Vanitas's good arm.

"Vanitas stop or we'll get kicked out of the park and won't be able to do the game!" Ventus tried.

"Hey, Vanitas," Terra yelled from below.

"Terra, Aqua!" Ventus smiled.

Sora climbed to the top of the slide nearby and started yelling and waving his arms to get the crowd's attention. He had his phone up to his ear and was smiling widely.

"Hey guys guess what!" He yelled.

"What?" yelled back some of the people in the crowd. Sora stood quietly with his phone up to his ear, listening.

"We're gonna get ready and start our game!" He paused again and listened. "But first you all have to go over there to where Kairi is standing. That chick with the papers and her phone out! The one with the red hair!"

People looked over each other to see Kairi waving the papers above her head. She started talking into her phone and when she stopped, Sora started.

"You gotta go over there and tell her you name and she'll mark you off the list and you can play!" Sora smiled. He slid down the slide and ran over to Kairi, hanging up his phone in the process. When he reached his small group of friends there was already a huge group crowding around Kairi.

"Hey, hey!" Riku said, trying to usher people away from her.

"Guys form a line, geez!" I frowned.

"Guys, I won't be able to help you if you don't get in a line!" Kairi yelled. Everyone tried to form a line quickly but many ended up having to go to the back.

The line went by somewhat fast. Lucky for them the list had been printed in alphabetical order instead of by who signed up first. No one who's name wasn't on the list and everyone who was on the list showed up.

"Okay, first off," Kairi started. "Our total number of contestants is 85! Those who are between the ages of ten and thirteen need to be accompanied by someone who is at least fourteen! You should already have someone of age with you!

If you don't please come over to use and we will help you out." No one came over in the next three minutes so they decided to move on.

"Now we will decide who the seekers are! Since there are 85 people, including us, the people who created the event, we will need fifteen seekers! Each one having to find 20 people! If you'd like to be a seeker please step forward! If no one wants to seek then we will all be the seekers."

"It's the news!" Naminé exclaimed, pointing towards the parking lot of the park.

"Great." Riku mumbled.

"I got this." Vanitas said, shoving his sleeves up to his elbows and making his way over to the news van.

"Vanitas," Terra called after him.

"Vanitas wait!" Ventus yelled. He ran after him and tried to talk him out of doing anything irrational.

"Alright everyone!" Kairi yelled again. "The news is here. We do not want them to be able to get any information about what we are doing or where we are going after this! Do not tell them anything! Now, back to business. Do we have any people who want to be seekers?"

They all waited and looked around. No one came forward. Kairi shrugged and looked to Sora.

"Guess you get to be the seekers!" He smiled.

"Okay, the seekers will be as follows. Raise you hand when I call your name! Naminé, Xion, Olette, Zexion, Lexaeus and myself, Kairi.

"The rules are as follows! You can find a hiding spot in any store that's desired and you can move to a different one if you wish. You may not hide in a bathroom but you may use it. No damaging property, stealing or shoving people out of the way. Once you have been found, your marker will be taken away and you can freely hang out in the mall or go home. If you are the designated keeper of a child between the ages of ten and thirteen then you must stay with them at all times. If your child is the opposite gender than you and they have to go to the bathroom simply take off your marker and hold it off to your side. You will not be tagged out. If you are using the restroom and a seeker happens to be in the restroom with you, you cannot be tagged or counted as out. The seeker must ignore your presence and wait until they see you somewhere else. Remember you cannot leave the mall unless you have been marked off the list. If there is an emergency and you have to leave just go ahead and leave. If you can, text someone and tell them to tell us. The seekers know the rules and will follow them all.

"Everything is and will be recorded so you can watch it later on the website! Now, please for an orderly line and step forward so we may give you all your markers."

The line this time was formed easily and every person was able to get their markers based on their teams, red, blue, and green bandanas.

"You're aloud to where the marker anywhere you like as long as it is visible and not in an inappropriate spot!" Olette yelled to the people. "The seekers will be wearing red bandanas! Once you are found you must remove your bandana and give it to the seeker. If you get tired of playing the game, simply stand out in the open or walk around till you find a seeker. Hold out your bandana and tell them you name.

They will take your bandana and mark off your name. You are then free to go home or where ever you please. If you are found while hiding, tell the seeker your name and they will mark you off the list! Please remember not to run around the mall or around in the stores. If you see a seeker coming for you and you don't wish to be found, you can walk quickly away from them or hide else where. There will be NO RUNNING AT ALL!"

"Man, they sure are serious with this aren't they?" Lea asked Isa.

"They have to be. We could get in huge trouble for this." Isa said. Ienzo nodded in agreement and pulled on the back of Isa's shirt.

"What's the matter?" Isa asked him. Ienzo held up his green bandana and pointed to his wrist with it. Isa understood and tied the bandana on him.

"I wonder where Shiya and Ezekiel are." Lea said, looking around.

"I wonder how the news found us." Isa frowned.

"Um Isa, that happened last time, remember?" Lea reminded.

"Never mind." He said as he looked to his right to see a two familiar cars coming in.

"Axel! Demyx!" I called over as I ran towards them in the parking lot.

"Roxas! What's up buddy!" he hugged me with joy.

"Erm, nothing much. So, are you ready to play it or what?"

"Definitely!" he exclaimed as we now saw Demyx walking over to us.

"Man, I could've hung out with Jake." Yawned the horse lover as the three of us started heading to the group.

"You don't wanna take the challenge?" I asked sadly as he now summed up his mood and changed his mind.

"Fine, I'll see how it goes. Remember Roxie, I can get tired very easily so don't make me be the seeker."

"Yeah right." Axel almost wanted to laugh. "Don't regret it. Every time we reunite with the Organization, you're just too lazy to fight that you have to make your water people do the job for you when you play your sitar."

"Well, it was all thanks to Percy for introducing me to Camp Half-Blood. At least I got some movement there." Demyx shrugged.

"Guys? Look. Kairi's handing out the rules in brochure form." I said, as we trudged over to her.

"Hey, guys." She smiled as she gave out the brochures. "Here are the rules to it. It should be easy to play once you know what it says."

"Thanks Kairi." I said.

Rules seemed easy. Even for Axel. I was not sure about Demyx though. Even if he's ADHD, maybe he can't understand everything but I'm sure he'll get it. :)

Everybody was now looking over the rules due to some of them being slightly changed and talking about the game in boisterous way.

Not knowing that Shiya and Ezekiel arrived, they were now conversing with Lea and Isa.

"I'm so ready for the game guys!" Shiya exclaimed as she now high fived her best friend then gave the returning ones to Lea and Isa.

"Yeah! Now we can be in teams again and you girls have to be seekers again." Lea confirmed as he crossed his arms sarcastically.

"Aw, man!" Ezekiel complained as she now gave a laugh and playfully punched his arm.

"Hey! What was that for?" Lea said, also laughing.

"Just joking. Fine, we'll be seekers again."

Shiya held out a hand for another high five.

"Awesome." Isa said as he now turned to Kairi trying to get their attention.

"Guys, form a line!" Olette shouted over the talkative crowd.

This time Vanitas decided to zip their mouths.


The whole park grew quiet as the Bushley kids thought in fear as if he was the king at this game.

"Ventus, go take care of your brother." Riku whispered as he sent him off to see Vanitas murmuring why did even I come here in the first place?

"Vanitas, what's wrong?" Ventus asked as he slung one arm around his neck.

"Nothing." He lightly pushed him away and stood next to the crowd in disappointment.

"Okay, guys!" Kairi called. "As you people know now that some of the rules are different from here than the ones from Seaside Mall and The Gardens Mall.

As people voted for which mall we were to play in, a few people on the website actually requested The Mall of Co:pern:ica. Now don't get panicked. We all know that it's the largest mall on the planet and we had big hit votes for this mall on our website. If you don't feel comfortable to play the game, then you can hang out in the mall independently or go home. Plus everyone is required to have their cell phones turned ON. Just incase the game is over and nobody is found, me, Namine', Olette, or Xion can contact everybody on the list and call you guys to the entrances. Everybody clear with that?" she said loud enough for eighty five kids (including us) to hear.

"GOT IT!" the crowd responded.

"Alright everyone!" Olette yelled. "If you have a vehicle please drive it and anyone you can fit in it to the mall. When you get there you must wait by the main entrance so we can do a roll call and make sure everyone is there. If you need a ride please stand over here with the seekers!"

It was simple enough giving directions. Actually finding people who were nice enough to give rides was different. Lucky enough Riku and managed to let his rich ass family let him borrow the limo and the driver. He took a few strangers and a few people he knew. Sora opted out of the limo ride and decided to ride with us. Kairi, Naminé and Xion rode with Aqua and Terra and Hayner and Pence drove themselves plus a few others. Lea took Shiya and Isa took Ezekiel. Axel and Demyx went solo in their own cars.

The ichor inside me sparked with excitement.

This was going to be the most fun day of my life!


A huge 4 story mall with glass windows reined the skies as we turned right into the parking lot from Firestrike Avenue. Yes, this was The Mall of Co:pern:ica (MOC), the largest mall in Co:pern:ica. The main dominating stores known as Nordstrom, Sears, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue marked the four corners of the mall. Honestly, I have been here with my mom and my brothers once when I was 6 spins old. We were shopping at Journeys Kids when all of a sudden my mom left the store and in a panic I tried to follow, but I suddenly lost sight of her. I almost cried while going back to the store. When one of the store employees heard my wailing, they immediately rushed over and knew what my problem was. Thankfully, my mom passed by the store and then came back to find me. I'm telling you. That was the scariest day of my life. But now I'm 17 so I now know how to be independent without my mom around. Even my brothers knew that.

Anyway, as soon as we parked, everybody gathered to the entrance of North Garden to where Kairi was as she was giving out our teams:

Team Red:






Riku and 21 others

Team Blue:

Roxas (me)



Demyx and 21 others

Team Green:



Ienzo and 21 others


Kairi (main score keeper and contactor.)









Kairi brought out a 3D model of the rotating mall on her pink laptop, "Since there are 4 floors, make sure you stick together with your teammates and constantly switch stores! You can text to your teammates if some of you are split up. Once again, don't panic! This is just a game taking place at a huge mall."

"Remember to follow the rules and have fun!" Olette yelled. "You all have 10 minutes to find your spots! AND REMEMBER! NO RUNNING!"

Half of the teams decided to use a dark corridor (firestar; thanks to Zexion) to teleport all the way to the opposite entrance from North Garden. Standing on South Avenue behind the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ventus texted and let Kairi know that they were on the other side of the mall. She immediately nodded towards the remark and returned the message by calling Ventus back and telling him the signal to start the game.

"Ready, set, GO!" Sora yelled. The whole group speed walked into the mall and the seekers stayed outside to wait for the ten minutes to pass.

"Your father doesn't approve of this correct?" Zexion asked Lexaeus. The taller male nodded.

"Why are you doing it then?"

"I can't make him proud all the time. He's here."

"Your father?"

Lexaeus nodded.

"What about your brother?" The orange haired teen then asked.

"He's with Lea and Isa. I have enough trust in them now that they can watch over him."

Once inside the mall, one team went to the left while the others went to right. Same with the other teams from the South Avenue side.

The players were busy figuring out where to hide. Terra and Aqua decided to stick with Ventus and Vanitas. Of course they would split up at times to try and make it a little harder to find them but for the most part they were always together.

"Let's hide in Sears!" Ventus smiled. The other three nodded. Since Sears was such a large portion of the mall they decided it was the best place to hide. I mean, there was Nordstrom, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue, but Ventus and Sora wanted Sears because they thought it was just simply the best. Now for me, it didn't matter because the 4 corner stores were about the same size. They were looking around and walking quickly to the other half of the mall before a voice stopped them.

"Terra, Aqua? Ventus, Vanitas? What're you all doing here?" The four turned around to see an older looking man with black and gray hair. He had a few scars on the side of his face from his childhood.

"Hey, dad." Terra said with a small smile.

"Hello, Eraquas." Aqua greeted with a smile. Ventus gave a small smile while Vanitas gave a half wave. It looked more like him flinging his arm towards the man but Eraquas knew what it meant.

"How's your arm been Vanitas?" Eraquas asked the black haired teen.

"Eh, I'm getting around with it." He answered.

"We have to go now. We're playing a game with some of our friends." Aqua said, slightly turning away from the older man.

"A game?" Eraquas asked. "I thought you were too old for games Terra."

"Dad, I was mad when I said that." Terra frowned.

"I know, I know, well have fun and be carefully."

"Yes," Terra, Aqua, Ventus and Vanitas continued to Sears and went into the electronics section. They crept around in the aisles pretending to look at different things.

Vanitas and Terra kept look out for the most part.


"Ok, Roxas. What's the plan?" Hayner asked me once we wandered around the 2nd floor of the mall, still deciding which store to hide in.

"Let's hide in Journeys." I confirmed.

Hayner looked at me with an Are you freaking kidding me? Meme stamped on his face, "Dude, there are 3 Journeys! Which one?"

"What's Journeys?" Demyx suddenly asked.

"Um, it's a retail store for teenagers that sells everything from apparel like shirts and hoodies to footwear like street shoes and hiking boots to skateboards and music CD's." Pence explained.

"Never seen one in Fairfield Mall." He replied.

"So what do you guys say about it?" I said, keeping my hopes up to see if they accept my idea.

"Roxas, I have a better idea." Hayner said as he faced a huge map of MOC, displaying all of the floors. Once his hand moved from his chin in a thinking pose, he finally pointed to the fourth floor.

His finger struck the theatre in the middle, and gave out a sly smile in our turn.

"Shall we watch a movie instead?" he said.

Watch a movie while playing the game? Multi tasking wasn't that hard but okay, why not?

"Watch a movie?" Demyx quired. "Sorry, I'm not in the mood right now. Just text me back when you're done, alright Roxie?" he held up his I-Ocean X7 Android Phone.

I smiled, "Okay! We'll let you know when we're done watching!"

The Melodious Nocturne whistled as he trudged ahead, passing by Express and Hollister when he finally turned right into Nickelodeon Universe.

I hope our team mate gets a lot of fun.

The three of us trudged off to the elevator when Pence pressed the fourth floor while the doors slid shut.


"Alright, I think everyone is done choosing their hiding spots. Now's our cue to move in and search for them." Kairi signaled to the other seekers.

"Awesome! Who should I search for first? Roxas or my brother Lea?" Axel asked, glancing at Zexion for a smart reply.

"I think it would be better off to find your brother, Axel because it's most likely he and his team mates are going to hide in a sports store like Champs or Finish Line."

"Oh my chapstick Zexion, you're just the smartest member we have in the Organization. Thanks for the idea."

"My pleasure."

"Alright guys, it's time to move in. Let's go." Kairi stated as the seekers now entered the mall.


It was up for Team Green now to decide which store they should hide.

"Oh! Oh! I wanna go to Nickelodeon Universe!" Ienzo suddenly said. Standing at the side of the third floor, there was a big opening or hole that overlooked Nickelodeon Universe.

"Sorry buddy, we have to hide in Aco-.." Isa got cut off by a Bushley team mate.

"Oh yeah! I agree with him. It sounds so fun!" He exclaimed happily.

Lea kneeled down and faced him with an explanation, "Listen kid, we came here to have fun, I know but we can't be spotted by the others right?"

The boy nodded.

"Cool. Hey Isa. I got an idea."

But his friend was too busy looking at a text he received on his phone:

Sent from Saix at 6:15 pm

Isa where were you? I been calling all day but you never seem to respond. Tomorrow I want you over to the Space Association of Twilight Town because we have a meeting to attend to. Never deny things about Astronomy! The Unicorns think it's cool!

Isa immediately texted a reply:

Sorry bro, I have been busy playing a game at MOC with my friends. And yeah, thanks for reminding me. I'll attend to it. Reply ASAP. :D

"Are you done now?" Lea asked, tapping his foot impatiently.

"Yeah." Isa replied.

"So as I was saying." Lea began. "I think it be best if we hide in Champs because I work at Finish Line at Seaside Mall and I have been trying to find a store like that here, but no luck."

"Alright, that'll do." Isa confirmed.

The 3 of them including the kid from Bushley speed walked over to Champs Sports. Once inside the store, Lea and Ienzo checked out the Struggle gear while the Bushley kid swooned over Baseball bats and gloves.

Isa was the only one to keep watch from the entrance. Patiently hiding behind one of the store's vertical banners supported by a three tier stand, he quickly got a reply from Saix:

I don't care and don't call me bro. *cue angry face here*

"Oh, well" shrugged Isa as he now looked over to the opposite side of the mall's walkways, facing the Hallmark store, then he immediately hid behind the banner in shock.

"Oh wow. Where could they be?" Shiya exclaimed as she and Ezekiel passed by Champs, not knowing that Team Green was actually hiding there.

Isa sighed in relief and walked over to where Lea and Ienzo were.

"Lea, we can't hide in the same spot. We have to change stores constantly as Kairi said!" he reminded him.

"You're right, Isa." Lea sighed. "Fine, which store next?"

"It would be better if we answered that." Two female voices giggled behind them.

"What!? How'd you find us?" Lea said in disbelief. Ienzo now held his mouth agape in surprise to see how two teenagers much older than him found them in seconds.

"We just passed by and heard you guys talking to each other so we decided to stop by and see what the chit chat's about."

"Grrr… Isa! What were you doing!?" Lea suddenly turned to Saix's brother.

"What?" the bluenette inquired.

"Weren't you supposed to keep watch on the seekers and alert us so that we can hide in a different store?"

"What can I do? Saix replied to my text so I had to write back to him!"

Lea almost wanted to facepalm at Isa's stupidness.

"Anyway, let us give our bandanas to our lovely ladies here." Lea said as he took off his gave it to Shiya. Isa did the same in disappointment and gave it to Ezekiel. The same thing happened with Ienzo and the Bushley kid.

"Thank you very much!" Shiya said as she handed the bandanas to Ezekiel and pulled out her phone to alert Kairi that Team Green is fully found.

"Anyway guys, have a good day!" Ezekiel waved as the two of them giggled and went to seek the other teams.

Lea now stared at the floor in disappointment.

"You're mad at me, aren't you?" Isa said.

"Nah, you just only did the only mistake that never happened in our previous games." Lea said as they now walked around, passing by many stores, and heading over to Nickelodeon Universe as Lea promised for Ienzo that would be their last resort after they got found.

"So, what do you wanna do next?" Isa asked once they headed towards Nickelodeon Universe.

As soon as Lea was about to reply, he bumped into his brother.

Ienzo had to cover his mouth and giggle at the sight of brother and brother bumping into each other.

"Aw man." Lea stirred as he held his forehead, but then shook his head to actually realize it was Axel whom he bumped into.

"Dude, I found you at last!" the pyro exclaimed, but Lea showed him the proof of already being found by raising his wrist. "Too late. The girls found us first before you could come and get us." He said.

"Is this true?" Axel couldn't believe it.

"Isa? Tell him." Lea said.

"Yeah, it's true. I was supposed to be looking out for seekers from the entrance when all of a sudden I had to reply to Saix. I know-.." Isa got cut off by Lea.

"That was the stupidest thing to do ever in the game." He finished, Axel took this by surprise.

"Really?" he asked in awe, his mouth slowly forming into a laugh.

"Bro why do you think this is funny?" Lea suddenly hissed. How could something stupid become humorous all of a sudden? IDK. You tell me (Roxas).

Axel always seemed to laugh whenever someone does something stupid, like the time where I completed a puzzle that was actually 2-4 years (in age; I thought it was years, I mean actually years.) and as soon as Axel saw it, he started laughing on the floor. I completely got mistaken as soon as I realized it was for 4 year olds. (sigh) Yes, that was the most embarrassing thing I ever did. But it was Dyslexia, you have to understand.

As soon as Axel calmed down, he suddenly stood up and awkwardly looked around the mall, not hoping to see if any people circled around him thinking that he was crazy. Thank Kingdom Hearts there were none watching the crazy pyromaniac laughing his butt off.

Axel sighed, "Oh well, since you guys were spotted by Shiya and Ezekiel, why not join me for a little hunt to capturing Roxas and his team?"

"Well, we were about to go to Nickelodeon Universe for Demyx but-…." Isa now got cut off by Lea again.

"Isa! You idiot! Don't tell him where our team mates are located!"

"Well, sorry!" he apologized sarcastically.

Lea sighed "Fine. We'll come with you."

"Oh no, no, no. I was not thinking of Demyx, I actually want to find Roxas." Axel said.

"Okay, deal." Lea said as he gave out a fist pump to his brother.

"By the way Isa, I think you're mistaken. Demyx is on Team Blue not Team Green." The Bushley kid pointed out.

Lea facepalmed at Isa's stupidness again. "Sometimes I wonder how you're even my best friend." He muttered as Team Green went to find Demyx and Axel ran forth to search Roxas.


Vanitas turned quickly at hearing the voice behind him.

"Sora you idiot! Don't yell like that!" Vanitas said as he threw his hand over his younger brother's mouth. The force caused Sora to backup into Riku who made a grunt of annoyance.

Vanitas straightened himself and removed his hand from the other's mouth.

"I knew you'd look for us." he said.

"Well who else would I look for?" Sora smiled.

"Roxas?" Aqua tried.

"I couldn't find him earlier. He was with Hayner and Pence." Sora informed.

"He's been finding every person he can." Riku said with a sigh. "They should have made him a seeker."

"Where did you see Roxas, Hayner, Pence and Demyx?" a girl asked from behind Terra and Aqua.

"Oh, they were in Spencer's." Sora said, mistakenly not knowing that they watched a movie in the theatres.

Terra and Aqua moved to see who had asked the question. Xion and Olette were holding up six green bandanas in their hands, three to each of them. They wore large smiles as Olette waved two bandanas in her right hand.

"Whoa!" Sora exclaimed. He looked down to the pocket on his right pant leg and noticed his bandana was no longer hanging out of it. Riku checked his pocket and noticed that he was missing his bandana.

Everyone else checked where they had had their bandanas and were not only amazed but shocked to find that their's too were missing.

"How'd you do that!" Sora asked, amazed.

"Xion is pretty tricky!" Olette smiled.

"But what about Aqua's?" Ventus asked. "Hers was on her arm. How'd you get it?"

"When Sora and Riku showed up and distracted everyone it gave me the chances to take the bandanas and not have anyone notice. I was careful not to make too much of a scene with it. I just moved carefully and took them without anyone noticing."

Xion informed.

"So, you mean you just moved slow and cautious right?" Riku asked.

"Yes," Xion nodded.

"That's amazing." Terra smiled.

"Thanks," Xion blushed.

"So, I guess that means we're all out." Aqua said.

"Freakin'! Sora! This is all your fault!" Vanitas yelled at him.

"I'm sorry!" Sora exclaimed.

Vanitas wrapped his arm around the younger's neck and thus the struggle for freedom ensued.


"Dude that movie, Ghost Shark was so sick!" Hayner exclaimed once the credits began and Team Blue now exited the room and into the lobby.

"I know. I liked that part where the shark came out of the fire hydrant and ate up all of the little kids!" Pence added with excitement.

"Heh. Better watch out Demyx. The Ghost Shark's gonna come for you!" I joked as I watched Hayner get refills on his popcorn and soda.

"Speaking of Sharks, where is Demyx by the way?" Pence asked.

Hayner shrugged, "Don't know. Maybe he's having fun at Nickelodeon Universe?"

Unfortunately, Demyx was not at Nickelodeon Universe. He sat down at the food court, and started enjoying the fresh cooked lobster tails that he ordered from Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

"OMGS. This is so good! I wish Emily was here."

He continued to savor the flavor when immediately his phone buzzed on the table. Picking it up with his messy hands, it was a text that I sent him not too long ago:

Sent from Roxas at 7:12 pm:

Hey Demyx, the movie's finished. Where are you by the way? :/

Wiping his hands with a napkin, he replied on the spot:

Oh sorry, I just stopped by at Nickelodeon Universe but changed my mind and went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company to eat lobster. :3

I sighed. He always liked to eat that stuff. We were now in the elevator to the 2nd floor, but then I pushed the button to the 3rd floor instead.

"Roxas! What was that for?" Hayner argued.

"Listen. I want to go solo because I want a quick sandwich from Starbucks. I'll meet you at the 2nd floor at Journeys, okay?" I said, the elevator doors now opening and I stepped out as I waved good bye. Walking ahead, I turned my head to see the doors shutting my view of Hayner and Pence's faces. Of course, on the way, I also had to tag Demyx along too, so I headed over to the food court in search of him.

"Hiya Roxie!" Demyx greeted, "Did you or your team mates get caught yet?"

"No, were just lucky to evade some of the seekers that were searching for us, especially Axel. I can sense he's looking out for me now. C'mon, we'd better hurry over to Starbucks before Axel catches us."

"What? No! I'm not done with my lobster tails yet!" he complained, as I forcefully grabbed the back of his Team Dolphin shirt and walked over to Starbucks Coffee.

Once inside, I placed my order on a ham and swiss sandwich as Demyx kept a look out. He immediately came over and covered my mouth with his hand as I faced the cashier girl who was giving out a look of confusion.

"Don't move." He whispered.

I wondered why he was doing this to me. Then the voice I recognized as my best friend just passed by the shop.

"Oh Roxie! Where are you?" Axel called out as he continued walking towards the 3rd floor but then something caught his attention.

"No way!" he whispered as he entered A.C.E.S Flight Simulation Center to try out a test flight. As I said earlier, Axel is all into planes. No matter what it is, it has to be Aviation related.

Good news= we have a seeker distracted by a store. Our best chance to evade him and continue onto the 2nd floor.

Bad News= Demyx pulled me into Dollar Tree, which had to be right next to the store where Axel went to.

Great job, Demyx. Great Job.

"Finally! I want this!" he exclaimed happily as we were in the toys aisle and he picked up a toy horse water gun and pretended to play with me.

I sighed impatiently, "Demyx, we don't have time! We need to go!"

"No! I want five more minutes!" he begged like a baby as he pulled the trigger and said Pew Pew! at me. Great. This was not the time to horse around! Waiting until he was done, I impatiently looked around until something unexpectedly caught my eye.

Fake Beyblades. Again, I saw a few of them at Seaside Mall but never cared to buy one.

Something about the package seemed really strange. Apart from the third party companies who make fake beys, like Top Set Rapidity and Tornado Clash Speed Top, I slightly recognized some of the characters at the lower corner of the box. I might have seen them somewhere, but where? Then it occurred to me. Those Subbing teachers from KHS are actually from these spinning top toys.

"Okay Roxie, I'm done paying here." Demyx said once he held up the bag containing his toy.

"Fine let's get out of here." I said, walking over to the entrance, only for me and Demyx to stop in our tracks as a voice said, "So, Roxas, I finally found you."

Looking to my left, there was Axel.

"Don't be scared. Hand me over your bandanas." He said.

I sighed in defeat as me and Demyx handed our bandanas over to him.

"Shall we find the rest of your team?" he asked.

"Fine." I said as I pulled out my phone and started texting to my teammates to alert them that I have been found.

"Aw man, two teams have already been found!" Demyx complained as he told us the bad news that came from Kairi.

"Really?" I said in surprise.

"Yeah, now we have to be found too." Demyx continued.

We were now six stores away from the elevator to the 2nd floor. I promised Hayner that I would meet them at Journeys with Demyx but sadly Axel cornered us with no problem. Passing by Victoria's Secret, I stopped abruptly and saw Xemnas swooning over a….. yeah, you don't wanna know what it is. -_-

Anyway, what was our superior doing at a fashion store where they sold feminine products? O.o

He was always like that.

We continued to the elevator when we happened to bump into our P.E teacher, Xigbar.

"Ow, you kiddos better watch out where you're going. Anyway, Roxas? Axel? Demyx? What are you guys doing here?" he asked, standing up.

"Oh, I think you may know of this game but were playing it again, this time at MOC." I replied. "Anyway (sorry if there a lot of Anyways in this story) but anyway, why aren't you teaching at KHS, Xigbar?"

I clearly gave the freeshooter time to think, "Well, it would've been nice if we take a little vacation during the first 2 weeks of school. We don't even do anything there. It's just boring introductions and freetime, so this is why we decided to come to the mall to shop around and hang out."

"Oh, I see. But our new teachers are trying to torture us!" I suddenly said as if it's the most important news in the whole planet.

"Really?" Xigbar whistled. "Then I advise you kids to stay at home and do nothing."

"Oh wait Xiggy! I have another question." Demyx suddenly blurted out. "Where's Luxord?"

"Oh, Luxord?" the freeshooter pointed south. "He's eating at Ruby Tuesday with his friend."

"Oh, okay!" he said happily as we all waved goodbye to Xigbar and finally reached the elevator.

Once we hit second floor, from the huge whole that showed out Nickelodeon Universe from the first floor, I saw Team Green wandering around the roller coasters in search of Demyx. I guess they were mistaken by someone (definitely not us) and actually thought that the melodious nocturne was riding the coasters and having fun.

I ran ahead to Journeys, with Axel and Demyx closely following behind me.

Once we entered, I saw both Hayner and Pence looking over a totally cool looking skateboard the store sold somewhat rarely. The other kids from our team would either check out the apparel they sold there or sit down on one of those metallic chairs and look bored.

"Hayner." I said, trying to get his attention.

"Not now, Roxas." He replied as he was too busy inspecting the skateboard with shining awe.

"No listen, I have been caught!" I jerked him to attention and showed him my wrist.

Hayner now stared at his wrist. "How?" he asked in confusion.

"Well, Demyx pulled me into Dollar tree while Axel went to a flight simulator store next us. As soon as we came out, Axel spotted us right there. So, since one teammate is spotted, the rest have to give up too."

"Aw man." Complained Pence as he also gave up his bandana in disappointment.

"So everybody is found?" Hayner asked, once we entered out of the store.

"Yeah, sadly." I replied. "Kairi's calling us to the main entrances to North Garden. C'mon." I said, as we now headed towards the first floor of the mall.


"So guys, how did it go?" Kairi greeted us once we arrived in the parking lots of North Garden.

"Tiring, but fun!" Demyx said. "I actually ate lobster there."

"Yeah, we were to be found last." I reminded her as Lea dragged Isa over.

"Kairi, you can't believe it! Isa did the most stupid thing ever!"

"What?" she asked.

"Without keeping guard he actually was text-…" This time Lea got cut off by Isa.

"Alright Lea! You don't have to repeat it again!" he said as he let go of his mouth and Kairi taking this incident very amusing.

She giggled, "Well, rules say you're allowed to text to your teammates."

"No, he was texting to Saix!" Lea countered.

"Really? Why did you do that Isa?"

"Sorry, couldn't help it." He apologized.

Kairi immediately checked her watch, the hands striking 8:45 pm.

"Alright guys good game! All teams have been found and all bandanas are to be returned to Xion-… Xion?"

She looked around for the poppet.

"I think she's still in the mall." Sora guessed.

Few giggles aroused as Namine dragged Xion from the entrance. Guessing by her bags which read Justice and Sanrio, she actually went shopping instead of doing her job by being a seeker.

"Xion! What were you doing!?" I said in shock.

"Oh, sorry Roxas. I got distracted by my favourite mall stores." She then blushed.

Namine' gave out a smile.

"Oh well, guys. You're now free to go home." Kairi announced as we all got in our cars and drove home.


"So boys how did it go?" my mom asked once we arrived home at 9 for dinner.

"Not bad." Vanitas replied.

"Aw man! It was too awesome!" Sora exclaimed excitedly.

"Heh, we were to be spotted last." I said as I took a bite of my macaroni and cheese.

"Yeah and Lea told us that Isa did the biggest mistake ever." Ventus brought out.

"What was that?" my mom asked, as she sprinkled salt on her broccoli.

"Okay, rules say you're allowed to text to your teammates, but Isa instead texted to Saix."

"So he broke the rules then?" Sora asked.

"Not entirely. He just didn't see Shiya and Ezekiel (who were seekers by the way.) and Team Green was second to be found." I explained.

"Ohhhh, okay." My mom simply said in that motherly way as if they're not listening to you, but they just say uh-huh or yes.

Sora took a bite out of his chicken, "You're right, Roxas. MOC is a good mall to play in. Sorry if I was mistaken because I thought we'll get easily lost there and stuff."

"Aw, it's okay, brother. At least you guys dared to play my challenge." I smiled.

"Oh, Roxas, Sora, I almost forgot to tell you about this." My mom handed two envelopes one to me and one to Sora. They were both addressed to us and as soon as we immediately opened it, there was a slight schedule update. Strange. TCPS and KHS entirely redid our schedule, this time with another class added to it.

"Learning Strategies?" I inquired.

Sora was saying about the same thing.

"Why? You don't like it?" my mom asked with worry.

"No, no. It's fine." I said. I almost wanted to sigh in relief. Thank KH there was no sub teacher. It was an original normal KHS teacher.

"Thanks mom." I said once me and Sora ran upstairs for bed. My mom smiled and started collecting the remaining plates from the table to the sink.

Once I took the top bunk and Sora took the bottom, we just laid there in bed, taking about how the game went today.

"Aw man 4 hours of total fun and awesomeness was the best day of my life." Sora said, snuggling in his covers as he now got comfy and warm.

"Yeah" I sighed. "Me too."

Looking out the window, I spotted a star constellation. Leo. My symbol in astrology once faded as I drifted off to sleep.

I can't wait next month to play the game again.

Wow. The LONGEST and MOST DETAILED chapter of the game. It was kinda fun to kill some time to play this game (Go ahead and try it out! It's FUN!)

So, anyway, The Mall of Co:pern:ica is officially based on The Mall of America in Minnesota, USA.

Have never been there, want to visit there once.

But anyway, you know how movies have deleted scenes? Well, I have a deleted detail I really wanted to add but I couldn't do it. :(

It was at that part when Team Blue leave the Theatres and Axel comes in to find Roxas but when he says "Found you, Roxas!" someone in the audience shushes him. So, sorry if I didn't do that.

So, please REVIEW! :D

Seek out chapter 13!


P.S there were a few mistakes, but oh well! XP


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