Author: Falco276

Chapter 13
Official rules to TSHSTG

The Super Hide and Seek Tag Game at Mall Of Co:pern:ica OFFICIAL RULES

Note: These rules are a little different from Seaside Mall and the Gardens Mall.

1) Since there are 4 levels, you can freely go around to ANY store you want or change stores unless some seeker SPOTS you in a store OR the Mall's Hallways/Walkways.

2) This is a TIMED GAME. So that means, IF a SEEKER spots ONE person BEFORE time is called, the hider then can join the seeker or hang out freely in the mall or go home. If a SEEKER finds 2 or 3 hiders, then the game is AUTOMATICALLY BROKEN UP and OFFICIALLY OVER.

3) Every Hider and Seeker must have CELLPHONES turned on with them at all times due to the mall being huge and you can easily get lost there. You are not allowed to CONTACT anyone DURING the game is on, only at the END of the game. However, you are allowed to text to your team mates DURING the game.


5) For HIDERS: You can be in a group of three and hide anywhere in the mall. (Optional)

6) For SEEKERS: Go solo and seek out all Hiders in each group with colored wrist bands.

When and Where to arrive:

The Mall of Co:pern:ica, Firestrike Avenue, near Twilight Town, Co:pern:ica 32433

5:20- Sign up and Attendance at Seaside Park.

5:32- Arrive at MOC for attendance arrival then explain rules.

5:35- 8:40~ 4 hours is the TIME LIMIT. If no people are found when time is up, then the main volunteer contacts everybody to the front entrances for which ever entrance is chosen at the mall.

So those are the rules to the Hide and Seek Tag Game that Kairi (or shall I say I?) made it up and will be distributing the sheets that include the rules and the address and when to arrive and everything to the people who actually sign up for the game. In the next chapter Sora and the gang will actually play the game at The Mall of Co:pern:ica. So stay tuned for the excitement!

Byez! :D


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