Author: Falco276

Chapter 12
Lobsters,toys, and poop ball fights

"Okay Gerald, pop however many bubbles as you can with your claws. This time I really want you to break the record! Ok, 3, 2, 1 go!" Demyx said happily as he clicked the trigger to his dolphin shaped bubble toy gun.

Gerald, Demyx's pet lobster, tried his best to pop the bubbles, but instead he happened to pinch his owner's nose.

"Ow!" lobster boy (his nickname) immediately covered his nose in pain. "Gerald. How long has this been going on?" Demyx scolded the lobster calmly.

The crustacean instead, simply swiveled his antennas up and down as if he accomplished and broke his record on bubble popping.

"You need to do much better than that." Demyx muttered as he turned his head towards the kitchen doorway and saw his wife coming in, wiping her hands to the last touch with a dish towel.

"Look at silly lobster boy, now playing pop the bubble with his ocean friend." Emily said, as she came over to Demyx and gave a small kiss.

"Erm, thanks." He muttered as he saw Gerald's swiveling antennas on alert towards the ringing door.

"Oh! Oh! I'll get it!" He said happily as he ran in excitement towards the door. Before opening it, and grabbing the handle tightly, he almost guessed in excitement (with fingers crossed) that his new baby horse car toy came in a shipping box that he recently ordered from the same website that Axel orders his RC planes.

With the door opened, the son of Apollo and Poseidon brought his knuckles to his mouth and squealed with excitement. Holding the box quickly, he immediately ran over to the couch in the living room and opened it like a small toddler opening a Christmas gift in excitement.

"Yes! Finally!" Demyx said happily as he hugged his new toy.

Emily now found him very childish. "Um, Demyx? Aren't you a little too old for that?"

"No! I like it!" he whined as he started rolling the horse car back and forth beside Gerald. The lobster also tried to pinch the toy but Demyx tried to roll it away from him the best as he could. "Anyway, these toys are kind of fun."

"Say whatever you want." Emily rolled her eyes and headed outside to feed the horses. You see, aside from Pegasus Farm, both Demyx and Emily decided to have their own horse farm, too. So they took the best one by the shady trees and an open sandy grass field for the horses to freely run around.

From my view from the car, I could see her walking towards the small stables. The Driveway was obviously occupied with Emily's silver Hyundai Sonata and Demyx's red Toyota Prius, so I decided to park beside the curb instead.

With Emily gone, Demyx gave up on his new toy and was about to fall asleep on the couch when another doorbell was heard. Gerald again tried his best to stay alert when it rung, but sadly was returned to his aquarium when Demyx answered the door in a jovial tone. "Roxie! What you brings you here?"

"Well, I have two things to tell you. Good news and Bad."

"Start with the good news- and let us join Emily over there at the stables, shall we?"

"Um, okay." I nervously replied, as he opened the gate to a dirt trail that led down to the stables and the sandy field.

"Careful, watch your step." He said as he pulled me away from a pile of sand, hay and horse manure mixed together that I was about to step on.

"Thanks." I said, as we nearly saw Emily brushing one of the horses.

"Hi Demyx." Emily greeted as she grabbed a can of horse fly repellant and sprayed it all over the horse's body, the coat shining with wonder. "Who's your new friend today?"

"Oh, meet Roxas, one of my best friends from school and the organization." He replied, eyeing the horse with the I'm watching you meme planted on his face.

Howdy Boss. What's up? The horse suddenly asked, suddenly raising his hoof for a high five.

Demyx was the only one to understand any horse. Me and Emily had no idea what he wanted from him.

"Stop it, Jake! And there, you get a high five." Demyx said bluntly as Jake now circled around in excitement.

Emily slightly giggled at the sight of a horse and a boy having fun together. I smiled at that scene, but then I swatted something away in annoyance. Yes, horse flies. Thousands of them were buzzing around, grouping on anything. Buckets, wheelbarrows, helmets, saddles, manure, and even the horses.

It was not known for people on Co:pern:ica to imageneer insects because they have never heard of those things and it was not known for them to exist. But to tone in with a horse farm, I guess you need them so that horses get the practice to swat them away with their tails and buck their heads fiercely to get rid of them.

"So, Roxas what was the good news again?" Demyx asked as he now stroked Jake's nose.

Boss, keep doing that. I like it. :) Jake snorted.

"Okay! And don't call me boss." He said as he continued doing it.

"Well, let's start with the bad news first." I handed him the schedule, but only for him move it away from Jake's mouth.

Boss! C'mon I was hungry! Can have a small piece?

"No." Demyx simply said, as he pondered over my schedule, surprised by the new names.

"What!? No?" I said in shock, not knowing that he was actually replying to Jake. "Okay, then let's get on with good news then."

"Nuh- No, no. Go ahead. I see the bad news. What's wrong with having new teachers?" He asked, as he slightly pushed Jake's nose away from my schedule.

"Well, their just simply crazy, that's what." I argued the same way just like at Axel's.

The Melodious Nocturne just simply handed it back to me and he pondered, "Aww! Then I'm so lucky to drop out of KHS then."

"Demyx! Aren't you supposed to clean the stables?" Emily called out from behind.

"Um, coming in a minute!" he called back. "So? What's the good news?" he asked, continuing to pet Jake's shining coat.

"Oh, yes. I was wondering if you had time to come to whichever mall is chosen to play our awesome Super Hide and Seek Tag game. Care to join us or you don't have time?"

Clearly, I gave Demyx A LOT of time to think. He was ADHD, just like me. But he says occasionally that it's bugging him intensely unlike me, Xion, and Axel. We were pretty much at a normal state. His final decision came to an end when Jake happily raised his hooves in the air and neighed, Boss! Can I join in the game, too? That sounds like a lot of fun!

Demyx sighed, "I'm afraid not Jake. Listen maybe another time okay?..." as he was talking to the horse in his mind, I felt a sudden vibration in my beige colored jean's pocket, and pulled out my I-phone to surprisingly see a message sent from Beybook:

Sent from: Axel at 6:30 pm.

Dude, that sounds great! Yeah I'll definitely signed up since I don't have any aviation meetings to attend or perform test flights at SRC (RC plane college; Yes, he's attending two colleges. :O)So what day is it and when does it start? Because I'm free on the weekends. Thanks for telling me Roxas. :)

P.S After the game, do you wanna eat ice cream at the station's roof top in Twilight Town? Please let me know and invite Xion over, too.

Smiling at the message, I quickly texted a reply:

How bout Tomorrow? (Saturday) at 5:20? Is that okay for you and yes. I promise to bring Xion over and we all eat ice cream together at the station's roof top. Does that sound okay with you? :D

Clicking SEND, I slipped my phone in my pocket and headed to where Emily ordered Demyx to clean up the stables. I didn't expect them to start a (okay this is gonna sound very silly but.) to start a 'poop' ball fight. Yes, the manure was splattered and marked all over the wooden stable. Some marked Demyx's Pegasus Farm t-shirt which read Horses and Heroes Gala 2012 which I guessed was a special event that he attended to.

Both of them were laughing their heads off, I clearly couldn't understand what was going on.

"Oh my gods, Jake, you're the best!" Demyx whined with joy as he hugged the horse.

Heh, you too boss. XD Jake replied, standing up and brushing off extra hay and manure marks off of his coat.

"So, Demyx. Did you finally make your decision?" I asked, but he still kept on laughing.

Um, boss? Jake also tried to get his attention.

"Oh oh I loved that part where it bounced off the wall and onto your head, Jake!" Demyx continued laughing, rolling all over the hay and manure.

I sighed, "DEMYX!" This time, I really caught his attention.

"Um, yes?" he quired, standing up and brushing off the hay and almost smearing the manure marks on his white shirt.

Just then Emily came in, with a saddle in her hand, and gasped in surprise.

"Demyx! What have you done!?" she scolded in a calm way.

"What? He started it!" he said, pointing at the horse, which now looked innocent to Emily.

Guys! Why did you have to do this!? Demyx heard another whining neigh from the next stable. It was a young mare pony, franticly circling around her stable. Yes, not to mention other than Jake, that was Wonder. Right now she was upset about those two ruining her beautiful gleaming coat.

"Sorry, Wonder." Demyx apologized as he now tried to think of answering my question. He sighed, "Fine. I'll come. When does it take place?"

"Oh, tomorrow at 5:20. We still didn't decide which mall it's gonna take place in." I answered, only to look at him now apologizing to Emily.

"Sorry Emily."

"It's fine Demyx, we both can clean it up." Then she gave out a small kiss.

Really!? Was he now ignoring my answer to the game he was invited to? No, it was his ADHD naturally. We all have to understand Demyx.

"Demyx did you hear me?" I said one more time.

"Huh? I think so. Maybe."

Oh, for Kingdom Hearts sake, can someone please insert a chip in his brain consisting of every reminder that he was supposed to remember?

I took that as a yes, and waved bye to them and returned to my car, only to feel a buzz from my phone. Awesome! Axel replied to my text!

Saturday, 5:20? That'll do. Oh yes I'm up for it. Oh and Lea told me that Saix won't be joining in (he's too busy in Astronomy) but Isa's going too along with Shiya and Ezekiel. Also aren't there any rules to the game? How do you play it? You never told me. :(

I immediately replied:

Cool, that's fine. But for the rules, Kairi will be distributing those in paper form tomorrow so you should be able to see what the game is like. It's awesome! We played it 4 times at Seaside Mall and 3 times at The Gardens Mall. Its super EPIC and FUN.

See you tomorrow. :)

Clicking SEND, I hopped in my car and started exiting the community in Beavercreek (yes, I used a firestar (dark corridor) to see the son of Apollo and Poseidon.) I can't wait for tomorrow's game of the Super Hide and Seek Challenge.

Whew! That was kinda long. But yes Roxas successfully told Demyx that he join in the game. To see Demyx's Horse Toy Car, simply copy this link (add the com to it.) /product-gs/956660384/Cartoon_horse_toy_

(If URL link does not work, PM me and I'll be happy to send it to you!) :D

Seek out the rules in the next chapter!



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