Author: Falco276

Chapter 11
A visit to Beacon College

So finally, the school day ended. Four more days where we can potentially get ourselves killed. Four more days with psychotic villainous teachers. This was going to be 'awesome.'

After escaping math class, we went back into Ryutaro's classroom to pack up and all that. We went home, had no homework because it hadn't occurred to anyone to give us any, and I rested in bed. Nothing interesting there. School is always more interesting than home, it's a proven fact. Proven by me. Then again, Sora could probably tell you about a lot of my other supposedly "proven facts," but that's beside the point.

Resting there in bed made me dream that I had a proper first day without facing these crazy psychotic villains as your teachers. But then it was broken right at that moment when I suddenly thought of my best friend from last year broke through my dream. Axel. (sigh) I knew already that we already hung out together during the summer, but it now made me think that I still should visit him in Beacon College, just to see how things are going okay by him.

Getting out of bed, I immediately walked down the hall, just to see what my family members are doing.

Vanitas fighting for his life in a game of Battlefield 3.

Ventus figuring out a Clifford the big red dog puzzle. (Yes, that was his childhood show and book to read; and he STILL loves it. No kidding.)

Sora playing Mario Kart Wii alone, furiously turning his Wii Wheel to one side.

And lastly, my mom in her room, carefully knitting a beautiful wooly shirt she's made.

"Roxas, isn't this beautiful?" she said, as she held up her creation for me to say it's cute.

Instead I smiled and gave my mom a hug.

"Thanks sweetie, you don't have any homework by any chance?" she asked once we un snuggled and looked at each other for a second.

Pff! Oh, Kingdom Hearts please! These teachers will never give us homework everyday. But I just made up an answer that will get my mother on believing it.

"Oh, actually no. It was just introductions." I smiled.

"That's good." My mom said, as she wanted to know more from me. "Well, what are you here for?"

"Oh, I was just wondering if I can go to Beacon College or Galaxy Aviation to meet Axel there."

"Why sure, Roxas! You can visit your friend anytime, but be careful out there! Ventus also needs that car to drive to Barnes and Nobles!" my mom called from her room.

"No problem!" I called back while running down the stairs. Grabbing the keys from the telephone stool, I headed over to the garage to open the door. The sun immediately lit the garage as I saw another car parked next to my mom's Dodge Grand Caravan.

It was Ventus's Honda Civic (Hybrid). My brother finally agreed that we got to share it after I got my license. Now that agreement came to my hands of driving it, I jumped in excitedly and started it up.

Leaving the driveway, I closed the garage door behind me and headed straight towards Dawn Street.

Entering the Ocean Boulevard side of Twilight Town, and passing a few malls and schools, I finally checked Galaxy Aviation. The huge metal dome reined the skies as I slowly pulled up to a security booth. Axel told me once that he accidentally ran over a squirrel while doing a test flight with the Cessna Super Cub. I found that very amusing at all sorts.

"Um, excuse me? Do you need anything?" an old man whom I presumed he was working here, knocked on my window as I now slid it down to see what he was asking.

"Um, I was wondering if Axel Flynn is available." I asked, stupidly knowing that nobodies really didn't have last names. But for the sake of the Co:pern:ican public, we had to, like mine was Roxas Ricardo and Demyx was Owen Welles, and Xion…. I never heard her last name before. But you get my idea.

The man now pondered over his clip board, looking for a name. Finally he gave up by lifting up his reading glasses to his forehead and giving out a tired sigh.

"Geez, kid. I think he's at college right now. You know which one it is, right?"

"Yes. Beacon College." I nodded.

"Every time he enters and exits, he always greets me." He then gave out a small chuckle. "Such a sweet lovable young man. His talents on building and fixing planes will soar higher one day."

I smiled, "Well, thanks for telling me!"

"All right." He waved as I exited Galaxy Aviation and once again proceeded down Dawn Street to turn left and enter through the main districts of Twilight Town. Finally after like about 5 minutes, I found Beacon College.

Entering the housing area, I parked next to Axel's Dodge Stratus and got out.

Approaching the door, I surprisingly held a paper in my hand. It was my schedule. Of course I had to tell him that a bunch of crazy psychotic villainous substitute teachers were invading KHS and it must be stopped before this week.

I rung the doorbell and patiently waited for it to open.

"Ugh. I hope it's not Carla again!" groaned Axel as he dropped a perfectly cut wing made out of recyclable cardboard (slightly smaller than the original wing.) on his work table and lazily headed for the door.

You see, Carla Myers was supposed to be a girl in his Aviation department at college. They both first met each other at the Project Graduation Firebird Party Bash, and where ever Axel went, Carla would follow. She even happened to be an uninvited guest to the Illusionist's party at the Twilight Town Country Club. It was only to that day; the pyro got fed up with her and decided to leave her all alone stranded in the cold forest. But still she did not give up on him.

Now he really had to face her, again.

"Oh well, here we go." He said nervously as he opened the door wide, but then he was double surprised to see me.

"Roxas! I'm so happy to see you!" he gave me a bear hug. It was almost as if Vexen was hugging me. "Dude, where have you been? How's your first day of junior year?"

How's your first day of junior year? The words now spiraled from my brain to my hands as I clutched my schedule tightly. Now was the time to tell him, but first I had to describe his dorm room.

Everything was slightly well furnished except for the messy things that were placed around. Screwdrivers, random RC plane parts, and his occasional Black and Decker Firestorm Drill was scattered about instead of all of them being returned to his trusty Husky toolbox. The coffee table occupied completed and working Rc planes and gliders like the E-flite Apprentice 15e, the Cessna 747-4 , the Phoenix2000 glider, and finally the Hobbyzone Habicht glider hanging on the ceiling above me, suspended by strings in a diving pose as if it was in a Dogfight. Not to mention his favourite, the Hobbyzone Firebird Stratos RTF (Ready To Fly) which he recently bought on a Co:pern:ican trade marketplace called Alibaba, but he turned out to make it into a REAL plane to it.

But anyway, Axel got my attention by whirring his Firestorm Drill in front of my face.

Immediately, I snapped to attention.

"So Roxas, what's up?" he asked as he took a bite out of his sandwich and carefully slid in and glued the cardboard wing onto the real one.

"Well, you won't believe it on my first day of school but, look at my schedule, it's unfair!"

The pyro couldn't believe me, "Perhaps they're new teachers Roxas, what do you expect?"

"Fine then! Look at my schedule as a proof!" shoved the paper in his direction. He first looked over it, surprised over the new names but then had a confused look.

"Wait, I don't remember taking World History with this Julian guy. I took that class with Xemnas. You're right, Roxas. What is happening with KHS lately?"

"See!? Sora and Hayner are complaining about the same thing too." I pointed out in an arguable way.

Axel took that as a yes then started inserting cardboard into the body of the plane. I don't know much about his ways of fixing an RC plane but he thinks that cardboard in the Styrofoam will make it fly better and last longer so that you don't have deal with those rough cuts on the wings or on the body.

"I know." I sighed. "But good news is they're here for only one week."

"Then why talk to me about this, got it memorized?" Axel questioned as he started looking over a complicated diagram of a real propeller of a plane and how to replace them. To me, that looked like gobbledygook, but then I continued. "Because I want every best friend of mine to know what's happening at KHS."

One second I look at his desk it was now placed with this: unfinished upgraded RC plane, half eaten sandwich, and the diagram to the propeller replacement.

"Huh? Axel?" I called out.

Where was the pyro?

A few steps later took me to his room, where he was peacefully snoring in bed. I smiled at the sight of my best friend that has been through a long day. I mean being an aviation mechanic was not that easy. It required a lot of work and it could cause stress and back pain. Axel told me he suffered through those a lot of times. But hey, as long as he rests, he'll be fine.

I decided to leave him alone and return to the car. But then I suddenly stopped and remembered about the Super Hide and Seek Tag Game that was being held at whichever mall was chosen in Co:pern:ica.

Returning to his room, I smiled one more time at the sight of my friend sleeping. Grabbing an orange felt tipped pen and a yellow sticky note, I wrote this quick reminder down.


I almost forgot to tell you about the Super Hide and Seek Tag game at whichever mall will be chosen in Co:pern:ica. If you're interested, there is this website for you to sign up and join in the game. Text me over Beybook tomorrow if you have time. Otherwise, have fun with your RC planes.

Your Best friend,


P.S You get free Sea-Salt Ice cream when you sign up! :D

There. That should do it. I silently slid the note under the corner of his pillow and tip-toed over to the door. Closing it silently, I returned to the car and started backing up. But then I decided to go to someone else's house. What is opposite of Fire should be water. The only son of Apollo and Poseidon demigod, Demyx.

Whoo-hoo! Roxas now told his 'bad' news to Axel which went slightly ok and now he's going to go over to Demyx's house to tell him about the bad news and the good news.

So, seek out chapter 11!



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