Author: Falco276

Chapter 9
Julian Caesar

Sora and I trudged to History with the rest of our class. When we got inside, everything was pretty much the same. Maps and laminated quotes covered every inch of spare space. The temperature was kept as cold as it could get. And for some odd reason, to me, it always smelled like cookies, in there, no, not cookies. It should be Muffins. Yes Blueberry muffins. Xemnas's favourite. Our instinct kicked in, and we all took our seats as quietly as possible. Xemnas who usually taught history, could be pretty scary sometimes, and a bit strict, but funny and agreeable all the same. It depended on the mood he was in. But there were rumors from two of his favourite students last year that he was also described as sexist, too. Well, I won't describe what those girls did to get extra credit on their tests, but to my surprise they actually took their seats again.

"Oh my god, Ashley! I hope we get to play with Xemmy again this year." squealed Jenna Clark as she sat beside her best friend, Ashley Krugler and they both giggled aloud. To my guess, they must've failed History and that's why their taking it again as juniors.

But this time there was no superior.

At the front of the class stood a man. He wore a long red suit, unbuttoned to reveal a collared navy blue shirt, and slacks that were a darker shade of red. He had straight blonde hair that reached his shoulders, a zigzag hairline, and no bangs whatsoever. His posture made him look high and mighty, and he looked down on us when we were all seated.

"I am your teacher," he states coldly, "You may call me Mr. Konzern." You should probably know who it is by now, but I'll tell you anyways. It was Julian Konzern. I was strongly tempted to raise my hand and say something along the lines of: "Why Beyblade and not hopscotch?" but I decided that wouldn't be very smart. I could tell Sora had the same idea.

But then I did see a hand raised by the only and one, Jenna.

"Yes?" Julian questioned.

"Um," she started to hesitate but only for Ashley to encourage her to say something with a few giggles, she also followed after. "Well, anyway, I just have a question."

The Peruses blader raised an eyebrow, expecting her to say something about his looks maybe.

"What happened to Xemmy? He was so awesome! And also do you like to drink cakes?"

The whole class burst out in laughter and slammed their hands against their desks repeatedly in arousing howls of laughter.

Of course, Julian did not find this funny, for Xemnas would love it if one of his students said that.

"Well, anyway, today we are learning about Juliu-…" he got unexpectedly cut off by an opening door.

With most of our heads swerving to the right corner of the room, there we saw a nervous young girl at the foot of the doorway, accompanied by one of the student aids.

"New student?" Julian questioned as he looked over her schedule.

"Um yes." She nervously looked at everyone in turn.

"Which school did you transfer from?"

"Um, Riptide Wave High School."

Julian nodded. "Your name?"

"Taylor. Taylor Fox."

"Heh. Sounds like a boy name." someone snickered from behind me.

"Ok Taylor, I'm afraid your teacher's not here today, I'm just filling in for one week. I'm Mr. Konzern by the way, nice to meet you." They both shook hands. "And you can sit anywhere you like, just for the first day."

"O-okay." Taylor nodded, as she went down our row and sat next to Jenna, who gave out a suppressed smile and wave.

After a few minutes for Julian to flip pages to the right one in his textbook, I turned my head to see that Taylor was right at home with Jenna and Ashley.

Loud giggles arose from the 3 crazed girls as Julian slammed the book down on his desk for attention.

"You know I can send you three to ISS (In school suspension) on your first day if you continue to behave like this."

Taylor's eyes grew wide and her heart almost skipped a beat as she heard that word in fear. She then tried to keep her cool and looked ahead at the teacher. He waited for everyone to be quiet.

"Today we are learning about Julius Caesar," he told us. I smiled and hoped that he trips up and says "Julian" instead, and goes on some rant about the Konzern family fortune.

"Please take notes because there will be a test," he starts, "Julius Caesar was a

Roman dictator…" I sort of zoned out for most of Julian's speech. I just stared at him the whole time, I didn't care what he was saying. He was reading off of a paper, and didn't make many mistakes. I wonder if he knew that we already learned all of this…

"…Julius Caesar died On the Ides of March, March 15. His friend Brutus and some other people murdered him on the senate steps. Mark Antony talked about him at his funeral while Julius's body burned in the background…" He shudders at this part, but moves on, "Mark Antony's speech influenced a mob to kill Brutus." I rolled my eyes. Well, when you put it that way…

When Julian was done reading the paper, you'll never guess who raised their hand! It was Sam! Wow, for a second I actually thought he would come out of this class unscathed. Hopefully he says something intelligent…

"Mr. Kon…zern? I think we already learned all of this!"

"I'm just teaching you what your teacher told me to. He looked pretty forgetful," he replies. Wow! Of all people! Julian didn't throw anything! Then again, he's probably the most sensible person we've had so far, besides Zeo, if he counts.

Just then a hand shot up and Julian had to answer it.

"How many days are left until Project Graduation!?" a junior named Ricardo Riviera who surprisingly failed because he had straight A's and was a bright kid asked all of a sudden.

"Project-what?" Julian now got confused.

Ricardo urgently pointed at the board which read 364 days left until the Big Night of the Firebird Party Bash.

"Oh that. Can't you read?" Julian asked.

"Um yes."

"Well," Julian continues, "We have a little time left, so I personally conducted a quiz for you all." And with that, he passes out sheets of paper to everyone. The test when a bit like this:

Who is the heir to the Konzern family fortune?

Who is the sub member on the EU team?

Who are referred to as the "Twin Jewels"?

Who is your teacher for L.A.?

What is Spiral Force?

I stared at it in dismay, knowing nothing about this. I mean, how in Kingdom Hearts are you supposed to know this on the first day of school?

From a distance, the test looked easy enough. But it had transformed our classroom into a sea of panicked faces. Sora and I just stared at the paper with wide eyes. Something was fishy about this; besides the fact that there was nowhere to put your name and that the test had been printed on purple construction paper.

Just to be safe, I answered all the questions, but didn't put my name on it.

Everyone turned it in at the same time, mostly blank. Except Sora. I think he did the same thing I did.

Yay! Chapter 8 is done! Now for Xemnas being sexist, I got that from Kingdom Hearts Crazy Files on Youtube. I bet Saix is saying right now that Xemnas is not being a proper leader to the Organization. He everyday sits in front of his computer and watches... yeah inappropriate videos instead of keeping track of Kingdom Hearts. o_O

But oh well, let the superior do whatever he wants.

Yes! Seek out chapter 9!



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