Author: Falco276

Chapter 8

Sora and I sat down near some of our friends at a table. They always invite us to sit next to them, but no one really pays much attention to us, anyway. We were currently in the Cafeteria building next to the main entrance however we could also freely walk around the courtyard too and eat and talk at the same time. So that means, we can say all the crazy stuff we want as long as we aren't too loud and no one hears us (except the other person)!

"Soooo... we have Math next, right? Who do you think the teacher will be?" Sora asked.

"I'm not sure," I replied, "No character specifically is associated with math..."

"I guess we could start with naming the characters that haven't showed up yet?" my brown haired brother guessed as he gave Kairi a wink. The girl just smiled and returned talking to Namine'. They both were discussing their plans on their website and planning which mall the game would take place in.

"Right... Uh, Doji, Dr. Ziggurat... There's bound to be one of them..." I broke through my daydreaming and returned to the subject.

"Do you think Tsubasa and Yu count?"

"I doubt it, they both quit..."

"But so did Ryutaro and Jack!" I pointed out in a arguable way.

"Hmmm... We'll come back to them..." Sora shrugged and took a bite out of his PBJ sandwich.

"Well what about Tobi!?" I brought up.

"Toby with an 'i'? Or a 'y'?" Sora asked, taking a swig out of his Capri Sun (I'm meaning the drink.)


"uh... Oh! Tetsuya and Captain Capri!" Sora immediately remembered, snapping his finger.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot abou-" He was cut off, yet again. This time, someone had come up to the microphone on a blanket covered mini stage. Or rather, they tried to. Wait. Did some random club in KHS start a soap box opera where you get to freely make a speech about anything you wanted to? Oooh… I hope they talk about something interesting, whether school related or not.

The person was a bit too short to reach it, so he decided to yell.

"OK! I AM THE MYSTERIOUS CAPTAIN CAPRI! I AM YOUR 'LUNCH SUPERVISOR', whatever that is..." Sora and I had to keep ourselves from cracking up at the sight of the short man with an Afro and a lollipop. But then I suddenly remembered. We had no 'lunch supervisors' to look after us. Instead it should be our deans that should be here. Where were they anyway?

Another person spoke up, this time at the microphone, "You can adjust the mic, idiot. Nevertheless, I am Damian Hart! Listen to me or I will throw you all into Hades!" There stood, another short man. He had blue hair, green bangs, and a blue-gray cape with metallic shoulder guards. It's a psychotic villainous midget convention!

Wait. Was this guy a demigod, too? Legend says that the Big Three were supposed to have no more children until we arrived. Okay then, let it be.

Looking around the Cafeteria (I left Sora to hang out with the girls in the courtyard.) I felt bad for the rest of the people in the room. We eat Lunch with two other grades, both younger than us. They must have no clue what's going on. Poor them.

So basically, the job of a "Lunch Supervisor" is basically to walk around the tables and make sure no one decided to start a food fight. Well, that's not EXACTLY it, but you get my gist. Also, they walk around with garbage cans so kids can throw their trash away, but that's beside the point.

As soon as Damian was done talking, I saw Sam at the other end of the table lean over and whisper something in his friends ear. I couldn't hear him of course, but I'm sure it had something to do with the two villains' height. No sooner had he finished whispering, a blue lollipop came crashing down (Imaganeered?) onto the table... Or rather, it should've. We all know that Captain Capri never misses (anyone thinking of Xigbar?), so the lollipop came crashing down on Sam's head.

I turned my attention back to Sora, who was staring intently at the spectacle that had just occurred. Beside his lunch, there was a lined piece of paper and a pencil. It was his drawing of the Kingdom Key Keyblade from earlier. Since he wasn't paying attention, I took this chance to vandalize his paper by drawing various loaves of bread and balloons every-which-way. I didn't draw on top of the Keyblade, though. It's too awesome. My train of thought was disrupted when I noticed Sora glaring at me playfully. He took the pencil out of my hand and erased my doodles. I gave him a wide grin.

"Why aren't you two eating!?" an abnormally-pitched voice inquired. We turned around abruptly, and saw none other than Damian. His gaze shifted to meet each of our eyes. Sora quickly covered his drawing.

"Sorry, we were just getting to that!" he yelped, as he flipped his drawing over and stuffed it carefully in his folder and into his backpack.

The Kerbecks blader took that as an hmph and continued walking around the courtyard.

Lunch went by pretty fast, recess as well. Wait. Recess? Lunch was our recess since this was a high school, not an elementary school. Sora and I talked about stuff so off topic, that it really wasn't significant.

Yay! A wild Damian has appeared! Speaking of Pokémon, does anyone know what Roxas was REALLY drawing around the Keyblade? I'd be amazed if you did….

Anyway, for chapter 5, I forgot to mention that Sam is actually based on a classmate that I had in school. He too got bugged by people a lot. So that's what I wanted to tell you. :)

Seek out chapter 8!



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