Author: Falco276

Chapter 6
Pitiful Peacocks and a lack of blood.

Well, in short, the rest of Science was just listening to Zeo talk. Our next class was art. I wondered if the teacher was another character. If it was, I had a pretty good idea of who it might be.

"Hey Roxas!" Sora called out to me as we were getting out of Science and onto our next class.

"Yeah?" I replied, expecting him to say something about our next class and I knew it.

"I hope the next teacher is a character too!" Sora said in a jovial way, slightly jumping up and down in excitement. Boy, he really like his first day, unlike me. I had to be tortured under the words of these 'teachers.'

"Yeah, same here, any ideas on who it could be?" I asked, trying to please my brother to enjoy the day.

"Well it makes sense that it would be—"

He got cut off again. What was that, the third time today? Fourth?

"HELLO CLASS! I am your wonderful teacher, Jack!" said a high-pitched-but-still-manly voice. In front of the door to the art room stood a tall man with long burgundy hair. He wore a long blue jacket, a black mask that covered one eye, and white fingerless gloves. Everyone in the class kept as far away from him as possible when they entered.

Okay, first of all, what kind of an art teacher wears a half looking mask that covered half of his face? I mean, I never saw Mr. Wagner do that. Maybe this guy's style of appearance really resembled 'art.'

I decided to leave that matter aside and looked at Sora, who was sitting opposite from my direction across the wooden table. From the smile on his face, I can tell he's really enjoying his first day.

"Psst! Sora!" I hissed, being cautious not to let myself be heard from Jack while class started.

"Yeah?" he replied, slightly messing with a stack of blank printer paper in the middle of the table.

"Why do you like you like these teachers so much?"

"Because I-…" Sora again got cut off by a very happy Jack that jumped across to the front of the room and started giving out instructions, "Today we are drawing animals! Pick your favorite, or least favorite, or any animal really, and try to make it look as injured as possible!" oddly enough, (well, maybe not odd for Jack, but still) he was smiling throughout the entire time, as the children stared at him wide-eyed. On the other hand, Sora was delighted at this chance to draw blood, sorrow, misery, and all the other negative emotions you can think of. He looked very excited, because I could tell he was imagining all the different possibilities.

There. I got my chance to protest against our art teacher for painting absurd animals (and not to mention the Jack was here thing) on our school property. Before I opened my mouth to blurt out a single word, I merely got cut off by a hesitant nervous voice and a raising hand that beat me to it.

"Mr. Jack? How are we supposed to know what an injured animal looks like?' says, you guessed it, the guy-that-keeps-getting-stuff-thrown-at-him. He needs a name… how about…Sam. Anyways, a few seconds later, a pencil lodged itself in the wall behind Sam. He kept quite for the rest of the period.

The rest of the class had either had their mouths agape, surprisingly shocked at how (very closely) an art teacher had their good aim at a student, just like what Ryutaro did with his fan and Reiji with his shoe, or giggles arousing from one another.

"Mr. Wagner would never do that!" laughed a girl named Nicole, making her friend giggle behind her hand.

"I know!" replied her friend, who also seemed to be enjoying her first day.

I sighed. This type of atmosphere also occurred to me last year, where the kids there got super loud and boisterous, that Mr. Wagner never seemed to care.

"Now!" said Jack, "I will show you my work of art!" he extends his index finger towards the pencil lodged in the wall, dramatically. Cracks have appeared around it, forming the shape of an eagle, very much in pain. That must have been a really strong pencil… not to mention, sharp. There were a few gasps from some people; others were too thick skulled to make out the image. Jack smirked, "You may start!" he exclaimed.

The whole class started murmuring about what Jack had right now. Even I was surprised to see that.

Without hesitation, Sora launched his mechanical pencil immediately towards the paper. I smiled, and turned to my own. If this really is Jack, I thought, then I know the PERFECT way to annoy him. And with that, I started sketching nature's proudest bird, laying on the ground with scars and wounds. I thought for a moment, and then added some Band-Aids on some of the scratches. Just for my own amusement. When the sketch was done, I outlined it with a burgundy marker, and shaded it in with a colored pencil of the same color, then I wrote a few words down to add the effect of anti-animal abuse Why do you want to hurt us? :(

I looked at Sora. He had drawn a cat. I could have guessed he would have done that. I showed him my picture, and he smiled manically. I felt hot breath on my neck, and turned to see a silently fuming Jack. He was red as a cherry, and trying hard to maintain his composure. Stuttering for a bit, he finally managed to spit out, "…That's very…interesting.." Once he left, Sora and I shook with silent laughter. So much for putting a good impression on the teacher.

Yeah, so now you know why Roxas is against animal cruelty. Sad that he couldn't protest it against Jack but oh well, he could do it another day since the original KHS teachers are out for one week. So stay tuned for chapter 6!


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