Author: Falco276

Chapter 5
EXPLOSIONS, Caffeine, and Zeo. :P

Our classmates looked a bit creeped out.. I bet some of them were thinking how this guy got his teachers credential… Or if he even had one, though Sora and I were pretty sure he didn't. When Reiji finally settled down, he sat down in a chair and looked down at the ground, like he typically does all the time.

"I am…. Mr. Mizuchi…..Today…we are making… explosions…. Or as you call them… 'chemical reactions'…" Reiji said shakily.

The same guy that got hit with a fan spoke up, "Uh… Mr. Miz-a-something? Isn't this an Earth Science Class? Don't explosions count as chemistry? And why do you like Legend of Korra and Kellogg's Kraves, unless-" he was cut off yet again. If you didn't guess yet, Reiji threw something at him. His shoe to be exact. It would have hit him smack dab in the middle of his face if he hadn't dodged. Who knew Reiji's aim was that good? Various gasps and giggles arouse from the rest of the class.

Before anything else could happen, a heavy sigh sounded from the door. I turned and saw none other than Ryutaro, leaning against the wall.

"Excuse me class, I'm going to have to talk with Mr. Mizuchi right now… please be respectful to Zeo as he fills in for the moment." With that, Ryutaro grabbed Reiji by the collar and dragged him out of the room. I glanced at Sora and saw that he was trying unsuccessfully not to crack up. Unsuccessfully meaning, his head was down on the desk, showing his really really really spiky dark brown hair, shaking with laughter. Of course, I was no worse off, I couldn't suppress the smile that forced its way onto my face.

The class's attention shifted to the boy at the front of the room. He couldn'tve been much older than 8th grade at the most. He had gravity defying brown hair with a low beige ponytail in the back. In other words, it was Zeo Abyss, member of Team Starbreakers. Could that have been the same boy that said something at a random time before we entered science class? Something was not right here.

"Huh? I'm filling in? Oh, well then, okay…" said the boy, scratching the back of his head. "Let's see… I am Zeo Abyss. Just call me Zeo, no need for fancy titles. Yeah, sorry about Re—Mr. Mizuchi… all the new teachers here discovered this thing called 'caffeine'… So they aren't acting totally normal." This caused a few snickers throughout the classroom. Sora had to again, strain to stop himself from bursting out in to a fit of laughter. Seriously, it's not good for your reputation. Don't try it.

I was the only one not laughing. I just got the simple straight answer to my question. Caffeine. I mean, our original KHS teachers never took caffeine. Maybe that's how they knew that once you drink it, it gives you this crazy behavior and act weirdly in front of your students. As I said again, don't try it.

"Actually, none of them can be truthfully considered 'normal', just to warn you. You're going to meet quite a few wack-jobs, but you'll get used to it."

Zeo held an audience's attention surprisingly well for an eighth-ish-grader.

Everyone seemed to act calmer than they usually did. Of course, Sora and I still couldn't wipe the silly smiles off our faces. The brunette kept talking about something, but I shifted my attention to the suspicious duo in the doorway. It started with Ryutaro scolding and lecturing Reiji, whom didn't have much of a reaction. It then morphed into urgent whispers and sideways glances. For a moment, my eyes met with diminutive golden cat-eyes. I turned away, quickly, hoping Reiji hadn't noticed me.

Yeah right.

Of course he did.

Whoo-hoo! Chapter 4 is done! Sorry if I didn't come back to it beacuz of schoolwork. :P

Yeah, so what class does Roxas have next?

Read to find out! :D



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