Author: Falco276

Chapter 4
More Introductions and Flying Fans

I continued to stare at my schedule once I knew that English 3 started first.

"Roxas, I have the same English class as you!" Sora said excitedly as he found the correct room number.

Quickly, we made our way to our desks and unpacked. Once we were both settled, I peeked over Sora's shoulder to see what he was drawing. Sora smiled and shoved the paper in my direction. It was a drawing of the Kingdom Key Keyblade in front of a Smart board. Typical for him to draw something like that.

"Would you like to explain what you are drawing to me? You are quite the artist!" said the figure. We looked up mat the person warily. It was supposedly a boy, he wore Japanese style clothing, had purple lipstick, and gravity-defying purple hair. In other words, his name tag said Ryutaro.

"Gya! It's a drawing for a story we're writing!" Sora explained quickly. Faster than I thought he would. I never actually knew what he would do in this kind of situation. The man shrugged and strode to the front of the classroom. The room fell silent, with the exception of nervous whispers. A boy in the far corner of the classroom spoke up, "Uh, Sir! I don't think we're allowed to have hair dye!"

The man smiled, and then whipped a fan out of no where (perhaps imageneered?) and threw it so it barely skimmed the speakers head.

"I'd learn to keep your mouth shut if I was you, or you won't look the same at the end of the day." The man stated coolly. "Nevertheless, I am your teacher for this week. You may call me 'Mr. Fukami'"

Sora and I exchanged glances filled with surprise, worry, and excitement. I mean, c'mon. Why would a 'substitute' teacher abuse his own student by throwing stuff at him? I knew it now. These teachers are weird. But what made them weird enough to act like this in front of their students? No. Me and Sora are going team up and find out what's causing these 'teachers' to act weird.

A few minutes later after introductions, Ryutaro gave us an assignment. It was to write a story. Everyone agreed without complaint, and the room was dead silent. Everyone was utterly scared of this odd new teacher. I didn't mind the assignment. Writing stories is one of my favorite things to do. I especially like incorporating various anime characters, without naming their names of course. Sora usually did the same. The question was who to write about this time.

I suddenly felt hot breath down my neck. Turning around, I saw Ryutaro's eyes staring intently at my blank lined paper. Suddenly, I got the feeling that it wouldn't be such a good idea to write an anime story, much less a Beyblade one. I mean I have heard of these spinning battling tops but never took interest in it, although I've seen a few episodes and seen a lot of the tops at Seaside Mall. My head went back to the paper and I wracked my brain for a sensible idea for a story. Man, that's hard.

After what seemed like forever it was time for break. Which means, that Sora and I can talk about random stuff without purple haired villains breathing down our necks creepily.

"Sooo…" I started, "What were you saying about connecting a teacher to—'

"Never mind!" Sora said happily.

I eyed him warily, "You sure are happy about this, aren't you?"

"Well yeah, of course!"

"And you don't seem to realize that it could be dangerous to have a temporary villain from a TV show to take complete control of classroom…?"

"Oh, I never really thought of that… Oh well! And besides, aren't you happy too?"

"Sure, a little, but I don't think we should reveal to them that we know who they are…"


"Well, there's bound to be more… We do have a new teacher for every class…"

"Oh yeah! Cool! We have Science next! I wonder who the teacher for that is!" exclaimed Sora happily.

"Sora! It's on your schedule!" I hissed.

"Oh, right." He apologized.

Room 8-308. Great. We had to speed walk all the way to the 3rd floor by climbing up the stairs and taking the first hallway to the left.

A brown haired boy who had been walking past us, commented snidely, "If they're as weird as this teacher, I don't want to know."

When the boy was gone, we both started looking at each other like that just happened at a random time. He always seemed to show up at the worst times.

Before we knew it, we were walking towards the Science Lab with binders, books, and pens in hand. As we walked, a thought occurred to me,

"Hey Sora? Did you ever think that having villains for teachers could be sorta dangerous?" I inquired.

He thought for a moment, then smiled, and answered jokingly, "Oh, I suppose we'll be fine as long as nothing—" KA-BOOM!

Sora was cut off by a loud noise from the Science Lab. This was followed by heaps of mysterious fog spilling out the door, onto the hallway floor.

"—explodes…" finished Sora, flatly.

Ok. That was weird in my opinion. Sora thinks it's cool. Normally, Vexen could not have done performing experiments on the first day. All he does is gives out boring lectures. But hey, probably this Reiji guy could be fun after all.

The reactions of our classmates were mixed, though the majority was pretty scared. We all hesitantly filed into the classroom. When we finally saw the owner of the explosion, the first thing we noticed was that he wasn't wearing safety goggles…. and was running around the room screaming and covering his eyes. The second thing we noticed was his longish red hair lined with yellow. And not orangey-red either, this was the kind of "red" you would see in a crayon box. He had a gray-blue bell sleeve top, cross belts, and black pants. In other words, it was definitely Reiji.

Everyone made their way to their seats carefully and a bit weirded-out by this new Science teacher. Sora and I looked over to one of the tables and saw two test tubes with liquid in them and a reminiscent of smoke, presumably from the eruption.

Much to my amusement, there were things that a proper science teacher should not have on his desk. A mini plastic bowl of dark chocolate flavored Kellogg's Kraves was left half uneaten, the corny part of the cereal almost getting soggy in the milk. Beside the bowl of cereal, was a dark green coloured I-phone, playing out one of the episodes of Legend of Korra on mute. But the strangest thing was that there were post-it notes that said stuff like:

"Do not inflict any pain whatsoever on the children"


"Try to use safety precautions"

"Don't look too suspicious"

This was going to be interesting…

Yayz! Done with the third chapter! I think Reiji is so awesome! I hope I get his personality right, though… Lol. I don't know why the snake blader has a total obsession with Kraves or Legend of Korra. :/


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