Author: Falco276

Chapter 3
Schedule Day

My mom turned right into the school parking lot by the time we arrived. Yes, this was Kingdom Hearts High School. The greatest high school ever in Co:pern:ica. Bushley High School and Riptide Wave High School can't top KHS. Our school is simply the best perhaps because of how big the school was? Yes, it's the size of Bushley and Riptide Wave combined. Sora would also agree that KHS will live on forever.

My mom slowed down to a stop in front of the entrance and waved good-bye to us.

"Good luck and have fun!" she called out.

"K' mom! See ya later!" Sora replied, waving at her as the van left.

"Aw, man! I can't wait to meet my new teachers! Huh, Roxas?" Sora gave me a light elbow on my arm just to get my attention.

"Hm? Yeah." I said casually as we now faced the entrance of the building, reading the title of the school, Kingdom Hearts High School in big bold letters so that you can locate the school easily from Dawn Street. Another tall building rose out the main entrance (just above the doors.) which had a sky-blue Kingdom Hearts Heart logo with a firebird striking through it. Whoever planned this kind of architecture made the school much better looking in my opinion. Next to the rising 'tower', stood a huge building that read Kathryn Lingdren Theatre. Axel told me once that this is where the senior awards took place although he didn't decide to attend it or not. Well, I believed he should've gone there. Anyway, after the Theatre, the main lower part of the building stretched all the way from our right view, revealing another entrance to the school. Right next to that was the entrance to the main office. The only time I had to go there was when my mom set up a parent/teacher conference about Vanitas because she was a little worried about him and his studies turning upside down. But now there's nothing to worry about him since he's now doing both school and work. Right next to the office was a set of metal net-gated tennis courts followed by a Swimming pool building with Halogen blue water bobbing the swimming lanes up and down. (You get what I mean about that, right?) Okay. :) Followed by the swimming pool, came a large football/soccer field with a blue running track circling around it. Silver bleachers were set on either side of the field as a score board was over them; the top of it read Go Firebirds! Home 00 Away 00.

As soon as I and Sora entered the building, a mini hallway came up with a beautiful painting on the side wall of a huge graceful Firebird (or phoenix) with lightning striking through to make it more intense and on-going. The words Kingdom Hearts High School Firebird Territory was written across the firebird's chest and body. Everybody agreed to the school mascot. No other school mascots can beat ours. It's just the best.

As soon as we continued walking through the door to the open sunny courtyard, I stopped abruptly to see something strange was written next to the firebird painting. Jack was here it read followed by an injured peacock drawing with inky blood pouring out of its wounded neck. I've always cared about animals from Co:pern:ica or Earth. It pains me to see that people here or on Earth shouldn't draw animals like this, especially when you're putting them down and you really hate them. It's just wrong. :(

My intense staring at that drawing made me feel…feel angry that's what. Whoever made this, I should tell him that you're abusing animals just by drawing it.

"Hey, Roxas! Are you coming or what?" Sora called from the door that led to the courtyard. I immediately looked at him, a lot of students passing by him for their first day.

"Um, yeah." I said, as I looked at that peacock drawing one last time before proceeding ahead.

The sun shined brightly in our eyes as we stood in the courtyard. It was fairly huge with a population of over 3,000 students attending the school. 3 huge academic buildings (8, 4, and 5 in order from left to right.) stood on my left view as the marble stairs to the media center took the right side followed by the entrance to the gym one building down the courtyard. Few squares and circles of big plant pot decorations dotted with tropical palm trees scattered about the courtyard.

"C'mon, Roxas! Let's get our schedules!" Sora yelped excitedly as he ran to a group of students all gathering around a white folding table to receive their schedules.

I just simply rolled my eyes in an 'I slightly don't care' way and followed my bouncing brother when all of a sudden, Hayner tugged my backpack and hauled me back to where he stood.

"Roxas!" he exclaimed, "Dude, remember me?"

"Um, hello Hayner. Yeah, I remember you." I smiled as I gave the returning hugs to Pence and Olette. "Can I see your schedule?" I asked.

Hayner was the first one to hand me his schedule.

No. This can't happen. It's only the first day of school and the KHS teachers that I had last year, were not there at all. Who could have hired these new teachers to replace our main ones? I hope it's not Twilight County Public Schools, our main school district for public schools that reign in Twilight Town, trying to do this.

"Dude, it's weird! I signed up for cooking class again and Xaldin's not even there!" Hayner argued.

I looked at his schedule again just to make sure if he was right. Instead it said:

Culinary Arts II

Tendo, Yu

Room 4-105

"Oh my chapstick, Hayner, you're right!" I sounded very surprised.

"See? I'm taking Algebra II and I don't see Luxord anywhere!" he continued.

I looked at it again.

Algebra II

Wateragani, Tetsuya (crab :3)

Room 4-214

I sighed. I have no idea why this was happening. Of course I could tell my friends that we could file a complaint to TCPS and ask them to get our original teachers back. But there were two reasons why we couldn't do that.

1) We were all under 18.

2) I didn't see a small note on the bottom of the schedule which read Attention all new and returning Firebirds, the KHS teachers have been sent on a retreat for one week. You will have a different teacher for each class. Please be kind and respectful, for this is their first time teaching.

I almost wanted to scrunch up the schedule and throw it in the trash in anger. But it was not mine, it was Hayner's. As I handed the schedule back to my friend, I accidentally bumped into Sora, who was about to hand mine over. As my mind tried to process what was happening, I also heard a young brunette haired girl giggling at the sight of brother and brother bumping into each other. It was Kairi.

"Hi Roxas." She greeted as she helped me up. "What classes are you taking?"

That one was hard to answer. Since Sora complained the same thing, I actually told him to read the note at the bottom.

"Aw! Really? We have different teachers now? Beeeeee…cause! I'm excited for science!" Sora jumped happily up and down.

Science? I looked at my schedule and sighed in a 'thank Godith' relief. No strict and annoying Vexen.

Instead, it said on both of our schedules:

Chemistry 1

Mizuchi, Reiji (Snaaaaaakeiiiiizzzz)

Room 8-308

Yeah, I and Sora were really determined to know who this Reiji guy was. I really hope he's not going to be strict and annoying just like Vexen. I remembered last year, Vexen gave me a tardy warning which was completely my fault for even being late cause I really didn't want to face his boring lectures.

"You guys are lucky to have a different science teacher than Vexen." Kairi stated, looking over my shoulder to see if Namine' arrived or not. Maybe soon. She then gave a small kiss to Sora. I thought he would faint at that moment. But no, he was okay with that.

"So, Kairi, are you gonna plan for another hide and Seek tag game at Seaside Mall?" I asked hoping to bring up our awesome game that we invented last year. I could now tell that the girl's eyes lit up as soon as I said that.

"Totally, Roxas! Me, Namine', Xion and Olette are trying to re design the website so that we can invite some of the kids from Bushley over to Seaside Mall to play the game! It's gonna be exciting!"

"I'm so happy to hear that Kairi." said another voice that sounded very similar to Axel's. There was Lea and Isa, along with Shiya and Ezekiel. You see, Lea is Axel's younger brother, and Isa is Saix's younger brother. That's why they look so similar. Shiya just stared hanging out with Lea and Ezekiel with Isa. They were both sophomore girls that we met at the Spring Struggle tournament. But it was quite unfair for Larxene to almost win by repaying Shiya with an electric shock from her bat, earning the poor girl to land at the EMT. But now I could tell by their faces that their excited again.

"Because were joining in, too!" all 4 of them said in unison.

"Awesome!" Kairi laughed.

"Yeah, now me and Isa are so happy to be seniors!" they both high fived each other in excitement.

"Why?" Sora asked.

"Dude, Sora! I want to do everything that my older brother did when he was a senior!" Lea exclaimed. "Like attend Grad Nite at Busch Gardens, the prom at Seaside Park Hotel and Resort, Pep Rally at the Gym, and the Project Graduation Firebird Party Bash! Man! It's gonna be sick!"

"Awesome, Lea! I might not come!" Isa said all of a sudden, giving Lea that smirky look.

"Wha-why?" Lea asked.

I slightly wanted to chuckle at that part.

"Because I asked Saix first and he said…. I could go!" Isa cheered as the girls started cheering in with them.

"Wow, looks like their happy." Olette said, Kairi almost giggled.

I smiled in agreement, only to know that Lea stopped laughing happily and stare at his schedule in confusion.

"What's wrong, Lea?" Isa asked once he stopped laughing.

"Dude, Axel told me he took World History class with Xemnas in his senior year. But I have a different teacher. Who's this Julian guy?"

Isa glanced at the schedule intently and shrugged, "Perhaps a new teacher replacing the superior."

I was quite determined to stand on my toes and see what the confusion was about. He was right:

World History

Konzern, Julian

Room 4-204

What's happening with the KHS teachers lately? I almost wished I could drop out now just like Demyx did in his senior year. (Sigh) I had to go because of my mom's sake. I looked at the rest of my schedule:

English III

Fukami, Ryotaru

Room 5-208

No Mr. Even?

Team Sports II

Garcia, Selene and Enzo


No Xigbar either?

Art 2-D Painting

Bruman, Jack

Room 8-309

Grr…. So that's that guy who paints against animals, huh? I'll teach him a lesson.

Chorus II

Abyss, Zeo

Chorus building

Strange. I never signed up for a music class.

Technology II (OJT)

Kishatu, Ryuga

Room 8-305

How dare they replace Axel's favorite teacher, Ms. Pacilli with this Ryuga guy, whoever he is. -_-

The bell suddenly rang, interrupting my feelings while I stared at the schedule in anger and disappointment. You know, we have those kind of bells you hear at rich people's homes, not the ordinary ding-dong, but that one. Yeah, you know what I mean.

Waving bye to Kairi and to the rest of the people I know here, Sora was the first one to run up the stairs to the 2nd floor. My English class was located on the second floor, too, so I decided to follow Sora.

I sighed again.

Yeah, my first day of school is ruined into a disaster.

Whoo-hoo! Chapter 2 done! That was kinda long than the first chapter but oh well! Kingdom Hearts High School is officially based on a REAL school that I went to. It's called Boca Raton Community High School located in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Check it out on Google maps if you wanna see it! :D

It's huge!

But back to the subject here, yes. Roxas is going to have a terrible first day.

Seek out chapter 3!

Byez! :D


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