Author: Falco276

Chapter 2

A wolf, a snake, and a dragon were chasing me. I stumbled through the darkness, but never got a step further. The three beasts were closing in on me and were less than a meter away when-

-Everybody dance now! (Cue catchy beat) Everybody dance now!-

The annoying music stopped as I slammed my finger down onto the "off" button on my I-Home. The digital numbers read "6,1:5"(6:15 in Co:pern:ican time.) This was the usual time I got up, and my I-Home was set 13 minutes early. Unlike some people, I cannot sleep in. It is entirely impossible. Maybe I should introduce myself. Well, if you have ever heard of Kingdom Hearts of course, then you might know me very well. My name is Roxas. I'm a nobody that lives in Twilight Town with my mom and my 3 brothers, Sora, Ventus, and Vanitas. While my mom, Ventus, and Vanitas go to work, Sora and I trail off to school. This happens everyday during the school year except for the summer where I reunite with my fellow members in the Organization and try to build up Kingdom Hearts, our main goal to get our hearts back, or take a simple day off by hanging out with my friends at Seaside Mall where we play our Super Hide and Seek Tag game once a month and then head out to Seaside park to enjoy Sea-salt ice cream.

Especially, with my best friends, Axel and Xion. You see, Axel is currently attending Beacon College (because he's dyslexic.) and has a strong passion for aviation. I really don't know how he got into fixing planes but hey, that's his job. Xion, too. I really don't know how she got into fashion but she's currently working for a Hair Saloon in Twilight Town. Perhaps because their jobs inherit our demigod traits? My father is supposed to be Hermes, god of traveling and medicine. Axel's is Hephaestus and Xion's is Aphrodite. And Demyx- aw man! Did I forget about the son of Apollo and Poseidon? Sorry. (sigh) His story is kinda sad that during his senior year, he dropped out of KHS because he confessed to us that he struggled with a few state exams- yes that includes the C-CAT (Co:pern:ican Comprehensive Assessment Test) and the EOC (End of Course)- which he finally made a decision to drop out, not earning him a diploma to attend Beacon College. Our Melodious Nocturne now works on a horse farm (yes, he has the love for horses and has the possible ability to communicate with them.) that deals with riding lessons for kids who suffer with disabilities.

But he's kinda lucky now to be part of a proper job made by me, Axel and Xion. We are also known to be illusionists or magicians, call it whatever you want, and forming our popular group known as "The Four Nobodies", we travel city by city on Co:pern:ica, performing magic tricks for a living. It's actually not that bad. We even dared to perform on Earth, which took place in New York City, I believe. There was one event where lights from flickering dim street lamps now gained as the lights illuminated the whole building blizzard pearl white. As we were running towards the edge of the roof top, and jumping off, we instantly turned into raining money, though the people on earth would cover their heads if we unexpectedly turned into gold munny. :P

But that was the time when we outsmarted the FBI onto thinking that we committed a crime during one of our acts. But thank Godith that we returned safely back to our planet or maybe we could've stayed on Earth for almost a spin (year)! Yeah, one heck of a fun job.

I just stared at the wall, day dreaming and dozing in bed, realizing that school started at 8:20. Before I always go to bed, I always set my I-Home 20 minutes before the actual time. But who was actually waking me up so early in the morning? Could've it been my mom, mistaking to remember the schedule in a wrong time? Or Vanitas, totally playing a prank on me? No, I had to figure out who was the only brother in my family to play this trick. As I swung my feet on the floor, I did my morning duties until I suddenly looked fresh and ready to go. As I trudged through the hallway, I stifled a yawn only to know an older teenager's voice fighting for his life that floated towards my left ear. I suddenly turned my head and peeked through the door. There was Vanitas, playing those Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo games on his Xbox 360 unlike us. We were a fan of Nintendo. I continued walking down the hallway for a short bathroom break. As I came back, the room right next to the bathroom suddenly let out a series of fighting clicks and random button mashing. I knew it. It was Sora all along, challenging me to a game of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

"Hey, Roxas! Wanna play one game before we go?" he grinned goofily as he held out another purple gamecube controller.

"Sora! Why did you wake me up this early!?" I hissed, totally ignoring his gaming challenge.

"Please! You always hang out with Axel and I always have to fight a CPU! Vanitas thinks we look like a bunch of retards by playing this and Ventus always heads out to Barnes and Noble to work. And since we go to school together, you must have some free time all along? Please?" he begged, with his hands in a praying pose.

I looked at Ventus, who was dozing in bed and softly petting his Clifford the big red dog plushie just to take the boredom out of him. I guessed that he was taking his day off.

"Do it." he muttered, his blue eyes lazily glued to the gaming screen.

"Fine!" Grabbing the controller from his hand, I accepted the challenge and started picking my character on the selection screen. I played as Fox McCloud and Sora was playing as Mario. Stage was Corneria, lives set to 3 stock.

As soon as the fight started, Vanitas passed by our room but only take a few steps back to the doorway and watch our gameplay in confusion.

"Wha-what the hell are you guys doing?" the black haired teen asked, looking at us as if we both were actual idiots.

"Challenging Roxas to a game of Melee!" Sora said happily as he tried kicking my butt. But I didn't let him win this time. Performing a side A, Fox kicked Mario out of Corneria and into space.

"Yeah! Sora, in your face!" I exclaimed while pointing my finger to his face, while Fox said his victory line, Mission Complete!

Sora didn't tend to cry, he just laughed in a jovial way for his final defeat at a fighting game.

"Ah, it's okay. I just tried my best!" Sora laughed as he reached down to turn the Wii off.

"You guys are so weird." muttered Vanitas, who reluctantly returned to his room to continue playing his Xbox.

"Boys! C'mon! It's time for school!" my mom called from downstairs.

"Coming!" Sora called back as he got his backpack ready with his school supplies.

I did the same thing as Sora did, and the cheesy brown haired kid trotted downstairs while I simply slid down the stair railing with flying colors. We both took our breakfast burritos and headed out to the door that led to the garage. Climbing inside the van, we all got comfy until our mom arrived.

"Hey, Roxas, you nervous about first day?" Sora asked, looking out of the window, hoping that our mom wouldn't come a little late.

"Maybe." I sighed. I was not usually scared or nervous about first days of school. I mean, you get quite used to your classes for a while and Bam. You feel excited and right at home. Unfortunately, I felt really excited last year because I got to hang out with my best friends. But one of them moved to college. Now, I really don't know if I feel scared or nervous, for those feelings didn't occur in my heart-wait. I don't have a living heart. What keeps us alive is a special blood running throughout our body called dragon Ichor. So, let's just say that I'm just neutral. Neither nervous nor scared. :I

Suddenly, an opening door interrupted my thoughts on how I felt and there was my mom coming in and immediately starting up the van and slowly backing up the driveway.

"So, are you boys ready for your first day?" my mom asked, giving us her radiant mommy smile on the rearview mirror. Nether me or Sora gave a returning comment to the smiley thing. But I decided to keep my answer hidden and just plainly zip my mouth shut. Although Sora volunteered to blurt out an answer that I really did expect from him, because he was jovial all the time, right?

"Ooh, ooh! Me, mom! I'm excited for school!" Sora blurted out happily as our mom drove down Dawn Street with no traffic trouble surprisingly.

Mom just smiled, "I'm sure you will."

Yes! So that was kinda an introduction and background of Roxas! In the next chapter, he'll get to know his 'teachers'.

Zomgs, Kirameki87! Thanks for the first review! I really appreciate it! :D

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