Author: Falco276

Chapter 1
Replacement Cast

Ienzo- 11- 5th grade

Sora- 16- Junior

Riku- 17- Junior

Kairi- 16- Junior

Naminé -16- Junior

Roxas- 17- Junior

Hayner- 17- Junior

Pence- 17- Junior

Olette- 16- Junior

Xion- 16- Junior

Lea- 18- Senior

Isa- 18- Senior

Ventus- 17- Senior

Zexion- 18- Senior

Vanitus- 17- Junior

Demyx- 18- dropped out of KHS during senior year. It's because of his ADHD. :(

Marluxia- 19- Senior

Larxene- 18- Senior

Terra- 19- Goes to Oakland Community College

Aqua- 18- Goes to Oakland Community College

Lexaeus- 19- Goes to University of Twilight Town

Axel- 19- Goes to Beacon College now, studying Aviation

Saix- 19- Goes to Oakland Community College, studying Astronomy

Xemnas (now replaced with Julian Konzern)- Teacher of History

Xigbar (Now replaced with Selene and Enzo Garcia)- Teacher of P.E.

Braig- 38- Teacher of Weight Training

Xaldin (Now replaced with Yu Tendo)- Teacher of Nutrition and Wellness (Cooking)

Dilan- 27- Teacher of Nutrition and Wellness Teacher 2 (Cooking)

Vexen (Now replaced with Reiji Mizuchi)- Teacher of Science

Even (Now replaced with Ryutaro Fukami)- Teacher of English

Luxord (Now replaced with Tetsuya Wataregani)- Teacher of Math

Mrs. Pacilli (Now replaced with Ryuga Kishatu) -Teacher of Technology

Mr. Wagner (Now replaced with Jack Bruman)- Teacher of Art

Eraquas- 44- Terra's Daddy :3

Xehanort (Now replaced with Dr. Ziggurat)- Principal

Aeleus- 37- Lexaeus's Dad

Damian Hart, Tobio Oike, and Dan and Reiki Sodo are the main Lunch supervisors for KHS. (Where the heck are the deans!? O.o)

Yeah, I really don't want the greatest high school on Co:pern:ica to be a disaster :(

But, oh well! *Yao Ming Meme* The newly hired Beyblade villains as 'substitute teachers' are going be fired at the end of the week according Twilight County Public Schools. AWWW YEEAAHHH! :D

Yes! Seek out chapter 1!



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