Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 10
We All Have Those Feelings

We've all had those feelings. Those feelings that we just can't control. That one that whispers to you in the back of your head when you're having a bad day. The one that's saying just crash your car. Just end it. It’s not like anyone will care when you're gone. The one that whispers to you when your home in your room by yourself with a blade in your hands. Saying, what's just one more cut going to do. No one will notice one more cut. But once it sees the blood it wants you to keep going. So you keep cutting. All up your arms and then you move to your legs. That voice saying ignore the tears running down your face. Ignore the pain you're feeling in your heart. The one that refuses to let you actually speak up before things get worse. That tells you that your feelings aren’t important to anybody else. No one will listen. No one will care. So you hold all that pain in. You refuse to open up to the people that really, truly love you.


But in reality, there so many people out there that care about you and love you. You may feel worthless right now, but there's somebody out there who thinks that you're worth the world. Someone who will hold you as you cry in their arms all night long and just listen to you. Who will help you finally open up about everything that you're going through. That person that will read your Facebook status that is only sad song lyrics and will put those lyrics together into a song that's reflecting what you're going through. You may feel pain now, but you don't have to forever.


You can choose to ignore that little voice in the back of your head saying that no one will care. You can take control of your life and live it to the fullest. All you have to do is find that one person that will listen to you, be there for you, and take you to do random things at 9:30 at night to take your mind off it all. Even if that means going to a random park, in a random neighborhood, to just lie under the stars and listen to you talk about absolutely nothing or absolutely everything.


When life hands you lemons make lemonade right. But when life throws lemons at you, you throw them right back and keep on moving. Ignore that voice in the back of your head. Go out and talk to stranger. Meet someone new. Make a friend with the person who walks their dog by your house every morning. Or the kid in the lunch room who sits by themselves every day. Sometimes, the least likely person is the one person that will most likely be there for you when you need it. Hell, they may even be in the same boat. Just looking for someone to listen to them because they have no one else left.


Life isn’t about the Destination, but about the Journey. Go make your journey a great one.


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