Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 4

“These are some ugly looking girls." Andy Simms said shallowly, observing a group of geeky girls discussing about the Science Olympiad. He in no way thought they were hot let alone cute. He could have sworn one of them had a unibrow.

Poor dorks.

He stood in the common area with his best friend, Carter Atkins, checking out girls they hadn't seen before.

Carter was too busy texting his friend, Megan Finnegan, to even listen to Andy's babbling.

"Dude, are you even listening to me?" Andy asked, irritated at Carter's obliviousness.

"Huh?" Carter asked absentmindedly, not looking up from his iPhone. "Oh, yeah. 'Girls'. 'Ugly'. Yeah, I heard."

Andy made an emotionless grin, revealing his silver braces. He did that automatically whenever he was aggravated or impatient.

"I don't understand why you have to text that girl." he protested. "She may be hot, but she's a total bitch."

"No, she's not." Carter said, finally looking up from his cell, grinning broadly at Andy.

"Don't give me that queer grin." Andy joked, shoving him into one of the lockers.

Mr. Roosevelt, the freshman Dean, did a hand motion thing that told the boys to stop horse playing.

"Shit, Andy," Carter said, rubbing his shoulders after regaining his balance. "That shove kind of hurt. And you're shorter than me."

Andy lifted up his left arm to reveal his muscles. He kissed them foolishly and silently thanked God for giving him the ability to play soccer for eight years in a row.

His muscles barely showed when flexing.

"Speaking of the devil, look who's here!" Andy said loudly, pointing at a pretty, dark-haired girl walking towards them. It was Megan.

"Nice to see you, too, Andy." she said, waving at the two of them.

Her best friend, Shelbi Glick, followed at her side. She was an intense looking girl wearing a green Hollister t-shirt over her white capris. Her light-brown hair was tied into two pigtails and her teeth were gritted into a smile so wide it almost looked fake.

"Hey, Megan." greeted Carter, embracing her in a bear hug.

"El Slutto." Andy muttered, noticing Megan's revealing black tank top and white short-shorts.

"Like sluts have ever stopped you from trying to get in their pants." Shelbi said ironically, scratching her pointed nose.

Andy pondered for a moment and then said, "Hmm..., yeah, it hasn't."

"You have a good summer?" Megan asked, tracing the letter "A" on Carter's beige Adidas t-shirt.

"Yeah!" he exclaimed enthusiastically. "The best!"

"I wish you could have spent the summer with us in Malibu." Shelbi said. "It would have been more interesting."

"Not really." Andy said. "That would've meant we would have had to looked at your face all summer long."

"You're not exactly a rose either." Shelbi said, shoving Andy playfully.

"Gee, thanks." he chuckled.

Shelbi knew Andy was only kidding. He always made banters at his closest friends. Besides, Andy pretty much thought all of his female friends were hot. Then again, he wouldn't be caught dead with ugly friends. Five-seven, olive complected, and buttery-brown eyed, he was a ladies man. Despite the fact that he wasn't necessarily the best looking guy in the universe, he managed to have girls following him around like a swarm of bees.

Carter on the other hand was far more attractive than him. He didn't ask girls out; they asked him out. He was six-one, athletic, and dark-haired. His visible sideburns indicated his hotness the most. It would be the first thing girls would notice when seeing him for the first time. He was used to girls liking him, and he had had over fifteen girlfriends since the sixth grade. He wasn't a player, he just dated a lot of girls.

"What class do you have now?" Megan said to no one in particular.

"Well, I have AP Biology." Andy said, proud that he was put in an Advance Placement class.

"Andy, that's the only AP class you have." Carter said matter-of-factly, running his fingers through Megan's caramel highlights.

"Yeah," she added, "You have one class that isn't regular and now all of a sudden you think you're Albert Einstein."
Shelbi snickered silently, earning a stare down from Andy.

Andy suddenly noticed a lanky dishwater-blond girl struggling to keep her books in her hands.

"Aaah!" Andy screamed when the girl met his eyes.

"Douchebag." the girl muttered, pushing up her Harry-Potter-Like glasses on her nose.

Megan looked at the girl with pity. "Well, that was uncalled for."

"Shut up, whore." Andy said simply. "The bitch deserved it for being so ugly."

"You know there's only one ugly person in here and it certainly isn't her." Shelbi said.

"Aww..., Shelb." Andy said soothingly. "Don't talk about yourself like that."

"You knew that was bound to happen." Carter said to Shelbi.

"Yeah, should of seen that coming." she replied, eying Andy with her piercing green eyes.

Carter looked at his watch on his left arm. Realizing the time, his hazel eyes dilated.

"Whoa, guys." he said, alarmed. "We better get going. We only have seven minutes to get to class."

"Shit!" Shelbi hissed. "Meg, we have Algebra 1. We need to leave now!"

"Right behind you!" Megan said, giving Andy and Carter a quick hug.

She then dashed off, bumping into several other students.

"Ahh," Andy started. "I guess I'll see you later, buddy."

"You too." Carter said, bending down to tie his Reeboks.

Andy patted him on the back as a farewell gesture and walked off to class.

Carter took the freshman cafeteria route and walked down the stairs that led into the lower gym.

He couldn't believe that he wasn't going to have gym with Andy. They had had gym together since the seventh grade. It wasn't like all of his friends weren't going to have gym with him. There was Lucas Green and Maris Fields, but there was something about not having Andy with him that made it seem... well... strange.

He wasn't sure if high school was cut out for him. For one thing, the classes were an hour and thirty minutes long, not sixty minutes like the classes he had in middle school. Another thing, there were too many new faces. He had no idea who the cute blonde was or whether he had seen the nerdy Asian kid before or not.

He knew it wasn't right not having Andy there by his side. He knew it sounded gay, but Andy was like his foundation. If it wasn't for Andy, he would have no fun. Isn't that what some famous guy said? "If you have no friends, you have no pleasure"?

Carter suddenly understood the meaning of that quote. He literally didn't have any pleasure without his friends.

He shrugged the thought out and walked over to the section where his class was sitting at.

He looked around in search for his two reinforcement-friends.

No sign of Lucas or Maris.

Where could they possibly be?

He was positive they were off somewhere stimulating sex or skipping class. Carter knew how Maris, the ultra-sensitive to sweating, felt about gym. In her opinion, "Gym was just a waste of time that forces teenagers into doing unnecessary labor. I mean, come on. Who cares if American people are fat. If people want to risk their health and get fat, then so be it."

Carter always thought that quote was funny because Maris was thin and straight. She didn't have one ounce of fat on her. So it was easy for her to make comments like that.

As for Lucas, he just did whatever she said because he had a huge crush on her. Everyone knew that. Ever since the eighth grade, he had been head over heels for her. Maris always pretended she didn't know he liked her, but deep down inside she knew he thought she was hot. But now, Maris and Lucas weren't even there to entertain him with their love-hate relationship. Carter made note that if neither one of them showed up to gym, he would get them.

Just when he thought he might have to end one of them, Maris and Jen Nguyen approached him. They were both waving at him frantically as if they were trying to catch a taxicab.

“Carter Atkins!” Jen exclaimed, running into his arms.

She was an extremely beautiful Asian girl with long, silky black hair that seemed to have more sheen than ever.

“Whoa.” Carter said pleasantly, patting her pretty head. “If I got a penny for every time a girl has hugged me, I'll be richer than Bill Gates.”

It was true. Every time he would see one of his female friends, they would always give him hugs like they hadn't seen him for years.

That's what you get for being a hottie.

“Hey,” Maris said, faking indignant, “What about me?”

“Oh, sorry.” Carter laughed, walking over to hug her.

“Yeah, that's what I thought.” Maris said, her blond hair tickling Carter's neck.

“Where's your bitch.” Carter asked, referring to Lucas.

“Sick.” she said. “He got the hives.”

“That sucks.” Jen said sympathetically, sitting down on the floor Indian-style.

"Unless he's faking it." said Carter.

Lucas was often known for faking injuries and sickness in order to get out of something. It was either mumps, measles, the flu, or any other sickness he could come up with. The last thing Lucas had said to Carter the night before was, "Not being able to sleep in tomorrow really downs my spirit. Too bad school couldn't have started on Thursday." Carter wouldn't be surprised if Lucas did fake sick in order to get a couple of hours of sleep. He wouldn't put it past him.

"Jen, I had no idea you had gym this period." Maris said excitedly.

"Yeah, I was originally supposed to have gym for third period, but they switched it."

"Well, we're glad you're here with us." Carter said, putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Hey," a man who looked to be in his early-twenties said.

He had on a plain white polo, a pair of khaki shorts, and a whistle tied around his neck. They all knew he was Mr. Hauserman, their gym teacher.

"You know I hate to break up this little reunion, but class started forty seconds ago." His tone was light so they knew he was only being funny.

"Oh, sorry," Carter said.

He hadn't noticed that the bell had already rang.

So maybe he didn't have Andy for gym class, but at least he had his two other friends with him.



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