No Escape
Author: Sara K

Chapter 24


Justin retrieved to his sleeping chambers underground, his mind still preoccupied with thoughts of Cassie. He wondered if he had done the right thing by allowing her permission to spend the day away. The whole idea sat uncomfortably in his head. If he were human he would enjoy the day with her, but it was impossible and the difference between them both that ultimately linked their fate and soul together for all time. With the sun up he could do no other than sleep until the sunset he would waken again and will be able to see her again. It pained him that he couldn’t sleep with her, their bodies wrapped together, where they would waken in each others arms and satisfy him that she was by his side. His brother Julius kept his mate by his side, they woke up together, hunted together and in over a century neither of them parted. Miranda slept during the day as did Julius, both familiar with their sleeping routines. Justin signed heavily as the morning scent caused him to sleep until nightfall.
It was October in Blueberry Island, the sunset a little early and below the ground, a heartbeat came to life, beating steady. Justin awakened he closed his eyes, scanning the house for Cassie's presence. She wasn’t in her room, neither was she in the living room, he saw Meg in the kitchen making evening dinner, the house smelt of strong aroma and pure freshness. He knew where she was and headed straight for her.
He found her on the veranda breathing in the clean night breeze; she wore a black satin gown, which was very transparent outlining the curve of her body. Her hair blew with the wind and she stood perfectly still, her figure very much noticeable through the thin fabric. Justin studied her for a moment and his heart beat faster as his body's desire arose rapidly, his eyes fixed on her back and with one steady movement he wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his mouth on her neck.
Cassie shuddered in delight as he touched her, she turned in his arms. She had waiting all day for him to reappear.
"I missed you" she muttered slowly against his lips. A frown appeared on her face. All day she had felt empty without his touch, without his presence. Now his touch warmed her for the first time today. She relaxed into him and closed her eyes as the sexual desire increased between them. He slid one arm down her waist and wrapped her fingers in his. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her against him. She felt the warmthness of his body against hers; she felt his erection rub her belly erotically.
Justin worked her lips, kissing and nuzzling, pressing into her mouth with his tongue, he body softened against him her lips parted to let him in. a groan of pleasure rumbled through him his hands slid down to stroke her back through he satin material. He pressed his body closer allowing her to feel his demanding, uncontrollable need.
Cassie pulled back restless; she licked her lips and pressed her forehead against his.
"Is the night not beautiful." his gaze wandered to the forest ahead.
"Yes" she agreed hazily. "As beautiful as you are."
Justin grinned. "I knew you thought I was sexy."
"I did not!" she protested. She could hide nothing from him.
"Little liar, I can read your thoughts remember but still you decide to deny it." He teased her deliberately his hands stroking her chin.
Cassie glared at him, "I told you to stop that, you just don’t listen." She was frustrated at his annoying habits. She turned away from him, looking at the wild forest spread across the landscape. What would it be like to run through those trees and be free? Like a free animal.
Justin almost laughed at her wild thoughts, he would never allow her to run but he had something else in mind.
"Close your eyes, Cassie. I want to take you somewhere." He wrapped his arms around her, glancing down he noticed she wore no shoes. It seemed he would have to carry her.
Cassie trustfully closed her eyes. "Where are we going," she clung on to him, her small frame fitted perfectly against his. With her eyes closed she rested her head on his chest, she couldn’t help notice his sheer and utter sexiness, the light their bodies created was magical, she noticed the delicious rise of his desire and buried her head into his chest. She trusted him with her life, if he asked her to jump over the cliff she would. And if he asked her to close her eyes she would.
Very gently he lifted their bodies into the air, until they floated across the night sky; he made them invisible to others by creating a light mist to shield them from human eyes. He held her tightly often glancing down at her face that rested on his chest, a smile teased his lips "Do you want to see where we are".
Cassie opened her eyes her body felt light, the material on her felt uncomfortable against her skin. She took in their surroundings and gasped. "Oh my God, we're flying." From above she could see everything below, she clutched onto his arms and his face showed only contentment rather than fear.
"We are floating." he corrected.
"Wow! It's amazing. I can't believe you can do that. What else can you do, fly?"
Justin laughed loudly. "Only very few of us have these special abilities and talents, unfortunately flying is not one of them."
"I guess you're the lucky one." Cassie felt the sudden chill run through her body, it was only a moment ago when she considered taking off her gown. Justin frowned down at her shivering form; he wrapped her closer to him allowing his body to warm her up. After a while she felt warmed. The mist evaporated and they floated into the forest, Justin chose a high tree with big branches and landed on it. His feet touched the branch and he lowered Cassie onto the thick, brown branch.
"This is pretty high." she said nervously as she glanced down from the top. The tree was massive with wide, long branches, some of them were soft, and the branch she sat on had few leaves where she rested her bottom.
"You are not afraid of heights, so do not say it." he sat opposite her their legs dangling down.
Cassie nodded, a slight smile curved her face "Nope, I wasn’t even thinking about it. In fact I'm surprised there is some light here." They were surrounding by large canopy trees, some tall, others short. She had never sat in a tree before therefore loved it.
Justin took her hand "There is enough lightening for us to see each other." he glanced at the sky. “On a night like this the stars radiate their own light."
Cassie followed his gaze, the night was stunningly beautiful, and she had never admired it before. "I think I can see your point, you love the night because it's peaceful and lovely. Humans admire the day, because they can work and go about."
"For humans day is vital to their living, it has no beauty like the night, except the relevance is family, friends and the peace day brings."
Cassie shrugged her shoulders "Not really, for us day is when we can carry out different tasks, see family and friends, go to school, work. At night we rest and sleep. A regular endless cycle."
Justin glanced at her. "You have never admired the night, nor have you seen the peace and tranquilly it brings."
Cassie brushed back her hair. "Not really, I suppose for us dark is associated with danger also a time of resting. When I was little, there were children who feared the dark, wouldn’t sleep with the light off. For humans we never see the other side of night like you do. Sometimes I love the night, where I can just sleep and forget about everything, not because of its beauty. Day time is hectic and full of responsibilities." She paused unsure what to say next.
"For us we explore the night, see all the different colours, we have never experienced the sunlight but to us night is beautiful, we embrace it. We live in it. Look around you, there is much that I will show you, teach you to adjust."
"I'm not sure about that." she nodded uneasily.
"You have not seen what is beyond the human eye, darkness is not to be feared of, and daylight brings chaos, war, murder, destruction. I have seen it all."
Cassie shifted on the branch. "I hope you're not telling me this, because you want to convert me."
"No, I simply want to teach you our ways." He said truthfully.
Cassie rubbed her head "You know this is still all hard to believe. I don’t know what is real anymore or whether this is part of my imagination."
"It is all real, what we shared is real.’’
She stared at him, her eyes filled with uncertainty. "How do I know that?"
He smiled seductively. "I could show you if you like"
Cassie threw up her hands. "See, there's that thing again, my feelings are so intense, I've never felt like this before. It's like you did some kind of hocus pocus on me."
Justin kissed her knuckles. "What you feel is real, I am not deceiving you."
His slight touch on her body increased her heart rate a billion times faster than normal; she stared into his eyes, the crystal blue eyes that were so beautiful. She leaned closer as he held her face gently and kissed her deeply with so much passion. God he wanted her, with his mind, body and soul. Cassie moaned, wanting more than just his lips, she felt his hunger, becoming her hunger, his body calling hers to one perfect union.
He placed his arm around her waist pulling her closer, his fingers found their way under her gown and splayed on her bare back sending bolts of lightening through her. The material irritated her skin. She wanted it off.
He read her thought and lifted the material over her head he shred his clothes and placed them on the branch above them.
"I want you, now." he whispered as he lowered her body on the branch, she lay still her body ready and perfect. He could see her clearly, his hunger beat at him. He ran kisses down her body until he reached her perfect breasts. He kissed one nipple. Then the other, she shuddered in delight, arching her back to offer him greater access. He caught one nipple between his teeth, nipping it lightly and suckling it. Cassie moaned as she threw back her head. "Justin… Justin". Desire burned through her body as his teeth sucked and nibbled on her skin.
His lips left her breasts, moving down her stomach, his hands moved down her thighs and rested on the junction between her legs.
"Do you want this?" his voice was pure velvet as his fingers stroked below her entrance.
"Yes…oh, yes"
His mouth caught hers hungrily, his fingers stroking the place between her breasts. He left her mouth and knelt between her thighs, he parted her legs until they dangled on either side of the branch, and he took in the curve of her hips and the softness of her entrance. He slid his finger inside her, her body contracted around his finger and her head fell back. She cried out as her body climaxed with his fingers tightening the pressure that started to build inside her. She shuddered again, lifting her head to stare into his eyes. He kissed her again; he wanted to be inside her to have her legs wrapped around him. His cock ached in anticipation.
"I love you so much, you are my heart, my soul, my reason for living." he whispered the words over her skin, and with sudden movement he allowed the length of him to fill her up, he began to move slowly at first but gradually increased his speed, until it was all passion, heat and intensity.
Cassie felt as though the branch would go up in flames, or she would simply fall. She was drowning in a whirlwind that their bodies created, she felt his mouth on her neck whispering the words of love, and she felt something stir in her mind planting words on her soul. She laboured for breath, her breasts rising and falling in the fierce storm. She dug her fingers onto his back and cried out his name as his movements became fierce, more urgent than the last one. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Only feel him inside her.
"I love you, Justin." She whispered the words in his ear, words frightened to admit it. She trailed her fingers over his lips and kissed him, her tongue parted his lips stroking her mouth.
His head jerked up, as she whispered the three words, he couldn’t believe it. His tongue traced her jaw and licked her neck, he felt her pulse beating faster, and he clasped his mouth over her neck, over her life. His fangs lengthened, his hands caressed her breasts tenderly. Gently he sank his fangs into her delicate neck, allowing her blood to flow into his mouth, he sucked and licked whilst he thrust deeper into her, he invaded her mind, her soul.
She brought up her dangling legs and wrapped them tighter around his waist to push him deeper, she felt him explore her womb whilst her muscle contracted around his thickness. Pleasure exploded through them, his body flowed into hers, his teeth grazed her neck and hot pain flowed through her suddenly becoming exquisite. Cassie gasped, grabbing his shoulders for support and arching her sore back, to allow him deeper into her soul. She held nothing back, at this moment she realised how much she loved him, she said the words over and over again each time he went deeper, became more demanding. Cassie swallowed hard as tears formed behind her eyes and slipped down her cheeks silently. She cradled her head as his tongue rubbed the valley between her breasts.
His thumb rubbed over her nipple, stroking, teasing them into hard peaks. He felt her breasts press into him, urgent, irresistible. Delightfully he took each softness into his mouth "God, Justin" he heard her pleas. He shifted again, moving inside her. Her hips moved against his leg and with one last thrust his body flowed into hers, creamy liquid ran down her thighs leaving her entrance sore and wet.
Both lay tangled together, neither of them able to move. Justin held her tightly to prevent her from falling down the branch.
"Are you ok." he asked panting hard.
"I can't move." She felt really sore; her back ached as did her muscles. "You… are a… sex… machine." She grinned at him and wiped away her tears.
Very carefully Justin separated their bodies and lifted her in his arms and placed her in his lap. The tip of his erection pressed into her buttocks, she tried to ignore it as she took steady breathes.
Seeing her tears he became slightly worried. "You are crying."
She started to cry again and smiled. "Only because what you gave me was wonderful."
Justin touched her cheek "You are mine, no other can have you. Your body is beautiful, made perfectly for me"
Cassie turned to face him, and wrapped her arms around his neck bringing him closer. "I love you, Justin" she whispered the words against his lips. Her lips trembled. "I was so afraid to admit it, but I've realised how much I want you despite our differences." She placed her lips over his and kissed him with much need, his thickness nudged against her stomach and she reached down and wrapped it in her fingers. Gently she stroked his hard length, feeling him jump at her touch.
Justin felt as though he would explode, her hands kneed his erection lovingly; he sucked in huge breaths as she caressed him.
"Do you like it? She asked breathlessly.
Justin gritted his teeth "You are remarkably experienced, I would say"
She pushed him down until he was lying on the branch, staring at her face. With both her hands she rubbed his thighs, her hands cupped the thickness that increased in size, she licked her dry lips and lowered her mouth between his legs, then she clasped her mouth on the huge buldge whilst he moved in her mouth and she licked it with her tongue, whilst she sucked on the shaft.
He jolted as white lightening exploded through his body; his hands gripped her hair whilst her mouth worked wonders. He had no idea how her small, delicate mouth could have accommodated his huge arousal. She took him further down her throat, feeling the taste of him in her mouth, with her hands she massaged his hips deliberately she wanted to take him to the breaking point. He could hold it no longer, as lightening flashed through him, Cassie felt his seed rip through him into her mouth very gently she realised him and licked her lips whilst her eyes shone with passion.
He saw the joy and content in her eyes that sparkled in the moonlight.
"Come here, Cassie" his voice was seductive. She obeyed immediately and climbed over him, his arms wrapped around her waist. She pressed her forehead against his " That's how much I love you" she confessed," I tried not to, even when I saw you two years ago I told myself my feelings weren't real, I guess I was fooling myself"
Justin's hearted melted with her confession, he placed his hand at the back of her head pushing it down. He pressed his lips to her temples. "Don't feel so guilty, we are meant to be together; what you felt was normal since I had the same reaction to you. I did not think it possible that my mate would be human and yet so young, only a child"
"Why didn’t you just leave"?
He stroked her hair "Because you were the one for me, I could not get you out of my head. I could not have left you; neither did I want to leave you. You are beautiful, and compassionate and most of all you are my light". After centuries of existence filled with chaos and darkness he rejoiced in the success of finding her.
Cassie signed tiredly and stroked his hair. "You know, you are beautiful, and very sexy and elegant. In fact there are so many words in the English dictionary that are associated with you. I'm finding it difficult to believe no woman ever fell for you" her eyes drifted to his face for truth.
He smiled at her " Finally a full confession" he teased her, twisting strand of her hair between his fingers. "I will not lie to you; I have only encountered very few women over the last couple of centuries but they were not my mate. I waited a long time for you, unaware that my mate would be human, you were not born then, neither were you of our race. You were born for me, only some very few human women with some talent can be true mates to our males" She did not understand the difficulty of waiting for a long time to enjoy true happiness. Justin sat up and placed her in his lap, his arms sheltered her.
"I know my parents had some sort of talent, which obviously got them killed. With me I don’t think my abilities are strong enough, I mean sure sometimes I can feel something bad happening like the kidnapping incident, I was at the beach and suddenly I felt very strange. My powers are not that strong, for which I am grateful because I don't want some lunatic after me because of whom I am"
"Did you know we can talk telepathically" he informed her softly.
She smiled at him sweetly "Of course, now wouldn’t that be interesting." Her smile faded and she added" Sometimes I feel you in my head, like a buzzing sound. It's very annoying"
Justin laughed gently "Your telepathic field is not very strong yet, I can communicate with you…"
Cassie put a finger on his lips silencing him "Do not even think of it" She warned. "I have had enough surprises and bombshells to last me a life time, so I don't want you talking in my head. Please, Justin before I go really crazy".
Justin took her finger in his mouth "No more surprises, except one." He winked at her. "We float back"
Cassie looked around them astonished "Where are our clothes"
"We will not be needing them" He teased.
"Damn right, I am not going back there like this, what if Meg…" there was panic in her voice.
"Above you" He pointed to the branch and lifted his arm to pull down their clothing.
"That's better" She took her gown and wrapped it around herself.
"You look better without it"
"What if someone else sees us" She asked worriedly.
He wrapped her in his arm after dressing quickly.
"That's not fair, you're dressed"
"I would like to explore you further" he licked his lips and took away the gown out of her hands.
His eyes rested on breasts that ached with need, his hands cupped them as if weighing them, Cassie couldn’t breathe she saw the lust in his eyes, her heart beat wildly ready to burst. Despite her soreness and the dampness that still remained between her legs, surprisingly she was ready for more. She edged closer to him, and glanced down at his hands on her breasts.
"They ache without your touch" she admitted breathlessly. His hands were already on her breasts as he caressed them with her hands, to dull the ache. She threw her head back allowing him to touch her body. He wrapped a hand around her throat, his fingers slid down her neck, between her breasts and rested on her flat stomach; he wanted her again, over and over again. Her flesh was creamy, soft and beautiful; his fingers dug inside her moisture unexpectedly, Cassie screamed loudly, the noise carried by the wind echoed back. Justin captured her mouth again his strong hands held her slender form against him.
In the midst of their never-ending passion, something dark crossed his mind, and troubled his thoughts. Unwillingly, he removed his mouth from hers and scanned the surrounding area, he saw nothing, but it didn’t mean something wasn’t out there. He didn’t want to worry her, instead he sensed her tiredness, and he would put her to bed and go out and hunt. He lowered the gown over her head until it covered her up.
"It is getting late, you are tired we shall go back home". He took her hand in his and looked far across the forest.
"Is something wrong" She tugged on his hand and saw him tense.
"No, it is probably just an owl". He assured her.
She didn’t back down "something's out there isn’t it, and you're not telling me. I can sense it you know. Or rather sense your worry."
"I will see to it once you are safely home" He held her tightly, surrounded them with mist and drifted across the sky.
"But, I want to go with you" She protested.
"It is probably nothing, just an animal. I do not want you to come with me it could be far too dangerous" His voice was stern his expression serious.
"They're after me, not you. There are still two members of the society left. It's me they want, not you. They don't even know you" she defied him deliberately. She was the target; there was no way she would let me get hurt because of her. Justin wanted to shake her, with her way of thinking. He could protect himself and was far to stronger, he would always win against them. She had no idea of the type of power he possessed.
"Not a chance, I will not allow you to risk your life. You are mine, and I protect what is rightfully mine. They cannot harm you whilst you are in the house. If those imbeciles attempt to take you away from me, they will only deserve death "Cassie saw his angry expression that nearly knocked her over. It frightened her when he was furious and livid with rage, but in her heart she knew he would never hurt her.
"That is correct" Justin read her thoughts and tried to suppress his anger in front of her. "I would never hurt you; your heart speaks the truth." His mouth rested on her temple as they glided home.
"I know I'm just worried about those men".
"They will get what they deserve; their hearts are impure and atrocious-"
Cassie cut him of abruptly "I suppose you had a look, then"
"You have no idea what they are capable of; you have not read the filthy mind of Jonathan, all those thoughts that were in his head of having you by himself. I cannot allow such thing"
Cassie gasped at what she heard; she looked at him blankly "Are we talking about the same Jonathan, because I already know he is a pervert. The only difference is you got there before me." she managed a little smile, it seemed interested to read other's minds, something she couldn’t do, but then again knowing what everyone is thinking can be a real problem.
"It is always intriguing to know what you are thinking, Cassie." He grinned, his handsome features softening; Cassie felt her heart somersault with his every expression. She couldn’t help noticing the forceful heat his body created around hers.
"I bet, you are" she gave him a annoying look and held on to him, as they landed on the balcony. Suddenly with the thought of him leaving unnerved him, she bit her lower lip to stop from protesting.
"Stay in the house" he demanded as he prepared to set of again. "And remember I will know if you step out of the threshold."
Cassie rolled her eyes, irritated "Alright, don't be so bossy. I'm going to bed anyway since it is impossible to stay awake at night"
His mouth brushed her lips lightly, sending a shiver down her spine "Come back to me" she whispered against his neck.
"Always". Justin glanced at her one final time and then he was gone, leaving her alone, the heat that surrounded him evaporated she stood staring at the empty space before her. She hurried into the living room, a feel of dread creeped up her spine, she forced her feelings down, and nothing would happen to him. But she couldn’t deny the evil feeling in the air; neither could she deny the way her heart pushed into her chest, nor the edginess that consumed her.
Meg hurried into the living room; she saw Cassie's crestfallen expression and rushed over to the girl.
"Cassie, dear. What is wrong?"
Cassie breathed a sign of relief "Oh, Meg, I don’t know, call me hysterical but something's not right."
Meg glanced around the room " Where is Justin, I'm sure I saw him earlier this evening."
Cassie slumped on the couch "He went out hunting whatever is out there, he felt something out of place so decided to check it out. Always the hero."
Meg sat beside Cassie, slightly disappointed he had left her alone when she was clearly jittery about her feelings. She took the girls trembling hands and held them.
"I know what Justin does isn't easy, but he won't be harmed, trust me. I have known him a long time, he is our protector. If he felt something unpleasant, he believes it's his right to investigate."
Cassie leaned back on the couch and brought her knees up, resting her chin on her knees. "Meg, why does he think he has to protect me every time something goes wrong? I can look after myself, you know. It feels to me that he would rather lock me up as a caged animal than let me lead my life. It's infuriating"
Meg stroked Cassie's hair; she had grown to love her in just a few days. And clearly saw the beauty in the girl.
"He would never ever let anything happen to you, I'm so glad he found you after such a long time, I have known him all my life and never seen him so happy or so worried until he found you. He would do anything to protect you, even give his life. But don’t forget, young Cassandra if those men are after you they won't rest, neither will Justin and only he can take them out. Do you understand?"
Cassie shook her head and frowned "I think so, but I'm human, I need to work and go out during the day, if he starts to control me I don’t see how this is going to work."
"This is all new to you, Justin will never force you neither will he want to keep you caged, your happiness is important to him. Once these threats are taken care of he will allow you to leave the house during the day. And in the evening you can see him. This house isn’t a prison; it's your home too"
Cassie shrugged her shoulders she never had a proper home after her parents passed away, although she loved her apartment. "Thank you, Meg you've been very kind"
"You are part of our family, Justin is like a son to me and I love him dearly. Do not worry about him he will come home safe."
Cassie shook her head letting Meg's words sink in, her head felt heavy and her eyelids started to close in tiredness.
"Why don't you go to bed, dear? It is very late"
Cassie opened her eyes quickly "Huh"
Meg smiled at her "Why don’t you sleep on the bed where it's more comfortable"
Immediately Cassie stood up, forcing her eyes open "You're right, I'm going to sleep. Good night".
Padding down the corridor she threw open her bedroom door, after shutting the door behind her she walked over to the bathroom. She needed a shower to bring a sense of calm to her nerves. She tossed of her gown and stood under the hot water which calmed her aching muscles and throbbing body. She remembered Meg's words, he would never cage her. Her heart convinced her he would never hurt her, the way he looked at her always overwhelmed her, sometimes she wanted to run and never stop.
Cassie signed heavily and rested her forehead against the tile wall; so much had happened in her life throwing her completely off balance, she honestly didn’t know what to do. In the meantime she wanted to clear her head of future thoughts and worries that swirled around her head. A sound startled her causing her to open her eyes, she looked up and Justin was standing by the door, fully dressed, their eyes locked together, his gaze took in her naked figure before he stripped of his clothes and joined her in the shower. Cassie ran her fingers down his body, happy he was back safely "Justin, what…"
He placed his finger over her lips to silence her; his body throbbed with need, which was insatiable." Do not talk, sweetheart". He said huskily. He craved desperately for her; he joined her under the hot water and pulled her close to him. He captured her mouth in his, she smelt sweet and fresh. He kissed her tenderly, softly as water poured over them both. He turned her around against the wall as he reached for the soap and began washing her back and buttocks. "That tickles" she giggled. His hands roamed over her back, his movements slow and sensual, his hands radiated heat that curled up her spine. Contented she rested her forehead against the tile wall; his erection nudged her bottom, turning her around he began to wash her breasts and stomach, his hands were slow and delicate for someone with such strength. He pressed her up against the wall, with his hands he rubbed the foam over her skin, and he touched her breasts and rubbed the spaces between them. Her moans were soft causing him to grunt in his throat. He placed the soap back in its holder and pressed her against the wet, cool tiles, his mouth hungry on hers. She parted her legs whilst her arms were wrapped around his neck, very gently he slid into her wet channel that welcomingly contracted to allow his entry.
For the first time he merged his mind with hers as his erotic fantasy became hers, their bodies joining in reunion, with each urge he thrust deeper, needing more. He could never have enough of her body, his hunger and desire was everlasting, eternal. She clung on to him, as waves of pleasure rushed through her, their bodies were on passionate fire water did little to consume the craving between them. She gasped for breath, lifting her head she tasted the drop lets of water that poured over them, her legs were weak and numb she clutched on to his shoulder while wrapping her legs around his waist for better support. His hands rested on her back for anchorage, her cries and moans drove him crazy with need, with one hand he turned of the shower and lowered her on the floor.
Her eyes never wandered from his beautiful face, her body ached, her senses wild with ecstasy, she watched as he withdrew from her gently, his eyes held passion and possession. "Tell me you want me, sweetheart" His mouth lowered to her neck, he heard her heart beat rapidly in her chest; his tongue stroked her pulse erotically. She jerked beneath him, her lips quivering from his touch "Can't you feel it, Justin. The way my heart beats for you, my body demands for you."
His lips feathered kisses over her breasts, his erection tightened with desire and need, frantically wanting sanctuary in her body. "Let me hear you say it" his voice was a whisper of seductive velvet, his hands pressed on her hips, her legs parted in anticipation. She knew she was dying from the inside; he was killing her with such a furious power "I love you, Justin." The tears flowed down her cheeks freely, she stared into his eyes. "I was so afraid to admit it, I love you very much, my heart, my soul calls for you" the sobs continued breaking his heart into little pieces. "Do not cry, Cassandra. I can't bear it." He trailed his fingers lightly over her tears wiping them away; he felt his own emotions arising and struggled to control his weeping. He nuzzled her neck, her sweet blood called to him in a melody, heightening his senses. It was a sheer temptation to bury his fangs and taste her blood that was so pure from anything he had ever tasted. Then he heard her soft pleas and rapidly entered her tight sheath, pushing past her barriers urgently to bury himself further into her body. He reached down and cupped her buttocks with his palm, sending a shiver through her, she arched her back to give him better access, and he felt her muscles contract around his invasion he thrust deeper joining their souls together. After the storm subsided he collapsed on her, his head resting on her shoulders he closed his eyes savouring her body beneath his. Judging his strength he lifted his weight of her, afraid he might crush her. Glancing down she had already fallen asleep slumped against him, her heart rate slowing, and her breathing steady.
He carried her over to the bed and placed her over the quilts, he lowered the duvet to cover her form. He cursed under his breath, how could he be so selfish and not put her needs before his, he reminded himself she was still human, very prone to tiredness, the night was for him to awaken, for her it was to rest and sleep. Very quietly he dressed and shut the door after him. It was time to kind out what Len and Harry were up to.


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