No Escape
Author: Sara K

Chapter 14


"Oh, God. Sally, I can't wear this." Cassie went up to Sally's bedroom where her friend had shown her the dress. If she thought the dress Justin had brought her was revealing, this one was worse. It was a black dress cut from the middle revealing her cleavage and just about covering up her breasts. It also revealed her stomach and her whole back.
Cassie gasped and covered her face
"Yes you can, donít be a baby. It's very nice, I understand it's too daring but it makes you feel sexy you will definitely have heads turning." Sally grinned at her and picked up the dress.
"No way, why donít you wear it.Ē
Sally glanced at the clock. "Because I'm wearing the strapless dress. Now hurry up because Ted said he would join us later."
Cassie hesitated.
"Come on. Try it on. It suits you."
Cassie grabbed the dress and hurried into the bathroom; she ripped off her jeans, blouse and her underwear and slipped into the dress when she saw the reflection in the mirror she groaned loudly.
"Oh, God! I'm going to kill you Sally."
The dress hugged her figure and it was damn sexy, she was barely covered her, her cleavage showed and so did her stomach. Worst of all it only reached up to her thighs, she quickly put on her underwear. She could hear Sally calling and decided to face her.
"Oh, my. It looks lovely." Sally eyed her, absolutely stunned.
Cassie made a face. "I donít feel lovely, I feel like a whore out to attract attention of all men on Blueberry Island."
"No, donít think like that. You need high self-esteem.Ē Sally hurried on as she combed Cassie's hair and curled it. ďBanish the embarrassment, feel confident."
She could do it, just go and have fun and feel high.
Fifteen minutes later, Cassie found herself entering Club Zero, after showing their ID's they entered, the music was deafening and so loud you could hear it two streets away. The place was crowded with people of all ages, teenagers, adults. It seemed as though half the population from the Island was gathered here. Cassie followed Sally to the far end that was searching the crowds for Ted, as she walked past the rows of people she got glimpses from men whom she simply ignored.
Sally shouted above the music. "This is good isnít it, the music's my favourite."
"Hey, you found Ted yet?" Cassie shouted back.
"Over there, by the bar." Sally pointed. Sally called out to Ted who greeted her with a kiss.
Cassie smiled at him. "Hey Ted, how are you."
He gave her a hug. "Hey, you look great!"
Cassie smiled and turned to Sally "Drinks."
The threesome walked over to the bar, where Cassie sat on the stood. She ordered whilst Sally and Ted ordered there's, the pair sat with her and talked randomly, Ted asked Sally for a dance and the pair walked off hand in hand.
Cassie watched forlornly as the couple headed for the dance floor and a sob built up in her throat, her chest tightened and she took several breathes. It was unfair that she didnít have a proper life. The barman approached her and she asked for another drink, he frowned as he counted this was her fourth glass.
"Bad evening." He asked conversationally as he refilled for her.
"No, bad life. Cheers." She raised the glass to her lips and swallowed and then winced as it burned her throat. The barman kept looking at her and she waved him away with her fingers.
Taking in the crowds of people, the music she felt little and alone sitting on the stool. For a minute she hated life, hated how different her life was. She was bored and fed up. She glanced around for Sally but she couldnít see her. Stupid cow, she deserted me Cassie though bitterly. She swallowed the remaining liquid and looked around for company, in each corner three men eyed her, even smiled but she wasnít interested. There was something unpleasant coming from their direction.
She needed someone who would come up to her and talk to her, someone who would take her to the dance floor. Like Justin had done. There his name was again, in every thought he always came up, like some magical unique being. Her heart felt heavy and bruised, she rubbed her chest. He was unique and very magical to her, for a while only thoughts of him invaded her mind, she shifted on her stool realising how much she wanted him. She shifted again as the pressure built up within her; she couldnít believe she was feeling like this, it was unbelievable and totally wrong.
She imagined his hands on her body, the way he made her scream in pleasure. Suddenly Cassie stood up as her body ached with need, oh shit. Someone please take these images away. A cold hand pressed on to her back and she twirled around to find a blond haired man standing right in front of her. So much for personal space.
"Can I get you a drink?" He asked.
A drink. Yes that's what she needed and some distraction.
"Sure." She smiled up at the stranger and sat on the stool again hoping he would sit beside her rather than stand too close to her. He pulled up a stool and sat beside her whilst he sipped his wine.
"I like this place, always brings the best out in people. What about you. Surely a pretty lady like you isnít here alone."
Cassie didnít like the way his eyes skimmed her body, he was a pervert. "No I'm here with friends."
"Deserted you have they." The man laughed.
"NoÖ around here somewhereÖ." She felt dizzy as she gulped the wine down.
"Would you like to dance?" He put down his glass and offered his hand.
"Umm, not a good idea. Had too much to drink so I'm not feeling so well.Ē She touched her head again and pushed away her glass. Tomorrow she would kill Sally for bringing her here.
The man leaned closer to her. "I really love your dress."
Cassie didnít like his tone. "Umm thanks". She stood up and the blond haired man pressed her against the bar.
"Donít you want to show it too me." He said as he lowered his mouth above hers.
"No, let me go."
"Come home with me." His hands slipped inside the cut opening to squeeze her breasts.
"No!" Cassie cried.
He squeezed harder whilst his tongue licked her face. Cassie felt sick and struggled against him as his hands pressed into her breasts sending a shot of pain through her. Cassie found her energy and kicked him and he tumbled to the floor. The room started to spin, white light flashed in her eyes blurring her vision, she stumbled again, and the music roared loudly bursting her eardrums.
With difficulty she reached the fire exit leading to the back alleyway.

That's it. If she could just make it outside she would be away from this bizarre chaos indoors. She pushed through the exit and landed on her back, it was awfully dark and the blond haired man stood over her with a grin on his face, his hands were vicious and brutal and Cassie wanted to close her eyes and feel numb. Suddenly a cold mist formed around them and the blond haired man was knocked against the wall. Cassie rolled over and buried her face in the ground shielding herself to the terrible feeling within her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the man being knocked against the wall over and over again, a tall, dark figure formed and the man screamed in agony. Cassie squeezed her eyes shut and lay quietly in the dark, unable to move.


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