No Escape
Author: Sara K

Chapter 12


There were sounds of explosions and gunfire. People where dying, everything was on fire. No one was safe. Then four men where on the way to victory whilst two coffins where being carried. The church hymns were so beautiful that people cried, the sobs echoed through the walls, even the priest took out his handkerchief and wiped his eyes.
Cassie felt the reality of her dream as if it were real. So was absorbed into it and felt tears roll down her cheeks regardless she continued to watch.
"Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust." More sobs. More heartbreak. Coffins were lowered; the ground welcomed them without hesitance.
"All mourners gathered here today, pray that God almighty watches over the precious child, an innocent thrown into such turmoil…"
Tears rolled down her cheeks but she didn’t open her eyes, she was part of the dream. Suddenly chaos erupted in her mind and a body was pressed against hers. She cried out in alarm as tears cascaded down her cheeks.
Justin flew himself towards the bed, almost in time. He had expected something like this would happen. Before him Cassie tossed and turned in her bed, desperately trying to free herself from the horrible ordeal of her nightmare. He pushed back the covers and gathered her body into his arms; she was still crying her eyes were still closed.
"Sssh, Cassie. I am here." He hugged her to his chest his hand stroked back her hair.
Cassie realised the intensity of her dream her eyes opened and she was wrapped up in strong warm hands. She tilted her chin and stared into the one person she knew would be by her side. No matter what. He looked worried as he squeezed her body towards his sheltering her. She could feel his hands right through the thin nightdress she wore.
She looked up at him. "Justin. What are you doing here?”
"You are so stubborn; I knew I should have never left you alone. When I came back you were wrapped up in a dream, you were crying". He brushed his hand over her eye lids and wiped away the rest of the tears from her face.
Cassie rested her head on his chest, whilst he buried his face in her hair.
"It was horrible, Justin. I can’t even explain it."
He didn’t want her to because he knew; he had caught the images from her mind in her distressed state. He rubbed her back gently to calm her down, in his mind he whispered an ancient spell that brought about calmness. He pushed back the covers from the bed, and held her in front of him. He had waited too long for this. His gaze rested on her body, the black thin nightdress was very revealing, she wore no bra and her breasts were transparent through the black lace, he reached for them his hands cupping her breasts together and he saw Cassie moan as his hands massaged her breasts.
The bulge tightened in his trousers seeking release, he brought his mouth down on hers and thrust his tongue in her mouth, stroking the inside of her mouth. He kissed her furiously and deeply not giving her a chance to breathe. His hands trailed down her hips and rested on her soft curves. He wanted to show her just how much he hungered for her.
Cassie was swallowed in the intense pleasure of his mouth, nothing else matter she rubbed her breasts again him whilst his mouth locked on hers through the thin material of her nightdress she felt his thickness and urged closer. She was going up in flames.
"I cannot wait any longer." Justin pulled back whilst she sucked in oxygen. He tightened his hold on her their bodies rubbing together. Cassie trembled with need; her sexual desire was so strong that she thought she had gone insane. Her lips quivered, her breasts felt heavy and tender. She breathed deeply and moved in to kiss his tempting lips.
Justin threw of his shirt, and then his trousers at the same time as he felt her burning mouth in his, her hands were on his chest driving him insane. He pulled her away and lifted the nightdress over her head and tossed it on the floor.
His breath caught in his throat. "You are so beautiful."
He lowered her on the bed, grateful that the soft mattress was more comfortable than the sand. Her eyes lightened with joy and she stretched on the bed as he covered her body with his own. He lowered his mouth to her throat and saw love marks he had put on before. He was hoping to repeat it again tonight. He kissed her throat and made his way down her neck, his lips rested on the swell of her left breast, he saw her throw back her head. Immediately he clammed his mouth over her breast and suckled deeply bringing her as much pleasure, when he withdrew he tightened her nipples with his fingers and gave the same treatment to the other breast.
Cassie felt truly erotic, the way he caressed every inch of her body with need and pleasure. She felt exposed which sent her a jolt through her. Every time he touched her she honestly thought you would die. His erection rested on her belly and she sucked in a breath in anticipation. She parted her legs to welcome him with readiness but he halted instead.
"Please…Justin." He read her need in her eyes which brought a smile to his lips. He would make her wait instead of giving her what she wanted. He licked her navel with his tongue and parted her breasts to kiss the space between them. He placed kisses on the flatness of her belly and slid his hand down to her entrance. He found her wet and ready, and he parted her curls and kneeled between her thighs as she stretched her legs. He stoked the inside of her thigh and drew his finger in her entrance.
Cassie screamed in joy as she felt him invade her entrance, she felt his fingers roaming inside her, inch after inch. She cried out his name and placed her hands on the back of his head and brought him closer.
Justin heard her cries and knew she was close, his tongue swept inside her wet folds and licked at the moisture. He saw Cassie lift her legs drawing him in.
Cassie felt the lightening that ripped through her she moaned loudly and gasped as orgasm shot through her. She reached to the highest peaks and uttered his name.
Justin withdrew immediately and entered her wet welcoming entrance slowly; her muscles clenched and after a few seconds welcomed his invasion. Violently he drove deeper without halting; with both hands he stilled her moving hips and crashed into her with as much force as possible.
Cassie wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his mouth to hers, with her tongue she parted his lips and kissed him passionately whilst he moved inside her, her womb clenched as his erection embedded deeper into her channel. It still wasn’t enough; she craved for more just as he did. This would never be enough. She lifted her legs in the air and wrapped them around his waist whilst he continued with his hard, brutal pushes.
Justin had never felt such sensational experience, her body was heaven it was his sanctuary. She was kissing him so intensely that she refused to take any air into her lungs; instead her mouth was fully absorbed into his. Justin felt the enormous build up of pressure with one intense thrust he felt his seed spill into her womb as he buried himself deeper. He brought up his hand and touched her face before pulling back slightly to allow her room. Her frowned slightly as she gulped in huge breaths of oxygen into her lungs.
"That… was… a real… roller coaster." Cassie panted breathlessly and touched her forehead to his. He had stilled inside her but she felt wet between her thighs.
Justin wrapped her in his arms and rolled onto his side. "Are you ok?”
She nodded, her cheeks were slightly red, and he rubbed his hands over her hip and captured her mouth again, this time he kissed her softly and very gently. He moved his lips over hers in a slow rhythm. He wanted to stay inside of her for eternity but sensing that she was sore he didn’t push.
"I think I'm losing my mind."
He raised an eyebrow " Really. Why is that?"
She regarded him with a curious stare. "I think you did something to me, didn’t you. No wonder I feel so damn different."
Justin shrugged innocently "Different, how.” He knew she was scared to admit her feelings; he massaged her hip bone with his hands.
Cassie couldn’t think whilst his hands were on her body. "I don’t know I've never been attracted to anyone like this before. The thought makes me giddy and very insane." She rested her head on his shoulder her fingers trailed a line down his neck.
Justin laughed. "Your attraction to me is natural, I feel the same way. Our feelings are extremely mutual. I am very glad you did not have a relationship before. It would have made me jealous."
Cassie lifted her head " Jealous, you. As if you never had any relationships in the past."
Justin kissed the centre of her palm. "I have been alive a lot longer than you have, Cassie. I had little relationships which hardly mattered. Legend has it that for each male of our species there is someone out there who is our other half, who we are destined to spend eternity with." He kissed her forehead. "I believe you are my other half".
Cassie snorted. "I bet I am. It's a shame they didn’t give you a name because it certainly wouldn’t have been me."
"Why do you find it difficult to accept it? I know how you feel your body recognises mine and so does your soul.”
Cassie shook her head. "My feelings are a bit muddled up; I don’t even know what to think. Someone is trying to kill me and then as if that wasn’t enough I have you to deal with."
"I know it's hard, but I will stop those who are attempting to take you away from me. If they were not human I would have destroyed them at the lab".
Cassie shivered and glanced down to find his hands stroking on the underside of her breasts. Without thinking she lifted her breast to his mouth. Stupid, stupid he devoured it instantly and stoked the nipples into hard peaks. He took the offered breast into his mouth and chewed on the creamy skin. Cassie let her hand fall into her lap; she closed her eyes savouring the feel of his mouth on her breast.
She felt him move inside her a tiny gesture that aroused her all over again.
She widened her eyes. "You can’t possibly be ready."
Justin smiled wickedly. "I am always ready for you." He moved again to show her how much he needed her.
Cassie shook her head in frustration. "See, this sexual lust should be banned. It's driving me insane."
"So you do admit your feelings for me." Justin said as he kissed her cheek.
"What! Of course not. All I'm saying is that you weaved some sort of spell on me.’’
Justin tugged her to his side and drew the covers over them.
"I used no spell, Cassie. I can feel the turmoil in your mind. It is very hard for you to accept this, but in time it will get easier." Cassie was too tired to argue. She wanted to tell him how wrong he was. Instead she rested her head on the pillow with his body embedded into his.
"Go to sleep Cassie. I will stay with you and guard your nightmares." He kissed the top of her head as she closed her eyelids.
"You can do that." She asked drowsily.
Justin smiled down at her, realising how sexy she sounded.
"I can do anything." He whispered into her hair.
Long after she had dosed off with her breathing becoming deeper, Justin sat staring at the clock that made the only sound in the room. He signed tiredly; he figured it would be easier if she lived with him at his house. There he could protect her and Meg could keep her company also it would do Cassie good for her to have female company for someone to talk to when he wasn’t around during the day.
He hadn’t asked her yet but felt her refusal in her mind; she would never leave her apartment. He glanced at the clock again, and signed regretfully he would need to go soon before sunrise. He glanced down at Cassie who slept peacefully although he knew she wasn’t always peaceful because demons still crept into her dreams and taunted her mind. Perhaps because he was beside her that she felt safe. He sat for a few more minutes staring down at her, very carefully he removed himself from her body, and he saw Cassie stir as he parted himself from her.
He knew it would be hard for her in the morning and there was no way to make the separation any easier. He dressed quietly and with one final look to where his woman slept he made his way out.


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