No Escape
Author: Sara K

Chapter 8


"Where do we take her, Jonnie"? Len asked as the threesome drove of with Cassie in the back.
Jonathan glanced sideways. "Where do you think, the lab of course. Where we always conduct our experiments? Barter Grently will be expecting us and her. We waited far too long for this to ruin it now."
"Why is it we couldnít find her before?" Harry asked. "We searched everywhere in California but it seemed she disappeared."
"We didnít try hard enough; she was right before your noses, stupid idiots." Jonathan shook his head. "And we couldnít even see it. If it werenít for Elle she would have slipped away."
Harry frowned. "Whose Elle."
Jonathan smiled. "Our source of information, you prick. A coincidence really in our favour. Elle works at the Cafť with our devil at the back. Elle told her brother of a sweet, pretty girl working with her. Her brother became interested and told his colleague who then told my brother Mitch who realised the familiarity in the name and told me."
"A big coincidence it had to be." Len added thoughtfully.
"You think she's a witch don't ya" Harry asked. "Or else we wouldnít go on a bloody witch hunt."
"Barter Grently doesnít think she's a witch, neither do I but she's not normal. Her parents were psychics probably telepathic. Think of how we could use people who are abnormal think of all the advantages. Barter has power, money and still he wants more. And we'll make sure that happens." He let out a chuckle and clapped his hands in joy.
"How do you know he won't outcast us?" Len said.
"He won't, but what he wants, we want. Sometimes these people can be dangerous to society, to those around them. Our role within the Civic Society is to provide protection and eliminate those that threaten us." Jonathan turned into a tunnel that would lead to the secretive location of the lab. He glanced at his watch fortunately they won't be late.
Harry turned his head to regard the two men besides him. "I read an old article from the days when Maria Wilson went to school, it was published in the papers and was stored. Now according to the articles Maria had problems with other kids, she wasnít normal and her behaviour was that of an animal. On one occasion she took off other kids trousers by using her mind."
"Holy shit!" Len exclaimed.
"Not the only article, there were few more, same incidents. She was thought of as weird." Jonathan kept his eyes on the road. "Some thought she was a witch, often she said things that actually happened. In high school, back in Barbados she attacked a boy."
Len straightened his jacket. "What about her husband?"
"He was the same, same abilities. We never had a chance to bring them in and examine them. Cassandra was their only child. People often said the witch had cursed her made her barren." Harry lowered his voice.
"Thatís load of shit, I donít believe that. Witches and wizards." Len burst out laughing.
"Shame we couldnít find out what they were." Jonathan parked his car and unfastened his seatbelt he turned to face Len. "Abnormal people are unwelcome in our society. Maria and her husband were dangerous so they had to go".


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