No Escape
Author: Sara K

Chapter 6


"Finished already, where was I?" The music had stopped and people were already evacuating the dance floor.
"You were having a little nap on my shoulder." He grinned at her and tugged on her hand as he led the way outside. He had a feeling she didn’t hear his three magical words.
"No way, it felt so relaxing. Your shoulder is like a cushion". She stretched and yawned squinting as the dance floor lit up.
"I hope you will take more advantage of it, then." He told her, throwing her his sexy smile.
Cassie rolled her eyes. “In your dreams."
It was nearly quarter to eleven and they were strolling casually, taking all the time they needed.
"I can call a taxi and you can go to where ever you go." She told him.
"No, we are going to the beach and then I will take you home."
"The beach will be dark, we won't be able to see anything." She informed him.
Justin tucked her under his shoulder, it was beautiful night, he could hear the ocean calling to them, and the soft breeze was gentle against his skin.
"They have artificial lights, at this time it will be deserted. Don't you love the ocean?"
Cassie smiled. "When I was little, my mom and dad used to take me to the beach every weekend. I loved it so much, that I refused to come home. Sometimes my mom used to drag me home. I was a beach lover.’’
Justin stopped and lifted his fingers to brush over her cheeks. "You must have loved your parents very much. It is not always easy losing those that gave birth to you."
"I did… love them greatly. They were so young when they died I just wish I had more time with them. But I know that they will always be in here forever." She placed her hand over her heart.
Justin brushed a kiss on her temples and continued to walk. They faced the ocean and climbed down the little steps. Cassie took of her stilettos and placed her feet on the cool sand and headed down towards the ocean. She glanced around they were the only ones there.
"Are you cold, Cassie." He asked her.
"No, it's good to feel the breeze on my skin."
He rubbed her bare shoulders and they stood together staring out at the ocean before them. The tides had settled down and there was no harsh wind.
She turned to face him. "Thank you for today, it was beautiful. And thanks for the dress’’. She added shyly.
At the mention of the dress, Justin glanced down her body again, an action that caused Cassie to feel awkward.
"You do not need to thank me for anything." His gaze blazed into hers. "I simply did what I thought would make you happy."
"Don't get me wrong, I'm not ready for a relationship." She started. "This just feels strange, besides you're not human. This could never work out." She shook her head in disagreement.
"My feelings for you are genuine and very strong, I have been controlling the urge to strip apart that dress and take you immediately.’’
Cassie gasped at his words and took a step back. "You are seriously dangerous, I had a feeling you were having bizarre thoughts.’’
Justin chuckled. "Bizarre. My thoughts are perfectly natural and normal.’’ He leaned closer to her, his hands rested on her hips.
"I wanted you for so long.’’
Cassie felt the sensation of his touch and wanted nothing more than to surrender to him but the sane part of her mind stopped her.
"We can't... I can't… Justin… please!"
"You feel the same way I do, tell me you don’t and I will leave you alone.’’
She wanted to lie to him, but her body was aching for his touch.
"I do, but not now. I'm not ready.’’
He didn’t reply, instead crushed his mouth on hers, taking away her breath. He deepened the kiss and nothing existed anymore.
The ground beneath their feet fell apart and they were sinking into a hot, blazing heat. Justin gathered her in his arms, his body caging hers in. He trailed kisses down her neck and felt her pulse beat at him, her blood singing to him, he wanted nothing more than to give in to the demands of taking her blood and letting her essence flow in his bloodstream. His hands cupped her breasts and caressed over the satin fabric and inserted his hand to touch the creamy skin. He heard Cassie moan loudly, her eyes closed and her head thrown back. With one hand placed at the centre of her back, he reached to remove the straps from her shoulders, with surprising swiftness both straps were slipped of her shoulders.
Cassie felt the cool breeze on her skin and then saw that her breasts were exposed to his sight as he devoured it into his mouth, he had slipped of her dress which was now at her waist. She felt a tingling sensation sweep through her, his mouth at her breast was purely erotic and sinful a feeling she had never experienced before. She closed her eyes and uttered his name.
She was so beautiful, after existing for so long, Justin had never experienced this hungry and fierce need to bury himself in her and feel the taste of her body. Her skin was so smooth and her breasts were full and beautiful, very silently he slipped into her mind only to find her in a dreamlike state and very drowsy. He removed his shirt and placed it on the sand before undoing his trousers.
“Justin, you’re ruining my dress.” She muttered against his neck. Cassie pressed into him, her breasts rubbing over his muscular chest. She held on tight, feeling the heat of his arousal press into her.
Justin let her dress slid down over her legs and onto the sand; he folded it and placed it neatly on the side, before easing her down onto his shirt. He saw Cassie open her eyes and stare at him her eyes confused and bright. His lips touched hers with a tenderness she had never experienced before. Cassie felt the soft sand she was lying on, with his body blanketing hers, she straightened her legs and glanced down at her body, apart from her thong she was completely bare to his touch. His hands stroked her nipples, hardening them into little peaks, a shot of electricity perked up her body and she moved a little. When he ripped apart her thong, Cassie felt nervous and inexperienced she had never done this before with anyone.
Justin sensed her uneasiness and smiled. “I know you are inexperienced, I will be as gentle as possible.”
She glared at him. “Stop gloating, you’ve probably had millions of women kneeling before you.’’
He wanted to tell her that over the centuries he had very few women, women that were from his clan. It had never lasted and none of them made him feeling like this human woman. With his shirt and trousers off, he adjusted his position over her, his huge, unbearable erection resting on her stomach. He wanted to be gentle, he was aware she was still a virgin, so he wanted to make this experience as painless as possible.
He caressed her thighs before moving his hands to enter between her thighs, her body quivered under his hand and he reached to part her thighs his hands roaming inside her entrance, Cassie moaned and closed her eyes; she knew what he was doing to her, when his hands touched her sensitive spot she screamed as pain jolted through her. It was pain and pleasure mixed with all the things she knew he may do to her.
He trailed his fingers down her neck, his lips slid down her navel and rested on her breasts, with a gentle ease he sucked on the nipple with his teeth, at the same time watching her face for a reaction. His hands slid over her stomach, finding the skin warm. Cassie wrapped her arms around his neck bringing her too him. Immediately he parted her legs further and slid between her thighs, at first he moved towards her entrance, his erection brushing on the inside of her thigh, then he captured her mouth in his, kissing her with a ferocious need, very gently his arm circled around her waist and he carefully pushed passed her first barrier to allow himself some release.
Cassie broke the kiss in anguish as she knew what was happening, tears formed behind her eyelids and spilt down her cheeks. Her body jolted beneath his, seeking for freedom but his strong hand at her waist pinned her down.
“Justin, Justin.’’ Her protests turned into little sobs that threatened to tear her apart. Justin’s heart broke into pieces; he wiped away her tears and gave her a little release.
“Shhh, this is expected. I won’t hurt you.’’ He pressed his palm to her pulse and massaged her neck very tenderly. Tiredly Cassie rested her head on his shoulder, whilst he continued to explore her body. She was so tired and wished he would take her home where she could curl up and go to sleep. She felt his erection lingering at her entrance; she didn’t know why she was so afraid. She had seen plenty of movies, read hundreds of romantic books to realise how it all works. All other girls got through it, why shouldn’t she.
“I cannot wait much longer, Cassie.” He breathed the words between her breasts, as an invitation she opened her legs wider allowing him access. With their eyes and bodies locked together, Justin entered her fully, ripping past her thin protective barrier and reaching for gold. Cassie felt the moment he invaded her, his mouth locked on hers, greedily, his body pressed into hers hungrily. She couldn’t breathe, the oxygen was cut off and she clung on to him. Justin thrust into her intensely, furiously. He dug deeper into her tight channel and felt her muscles clench around him. Very gently he moved his hips and drove himself deeply into her feminine channel where she was tight and hot.
His heart enlightened a flame, his desire was enormous and endless, and he felt her moan in delight against his lips, with one hand he cupped her breasts, he teased her nipple into hard peaks. He placed his palm over her heart and found her wilding heartbeat; he felt the weak pulse and anxiously released her mouth. He saw her breathe in the air with deep breaths that he found extremely sexy. He nibbled on her neck with his teeth scraping over her pulse. Cassie tightened her arms around his neck feeling very drowsy and content; her body jolted again as he placed both hands on her hips and roamed furiously inside her.
Hot fire bubbled inside her, she felt him reaching deeper and deeper for her soul and her legs felt numb, her whole body was alive with need and with ecstasy, she felt him in her womb, her muscles clenching, tightening with little knots.
A hot sizzling lightening tore from him into her, he felt lava pour inside her entrance, his seed spilt into her womb and tickled down her thighs. When he was satisfied, he gently removed himself from her and wrapped her in his arms. He kissed her head lightly and smiled contently.
“Are you ok?” He asked. When she didn’t reply he glanced down at her and found her asleep, her eyes closed and strands of dark hair curled around her face. He touched her lips and trailed a finger down her neck. A hunger rose in him and he lowered his lips to her throat, very gently he let his fangs explode in his mouth and he lowered his mouth to the beating pulse.
A quick glance at her face, he tore into her flesh letting her blood pour into his mouth. It tasted sweet and addicting, nothing he had ever tasted before. Being careful not to wake her up, he swept his tongue over the skin closing the small gash. To ensure that she was tied to him, he scrapped his wrist and made a small cut, a small droplet of blood appeared and he poured it into her mouth. From past experience a little blood from someone who was ancient would not harm a human, but a lot could have adverse effects. He had only supplied her with a small drop of his blood, so he was aware of her at all times and vice versa.
Justin stared out across the ocean, hearing the wave’s splash against the shore. His attention turned to the woman he was holding, her body was close to his, unmoving. He watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest and the way her breasts were pressed together, the nipples were pink and rosy and tasted so soft in his mouth. He wanted to lay here with her in his arms forever, to hold her body in the shelter of his and spend nights making love to her.
It was late and she would want to wake up in her own bed, he placed her head on his shirt and pulled on his trousers, his gaze never leaving her slim figure. He glanced around at the sheer emptiness and the darkness surrounding them. He loved the dark, embraced it. It was his way of life. He picked up the dress and then carried Cassie in his arms, she didn’t weight much, and he draped the dress over her covering her up and put on his shirt. Another glance around and he took them back to her apartment by his prenatural speed, a way of his people a gift he admired.
The door opened and he slipped inside, with a woman lying peacefully in his arms. He saw that she hadn’t had time to tidy up her room, judging by the fact that her blouses, t-shirts and underwear were scattered all over the place. He strolled to her bed, pulled back the covers and lay her down gently, as soon as her face touched the pillow she curled her face towards the softness of the pillow.
Justin opened her closet, hanged her dress and walked back to the bed. He covered her up with the sheet and something tugged at his heart, turning his insides. He sat down on the mattress and stared at her for a long time. Tonight had been a magical night; he hoped that she had memory when she woke up. Perhaps he had rushed into it when he could have taken things slowly. But she had no idea how much he wanted her, it was not about sex, but so much more.
He knew he loved her with his heart and soul, yet she made no attempts to tell him how she felt. He had to give her time, because when he reached for her mind, it was in turmoil, she was unaware of what to feel of what to do. And then there was the incident she told him about, adding more to her stress.
He needed to find out who this Jonathan was, what he knew about the Civic Society. Two years ago, he had a suspicion that Cassie’s life was threatened, those that murdered her parents would eventually find her. Take her away and torture her. It would not be a pleasant death. But filled with pain and suffering. He would spare her that and keep her under his wing and protection. He would never let anything happen to her.
Fear and worry invaded his heart and tears burnt in his eyes; he blinked in alarm at his emotions. He had never cried before yet Cassie had aroused every single emotion in him and completely rattled him.
He bent his head down and placed a kiss on her forehead. Reluctantly he strolled towards the door, closing it silently behind him before he disappeared into the night.


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