No Escape
Author: Sara K

Chapter 3


Rushed of her feet again Cassie served as many customers as she could since the place was buzzing with restless people. “Elle, a little help here please.” She shouted at her colleague.
“Cassie, take this plate to table four and six, they’ve been waiting for ages”. Elaine thrust the plate in her hands and stormed off to talk to Elle. Reluctantly she approached table 6 and regretted it. She hated seeing the three men in here everyday and eyeing her curiously. She knew she was pretty, but her appearance didn’t cause her to flirt.
“Your food, sir”. She placed the plates on the table. “Is there anything else I can get you”?
The three men stared at her.
“A little information, darling. If you don’t mind”. One of the men took of his cap and placed it in his lap before reaching for his food.
“Jonathan, hurry up, feed yourself ‘cause we got work to do”. The man next to Jonathan spoke.
Cassie didn’t like the sound of that. “What kind of information, I’m no one’s personal assistant, you know.”
The man called Jonathan laughed. “Harry, keep your gob shut and let me do the talking.” He pointed to his third companion, a little obese man. “You, eat.”
Cassie turned away when Jonathan caught her arm. “Wouldn’t want me to tell the boss lady that you’re not doing your job properly.”
“I gave you your food, eat and get out.” She said furiously.
Harry and the obese man giggled and Jonathan twisted her wrist, a few faces turned to stare at her.
“Your mother was Maria Wilson, wasn’t she?”
Cassie froze. How did he know about her mother?
“I don’t know what you’re talking about; if you don’t stop I’ll have your ass arrested for harassment.”
“You’re lying, I can see right through your pretty face.” Cassie shoved him away and continued to serve her next customer.
For the rest of the afternoon, the three men remained at the café, situated at the round table in the corner. Very often she would find them glancing at her.
“You seem distracted, as if you’ve just met your ex”. Cassie put the money in the till and turned to face Ella. “Nah, the weather’s getting to me. You know how it is”.
Ella frowned. “You sure.”
Cassie nodded. “Can you do my round and clean the tables; I’ll just make the salad.”
“Sure. But, Cassie. I didn’t want to bring this up but see that man over in the corner.” She lowered her voice and signalled with her eyes. “He told Elaine that you were quiet rude and insulting. Very polite gentleman he is”.
“He did what.” Cassie couldn’t believe it. “I wasn’t rude, but vice versa. So inappropriate”. She shook her head in disgust started to cut the salad.
Later on in the afternoon she got a lecture from Elaine on customer management and politeness principle that she should have been familiar with from day one. Cassie just mumbled in frustration and when it was her turn to collect the dishes from the customers and sweep the tables. She passed by table 6 and continued to clean the table, the three men eyed her and Jonathan slipped his hand beneath her cotton T-shirt in pleasure, whilst the other two encouraged him on.
“What the hell!” she shrieked back and glanced worriedly around. Fortunately no one saw that. “What do you want?”
“We know what happened to your family.” said Harry. “You’re one of them.”
She didn’t understand. “One of whom”.
“We know it and you know it.” Said Jonathan.
The threesome retrieved towards the door. Jonathan turned towards her.
“We’ll be in contact.”
He tossed the bill on the table and walked out.
Cassie picked up the bill and put it in the counter before escaping to the bathroom and splashing her face with cold water.
Immediately she grabbed her purse and headed towards the door.
Elaine shouted after her. “Cassie, come back. You still have one hour. We need you”.
Cassie ignored her boss. No one needed her. Not for the right reasons. Her nightmare was just beginning.


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