No Escape
Author: Sara K

Chapter 1
Catch Up

copyright 2009 Sara K

Cassie pushed back her hair and sighed with exhaustion as she carried the china plates to the back of the café. She had been working at Elaine’s Café for 2 years during that time she had never felt so frustrated. Maybe it was because she was working alone, but considering that the place was deserted it shouldn't have been a problem. She continued collecting the plates and the cups, and wished that she was given a trolley.
Unfortunately, Elle her colleague had been sick therefore she had the evening off, leaving Cassie to do the tidying up and the locking up.
Just great.
Cassie threw a quick glimpse at the wall clock. Only twenty minutes to go until closing time. She couldn’t wait to go back to her apartment take a shower and give her legs a rest. After clearing the first few tables, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and froze.
A sudden chill went through her making her look out into the dark street. It was the kind of feeling that really creeped her out. She ignored it thinking that the hot weather was getting to her. For the last few days BlueBerry Island had been hit with a heat wave, the temperature rose rapidly during the day and at night there was a chance of a breeze. Despite the air conditioning Cassie had a sudden urge to rip her thin t-shirt that was annoyingly sticking to her skin. She chuckled at the thought.
Only 15 minutes to go.
She crept to the back to fetch more cloth, the empty kitchen decreased her mood, and the silence was eerie and unwelcoming. Times like these she hated. She stood and leaned against the wall to support her clumsy form.
She wasn’t clumsy; she had never been clumsy that was right until her parents died unexpectedly leaving her all alone. With just her apartment to comfort her at night and the warmthness of her bed covers that offered the only solace. Another intake of breath and Cassie closed her eyes at the memories, wanting to push them below the seabed.
Hurriedly she retrieved a wet cloth and dashed back to the front desperately wanting to finish up and go home. She was so tired. As water dripped from the wet cloth onto the tiled floor, Cassie saw herself slip, quickly she threw her arms to steady herself and felt a warm hand circle her waste and hold her upright.
In seconds she absorbed the scent of her stranger and knew who it was. Her heart thudded loudly and she pressed her hand to her chest and twirled around to face the man who made her heart melt with longing. Justin.
Justin studied her hard, his eyes absorbing her pretty face and lingering on her lips. So kissable and irresistible. He continued to keep his arms circled around her slim waist deliberately. He knew she was restless and weary.
What was she thinking darting across the room like that? He felt relieved that he was present at the right time; otherwise she would have been on the floor. He had watched her, sensing that she was alone and now here he was staring into the crystal grey eyes he loved so much. Which were now filled with anger and resentment?
“What are you doing here; I didn’t hear you come through those doors.” Cassie pulled away from him, her eyes flashed with anger. She turned her back to him and wiped the table nearby.
As always Justin followed. “I materialised. At the right spot to catch you when you nearly hit the ground.”
“Don’t use that word with me; I don’t want to hear it.” Cassie scrubbed the tables furiously.
“You need to be more careful, Cassandra. I am not always around during the day to see to your safety”. His face was serious, his voice steady and beautiful.
Cassie looked into his eyes, felt the pull of power and looked away.
“I was doing fine, Mr I- told you to stay away, and it was just an accident. It’s Cassie by the way”. She glared at him before moving to another table and cleaning the bread crumbs. Justin stood opposite her his hot gaze lingering on her neck; he caught a glimpse of her breast as her t-shirt parted as she scrubbed harder to get the coffee stains cleaned. His body hardened and his mouth watered with need, erotic images twirled in his mind, it was obvious she wasn’t thinking the same. Instead he felt her hunger, her tiredness and moved closer to inspect her face which was partly covered by her hair.
He saw her downcast eyes, a saddened expression that tore his heart.
“Cassie”… He called her name, his voice soft velvety and as intriguing as ever.
She stopped abruptly, tossed the cloth in the wastebasket and wiped her hands on her apron. “You need to leave, because I really have to close up.” It was a blunt statement but she couldn’t afford to mix with a man who was dangerous, powerful and damned sexy.
“Sexy huh.”
“Stay out of my mind.” She snapped, and took of the apron and reached behind the counter for the keys. “You need to go before I have more customers lining up”.
Justin stepped closer to her, his eyes skimming over her figure. “I will walk you home; it is not safe after dark.”
Cassie wanted to cry in frustration, if only he knew how terrible of a day she had. Maybe he did. He always knew.
“No you won’t. I am perfectly capable of making my…”
Justin captured her mouth with his drawing her body closer to his, leaving her no chance to escape. He kissed her with passion and fury; his hands moved down her back and rested on her hips. Her breasts pressed into his chest, drawing attention. He lifted his hands and slipped them beneath her shirt. Her skin was warm and soft. He trailed his fingers along the underside of her breasts and cupped one breast in his hand.
Cassie moaned softly with her body on fire, she couldn't breathe. She felt the crushing demands of his mouth and the urgency of his hands lingering on her body. With one hand she pressed hard against his chest, but it was a failure. She wanted him to stop before he threw her in emotional turmoil. The logical part of her brain knew this was wrong, but some part of her heart and body welcomed it, anything to fill the loneliness that was gathered inside her.
Justin’s pleasure heightened as he heard her moans then suddenly those moans turned into a sharp cry. And he pulled back; Cassie caught this opportunity to put a gap between them. He saw a lingering tear slide down her cheeks, and reached for her.
“This can’t happen again, it’s got to stop.” Her voice shook and she pulled the edges of her shirt together in modesty.
“Cassandra, sweetheart you must accept the reality. You are meant for me, you are mine and only mine. I am attracted to you and vice versa”.
“We are not compatible, remember. Or have you forgotten. I’m human and you’re…you’re.” Where was the right word? “Two different species, not gonna work out”.
“Cassie, you still deny what you cannot accept, but that is acceptable because you are still young. I have my talents and so do you, you are a psychic.”
“No I’m not.” Cassie denied.
Justin shook his head. “You have the ability to know when something bad happens that is the basic power you possess, as you get older you will be able to do more”. He wanted to shake her, but decided against it. She will realize in her own time.
“I want us to have dinner tomorrow night, after sunset I want us to meet. I will let you know the time and location, soon”. He stepped closer and gently placed a kiss on her forehead. He feared that she would pull away, but Cassie stood like a sculpture unmoving.
His kiss was warm and affectionate.
Cassie closed her eyes, gulped in a deep breath. “Please go”.
When she opened them he was gone. Cassie collected her handbag and made her way home.


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