The Protectors
Author: Fox Wild

Chapter 13
Understanding and Rules

Chapter 13


Understanding and Rules


The next day, very early, the team members at the farm clan went to the hotel and retrieved their bags and Morning Dew.  He filmed the vampire search of Robert’s flat while standing ethereally in the light side of the shadows.  Due to the extended search of Robert’s domicile, he was exhausted from remaining unseen by the vampires while filming in their midst.  Once they finally left, Morning Dew crawled into a return air duct and passed out.  There he stayed until day broke, then he skedaddled back to the hotel.


Sea Mist drove the team to the helicopter.  After a thorough going over, Snow took them into the air and towards home.  This time it was only Duncan who threw-up in the onboard air sickness repositories.  Snow’s eyes only moved slightly to watch him, her head never gave sign of her observation each time this happened.  She could smell the blood he ejected.


Landing pad, home.  Malkah understood the feeling of wanting to kiss the ground.  Though time was ticking fast for the werewolves, Snow told everyone that they would begin their fresh operations in the morning.


“Get some sleep, we all need it.  I want everyone well rested, your best ideas, in the morning.”  She told the team once she had the helicopter landed and powered down. 


Everyone was dragging as they started to unload their gear.


“Hold up.”  Duncan said watching his team.  “We have people who will do that for us.” 


He started walking towards the house.  Snow set the duffle she had in her hand down and joined Duncan on his plod to the house.  She caught up to him at a slow trot, matching his gate once at his side.  Following Snow’s lead, the rest of the team gratefully accepted his offer of having others from the clan bring their bags to them and tend to the chopper.


Once in the den house Snow and Duncan shuffled to the sitting room.  Shyhon was perched in a chair near a window in the corner reading.  Duncan managed to notice the headphones she wore as he and Snow sat on a sofa together. 


The knock on their front door woke them.  Duncan led the man and woman at the door that had their luggage to the stairs and up.  Snow followed everyone upstairs.  After the couple left them with their bags in the bedroom, Snow and Duncan sat down, side by side, on the foot of the bed.




“Snow.”  Shyhon said firmly as she shook Snow’s shoulder.  Her third attempt to rouse the fluid lump of woman, asleep on the foot of the bed, legs bent over the end.  Duncan lay next to her in the same state.  On the fourth attempt, Snow reacted.  She was not, however, actually awake.


Reaching up with her left arm, she reached and secured the back of Shyhon’s head.  Snow hurriedly pulled Shyhon’s head towards her.  Her eyes widened, realizing Snow’s intent; she turned her head, tried to pull away and failing.  Snow rose up slightly and her mouth connected with Shyhon’s face, passionately working her lips and tongue as though petting heavy with someone. 


Shyhon was turned away grimacing, eyes closed.  She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt Snow’s lips leave her cheek.  Shyhon snapped her full attention to Snow, putting a hand just below her neck and shoving Snow back to the bed.  Shyhon slapped Snow forcefully hard.  This was a reaction from Snow locking her teeth into Shyhon’s neck.


“Cats and dogs!”  Snow exclaimed from her abrupt return to the world of the conscious.  “Shyhon?!”  What the frell!”  Snow concluded, realizing she had been slapped.


Shyhon looked over at Duncan who was now turned towards the two women, head propped up on his palm with his elbow supporting him from the bed.  By the cantankerous and smug grin on his face, he had seen at least most if not all of what happened. 


Shyhon straightened up from being bent over Snow when she was trying to wake her.


“I understand.”  She began.  “I’ve been waiting a stretch of time to be mated as well.”  Shyhon took a deep breath and looked off at the wall across from her.  “We both still have to wait until Alexander is finished.”  Shyhon stated, then turned towards the door and walked from them. “It’s O’ seven hundred hours, dens been calling for you.”  She informed Snow and Duncan at the threshold.  Reaching to grasp the knob of the door, Shyhon closed it on her way out.


“Don’t even start!”  Snow said at Duncan.  Her nose was pulled down from the expression she had.  She turned to look at Duncan, placing her hands, either side of her, on the bed.  Her upper lip was tense and rigid, pushing down on her lower lip.  Snow’s bottom lip squished out slightly.


Duncan could see the embarrassed question on his partners face.  Her eyes, nervous.


“What did I do?”  Snow timidly asked.


He gave a mild laugh.  “Well, let’s just say, our guest is probably going to take a shower now.” Duncan’s laughter erupted to a full gut roll.  His head dropped towards the bed as he brought an open palmed smack onto the covers of the bed.


Snow’s eyes narrowed.  Moderate anger appeared in her eyes.  “Tell me, what did I do?”  Anger flowed with Snow’s words when she spoke.


Duncan stifled his amusement.  He looked at Snow.  “You, ah, cleaned her cheek real good then bit her.”  He informed her, figuratively and accurately.


“Cleaned her cheek?  Huh?”  Incomprehension filled in over the angered expression.


Duncan guffawed, looking away then back to Snow in one motion.  “Okay, love, imagine when the two of us are chewing face all hot and heavy; put your mouth on Shyhon’s cheek and fill in the details.”  He truly was trying to be kind in how he answered the question.


Snow’s face went blank.  She had connected her own dots.




They made a quick run through the shower and used the house stairs to make their way to the den.  Kevashka was talking, as usual.  Duncan walked past in front of her some ten feet away.


“Come with me.”  He said to Malkah in the main assembly hall, having walked right up to him.  After he spoke to him, Malkah rose and followed Duncan to his shop.  Malkah could feel Kevashka’s eyes on him.


Once in Malkah’s workshop Duncan dropped the small sports bag he carried on the nearest open space on a workbench.  Malkah watched with perked curiosity as Duncan unzipped the bag.  He pulled two odd looking toy guns from the bag; he handed one to Malkah. 


He reached into the bag again and retrieved a third while Malkah looked the toy he held over with confusion clearly evident.  He returned his attention to Duncan.  The toy he pulled from the bag was similar to the others, only this one was the smallest so far.


“These, are super soakers.”  Duncan informed Malkah.


“Squirt guns?”  He questioned back as he looked the toy gun over again.


“No, a squirt gun shoots a short thin stream of water while you pump the trigger.  Super soakers hold water in the bottle here.”  Duncan said while pointing out the bottle and started to unscrew it from the toy. 


“You fill this, put it back on and work the pump like this.”  Duncan demonstrated.  “Then when you pull the trigger, a heavy stream of water shoots your target under pressure.”  He looked at Malkah when he finished his introduction to super soakers 101.


Malkah’s mind raced to try and come to the conclusion he felt Duncan was hoping he would.  There was only one track of reasoning that seemed plausible. “You want me to build combat versions of these; dimensional pockets for the water jug.”  He said, he crossed his arms and took a confident, smug look.


Duncan smiled, his pleasure in the gadgettier for following his logic evident.  “Exactly.  I thought maybe build the tank with a valve stem and put the air in like a tire for the pressure.”


Malkah put his hand to his chin and looked off thoughtfully.  He understood what Duncan was driving at, but he, being a gadget person, had a better idea. “Yes, yes.  Could do that I suppose.  Can’t hurt to try.  I can work with it,  see what I can come up with.”  He replied.


Duncan nodded at him.  “Good, there is something else.”


Malkah knew there was.  His eyes returned his attention to Duncan and waited.


Once Malkah was paying attention to him again, Duncan went on. “I have a couple spools of fire hose, one with a nozzle.”  He said, reaching to Malkah’s clip board on the bench, removing the top page and drawing on the blank page beneath. 


“I want a tank on the back of a truck with a good fifteen hundred gallon supply with fire hose pressure behind it.  I want to be able to drag the hose into a club or whatever and cover a room with holy water.”  Duncan made a crude drawing. 


Malkah’s face was distraught.  This was a tall request.  Fifty gallons of holy water, not a problem.  fifteen hundred, now we have a problem.




Duncan returned to the main hall where Kevashka was still at center stage, going over areas with reported vampire group sightings. 


There was a significant number of orange dots indicating these locations.  Red dots indicated places the werewolf forces had struck; the businesses fully operating again.  There was a lone green dot.  One lonely spot on the map that hadn’t returned to operation. 


Duncan had ordered the utilities turned off, then had the basement club pumped solid with concrete.  It was filled from the center out to the sidewalk level at the front and to the end of the tunnel at the storm sewer.  Reopening was no longer an option.  He had given them their only victory on that front; the vampires would merely relocate though.


Duncan strode to where Snow sat.  Sea Mist moved from the spot next to her sister.  There was a slight rearranging as everyone shuffled down to make room for Duncan.  Sea Mist now sat on Duncan’s right with the rest of the row beyond her.  Duncan sat down in an abrupt manner.  He gave a flicking glance in Snow’s direction; he leaned over to Sea Mist’s left ear.


“Don’t ever do that again.”  He said to her.  Duncan picked up a scent change from Sea Mist.  “The seat or standing area next to my mate is always to remain open for me.” 


Sea Mist’s face and scent said she understood the reprimand.  Duncan straightened in his chair.  Slowly he turned his head towards Snow.


“Thank you for granting me your time yak puke.”  Kevashka said, somewhat loudly.  This drew Duncan’s attention from Snow.  “Now, I assume our gadgettier will be missing from a tactical meeting?”  Kevashka followed, her eyes were already focused on Duncan when his attention went to her.


“I have more pressing matters for Malkah; all he needs from you is a request list and a two paragraph overview on what you are planning to do.  That’s it.  Now as you were saying?”  Duncan said, his voice like a small country pond on a glass like calm morning.  A lone loon running across the surface to flight.  Calm as the pond’s mirror like surface; the loon was Duncan’s own undertone of ‘don’t mess with me’.


Kevashka’s hands went to her hips.  Her face moved about, eyebrows furrowed.  “I want him here, he needs this information as much as the rest.”  Her voice was hard and sharp as thorns. 


She followed this by breaking into a full out roar at Duncan.  “Get off your ass and get him here!”  Echo of her verbal assault reverberated in the empty silence of the main room.


Snow was looking firmly at Duncan.  There was a mild glimmer of annoyance at him.  Duncan’s face was indifferent.  He adjusted himself in the chair, cleared his throat. 


“I do not take orders from subordinates, nor do I tolerate being spoken to in such a way.  I will command this operation’s members as I see fit, unless Snow objects.”  Duncan crossed his arms, a hardening eased across his face.


Kevashka’s face changed again.  She was cross with him.  So was the voice from his left. “Duncan, your position with us was explained, it’s honorary.  Kevashka out ranks you technically.”  Snow’s voice was as cold as her name.


“Have any of you actually looked at his crest, read it perhaps?”  A magical voice asked loudly, as it came from the open hallway one level up encircling the chamber.  Shyhon was standing at the railing.  She had been watching them from above.


“This is a closed briefing for crew members only.  Remove yourself!”  Kevashka belted out at the robed and hooded figure standing at the railing.


This figure, unknown to Kevashka, turned towards, then moved to the stairs.  A delicate hand reached out and took the hand railing as the dark robed figure came down the stairs to their level.


Kevashka cleared her throat at the source of the feminine voice as she came to the room and started towards her.  With poise and grace she crossed the distance silently.  Kevashka’s hand returned to her hips. 


When the robed woman was about twenty-five feet away, she jumped up on the near end of a table.  She diagonally crossed several tables on the main assembly floor by jumping from one table to the next; arriving at the left end of the head table. 


Her robes fluttered high in the breeze as she landed from leaping high in the air to get above the level of the elevated floor for the head table.  She proceeded around the end of the table, it seemed as though she hovered as she moved towards Kevashka.


Shyhon came to stand before Kevashka.  She pulled back her hood stating; “I am the oracle from Clan of York.”  Then she motioned for Duncan.


Duncan followed suit with her, leaping up onto a table, then leaping from table top to table top, his final leap up and to the top of the head table.  After his solid landing on the head table, Duncan made a long step down to the floor behind Kevashka.


Turning, Kevashka brought her attention to him, having taken in all of Shyhon and accepting her standing.  She looked at the crest Duncan wore.  The central family crest was the same as on Shyhon’s face.  The writing indicated status within the clan; second commander was listed as the rank.  There was no honorary anything.  The oracle called this to notice.


Kevashka lowered her head.  Her hands came from the fists of anger at her sides to open palms as she brought her hands to her face.  She flexed her hands out as flat as she could.  Somber faced she placed them over her eyes; a werewolf display of shame.


“Forgive me noble Galt.”  Kevashka said.


“What?”  Snow ejected with a high pitched voice of disbelieving stunned shock.  She looked like she had just taken a cream pie to the face, half frozen in the middle. 


Snow had stood to observe when Shyhon had glided to the front so she not only had a better view, she was poised to make her way to the front. 


She was expecting to have to step in and divert Duncan and Kevashka from each other.  She moved to where the three were standing behind the head table, nearly breaking into a run the entire time she was traveling.


Snow grabbed Duncan’s right shoulder with her left hand.  She pulled fast and hard on his shoulder spinning him around.  Her eyes struck the crest on Duncan’s uniform.


“How long?”  Snow asked.  Her eyes looked heavy in her admonished face.


“Right before we left Stormhold.”  Duncan brushed a hand across the crest on his chest.  “People, werewolves, who didn’t work with me everyday noticed right away.”  Pausing, Duncan rubbed the hand he had used on his crest on his face, thumb on one side of his nose; the fingers together on the other. 


He pulled the hand down to his lips then returned his hand up again and repeated the action once.  “The only people who didn’t notice were the ones that worked with me everyday.”  Duncan said with a voice like a broom on a rug hung over a clothesline.


“I noticed.”  Max said.  He had moved unnoticed to Shyhon’s side.  “Didn’t make any changes on my end, I’ve always treated Duncan like a second commander.  He was put in the position for a reason.  Honorary was just a formality.”


He moved his eyes from Duncan’s crest to Snow’s eyes.  “The title of the position should have never played a part in the scenario.  Second commander is second commander.  If the rank wasn’t needed the immortals wouldn’t have done it.  Also, there is nothing that says honorary carries any less weight or authority than clan titled rank.”


Duncan hid his smile at Max.  He had been watching Max for a while now.  Despite his lackadaisical surfer dude manner, he was very perceptive.  He just didn’t always speak his observations.  He would keep most information to himself, revealing it when it became relevant. 


Duncan admired that quality in people who had it.  He had arrived at the conclusion that Max used his natural personality and amplified it to keep a ‘not the quickest squirrel in the forest’ perception of him.  In reality, if one bothered to notice, Max was a bottomless thinker.  Duncan had been digging into his thoughts as of late.


Snow turned to face those sitting at the tables in the main area. “How many of you noticed Sir Galt’s crest change?”  She asked loud enough that no matter where in the chamber you were you would have heard her with ease. 


She held up a hand straight above her head indicating how she wanted them to respond.  A solid three quarters of the people in the assembly area raised their hands.  Snow had made sure to give everyone her personal attention, except for her partner.


“This was done because of how my position was not being acknowledged by senior command members.”  Snow’s attention returned to Duncan when he spoke.  “So they used old law and made it official.”  He ended.


Duncan held Snow’s mournful gaze for several seconds.  He exhaled rapidly then brought his attention to Kevashka. “You have identified hot spots.”  He said to his strategist.  She nodded, then affirmed herself verbally.


“Good.  I want you to concentrate on gathering as much forward intelligence  as you can.  Branch out and look into other parts of the city and state.  Don’t worry about tactics now, I have Malkah working on... devices that will change any strategy you used to build them.”  Duncan looked around at the four people with him.


No one spoke.  Duncan brought his palms together in front of him at mid-chest with a lone clap sound. “Do you have anything else, relevant besides strategies?”  He asked Kevashka.


He eyes moved with the thoughts behind them.  Her head shook slightly, slowly and only thrice.   “Only analysis of field reports.  I could cover that in, ten minutes.”  Kevashka reported.


“Send a memo through email.”  Duncan snapped to face the main floor.  “Meeting over, dismissed.”  He announced to the floor.  Everyone looked at Snow; Duncan was part of this movement.


Her eyes flicked around the faces on the floor of the room.  Turning her head, she faced Duncan.  Taking the advice on his face she looked back to the two crew leaders front and center now, their full attention on her.


Snow nodded.


The two men turned, each going to a separate half of the assembly area; pointing to the back of the room, half of the room stood when each crew captain indicated to. 


Soon the last marching werewolf left the area, leaving the five at the head table with Mud and Morning Dew, Sea Mist and Blade Dance, Noktok and Shelma, and Meadow watching from the lower part of the floor. 


Duncan cleared his throat, swung his arms from his sides to his front.  A single clap when his two palms met, then he walked from the room.


Snow looked around at those that remained at the head table as they did the same to each other.  The command crew that remained on the main floor started to disband.  Some cleared their throats then moved on.  Others shrugged and left.  Snow simply walked from where she stood and proceeded out of the room.




Snow went to meet up with Duncan in the house.  She called him by name when she entered the house.  She finally found him in the office upstairs.  Duncan turned and held up a finger as he turned enabling Snow to see he was on the phone. 


She walked from the room.  The conversation sounded as though it may take a while.  She walked around the sitting room aimlessly while she contemplated if she would wait Duncan’s phone call out or move on with her day and talk with him later.  She really needed to discuss his... procedures. 


Snow made a decision and started to the entry.  She reached for the unlocked stair mechanism that would allow her to drop them and make for the den. “Snow!”  Duncan’s voice called out to her.


She stopped her hand reaching for the control, looking back to the origin of the voice.


“You wanted to speak with me?”  Duncan asked.  His voice from stopped halfway on the stair worked with his body language to say she could have waited.


She let her arm drop.  “Didn’t know how long you were going to be.  I have things to do also.”  She had her own attitude with Duncan always being busy when she wanted to talk with him.


“So, we doing this upstairs or down?”  He asked while leaning on the banister of the stairs.


“Upstairs!”  Snow barked.  She turned towards the stairs as Duncan turned back up and went into the office.  Snow slammed the door for emphasis after she was fully in the room.


“Unhook the phone receiver and unplug it please, I want us undisturbed while we talk.”  Snow asked calmly.


Duncan reached over to the phone on his desk and slid a switch.  “Ringer is off.”  His hands went to his hips, preparing for Snow’s rant about rules.


Snow eyeballed Duncan briefly, then started pacing back and forth in the short distance the room allowed.  Duncan’s face said he was bored with the impending conversation already.  Snow stopped at one point, stuck out a pointed index finger pointing at the air in front of her. 


Her mouth opened as though she were going to speak.  She shook her head, dropped her arm and went back to pacing.


Duncan, watching her, leaned back against his desk; his fingers curled under the beveled edge of the top and resting his weight on the heels of his palms.  Snow paced.  His head turned away from her as he released his breath with force, lips flapping as he did.


“Get on with it already Snow!”  Duncan exhorted looking towards his partner again.  “You’re going to bitch about my attitude and go on about rules.”  His voice was like a grapefruit sized rock; a nice rounded chunk of granite, slammed into the side of your head.  He was clearly prepared to bring definition to the term ‘rip her a new one’ with Snow being the subject.


Snow had stopped her pacing only to bring her gaze to him.  Duncan thought the look she gave was like having dry ice shoved down your pants and being held against your taint.


Snow moved her feet and adjusted her stance to better face him. “Well, you have been a shit around the den and you do need constant reminding of how we do things; you constantly push the rules.”  Snow’s huffed voice relayed.


Duncan guffawed.  “You mean like you used to?”  He said.  Snow’s eyebrows left their raised state.  “You used to be the one that broke all the rules.  Battle of Blood Night, an unmated female, you, were part of a raid sent to observe, disobeyed orders to retreat and instead charged in and attacked.” 


Duncan crossed his arms at her.  “When we first met, you gave a stiff middle finger to the rules; you won’t even fart now without filling out paperwork that you farted, in triplicate.”


Snow’s face became crisp.  Her body ridged.  Duncan’s eyes moved to her chest.  Snow’s nipples were rock solid under her tight uniform.  She seldom wore a bra.  Duncan considered it a blessing to be partnered to a small breasted girl.


“I am commander of American operations against Alexander now, it is expected, demanded I be by the book now.”  Snow responded with an air of affluence. 


Snow noticed Duncan’s eyes were on her, just not her eyes.  She looked towards his gaze.  Snow smiled inside.  She put her hands on her hips.  She wiggled her little fingers to the shirt she wore and under the waistband of the pants.


Her mouth held a smirk as she went on.  “I am not going to act like some kind of rebel.  I’m going to act and conduct myself as a commander should.”  Snow said, primarily to cover as she loosed her shirt from being tucked in.  Now having it free, she pulled the garment from herself in one quick movement. 


Snow outwardly smiled now as Duncan’s eyes widened and glazed as he was greeted by the objects of his desire.  Snow noticed his constant eye attention on her.  She felt good knowing he truly desired her; found her attractive. 


She had observed Duncan check out other females.  His octal ogling always returned to her.  His eyes would fill with a gentle raging passion and a glowing smile on his face.  Snow had questioned this look in her mind and heart.  Wondered if it was the emotion she hoped it was. 


After reading entries from Duncan’s notebook, she knew what it was.  Maybe she would know the victory other females she knew had over males through provocativeness.


“Yeah.”  Duncan said in a low tone and volume.  “That’s exactly what I am talking about.”  Lifting his hands from the desk, Duncan turned his back to Snow, then returned his hands to the desk; breaking his gaze and Snow’s power over him.


‘Damn it, that was supposed to be victory by titties’ Snow thought to herself.


Duncan cleared his throat.  “That was definitely not from any rule book.”


A soft quiet laugh came from Snow.  “Sure it was, mine.  You like my titties, I can use that against you.”  She said, her voice conniving.


Duncan’s head nodded as he looked at the top of the desk.  “Like is an understatement, and I’m all for `em being ‘against’ me.”  Duncan straightened, dropping his hands to his sides.  He kept his back to Snow.


“That was the kind of tactics and attitude you used and had all the time.  Sneaky, conniving, creative, ruthless.  If Night Harvest and the others wanted a by the book commander, they have hundreds to choose from.  But they chose you, the rule breaking rebel.”  Duncan turned his head and looked to Snow’s eyes. 


“Now you’re just... vanilla.”  He looked to the desk, then back to Snow, focusing on her breasts. “Those are very impressive.”  Duncan stammered some.  “Beautiful,  but please, put your shirt back on.”  He ended and looked back to the desk.


Snow walked over to where she had flung her shirt, slowly picking it up while keeping her eyes on Duncan.  She awkwardly pulled her uniform shirt back on.  Without a word she left the room, quietly closing the door.  She made her way to the den. 




Snow made her way through the main assembly area.  She talked with Noktok and Shelma for a few minutes as they worked at a table.  Finishing with them she directed herself towards Malkah’s workshop.


Malkah showed her what Duncan had wanted him to do, and talked about what his ideas were to make his schemes reality.  It started to click in Snow’s mind how much this would change the manner in which they fought. 


Duncan was right, none of Kevashka’s tactics currently would be effective.  She built them without knowledge of a major weapons change.  Snow was barely hearing anything Malkah was saying now. 


She excused herself from Malkah, who was all to eager to get back to work.  Snow went to her office area she shared with Duncan in the den.  Switching to the private channel reserved for herself and Duncan on the radio, Snow called him.


“You left rather abruptly.”  He answered her call.


“Don’t want to talk shop right now, bedroom, five minutes?”  She offered.


“Damn straight!”  Came in reply.


Snow and Duncan were laying on what remained of their bed.  The petting session had lasted about an hour and a half.  Duncan only had to leave once to throw up.  He had refused to let Snow’s concern for him dampen the mood.  A well placed tongue removed the worrisome look from her face.


Snow was laying on top of Duncan with her bottom barely an inch from his face with her head on his stomach, idly playing with his manhood.  “Have I really been that bad or a rule monger?”  She said.  Her voice questioning her attempt to be a good responsible commander.


Duncan moved his hands to Snow’s buttocks.  He gave each half of the firm well rounded bottom before his face a solid squeeze, massaging them and working them apart then squishing them together again.  Snow emitted a smiling sigh from the affection.  A good minute passed, her question now nothing more than a slow breeze through cattails and reeds in a hidden pond.


“I miss the woman I met that stormy night at my front door.”  Duncan’s hands started moving gently up Snow’s bottom.  He would run them from near his face over her rounds towards her waist, bring them near his face again and repeat his kind caressing.  He was talking calmly with her.  Snow was in the right mood to listen.


“You changed after you were acquitted.  Started to I should say.  At clan Strong Oak, you were top of your game.  Balls to the wall, do or die.  That’s gone from you now.  I don’t know who this straight laced woman you are now is.  We need the valiant warrior back, if we are going to kick Alexander’s ass.”  His voice was as gentle as his touch.


Duncan started rubbing Snow’s legs on either side of his head.  His massaging returned, now on her thighs. “That feels good.”  Snow cooed.


Duncan smiled.  Picking his head up slightly he inhaled, taking in Snow’s rich scent through his nose. “I want the Snow I fell in love with back.  The Snow that would throw caution to the wind, ignore tactics and get shit done.”  He paused a moment to think and take in the beauty in front of him.


“You’ve become hesitant, always wanting a detailed explanation and solid reasoning before acting.”  Duncan sighed.  His breath hit the bush of hair surrounding Snow’s lips that were facing him causing a tickle releasing a giggle from her.  Her bottom wiggled.


“Like what happened in the yard with the two charmed humans, had we proceeded your way, their success chances would have been greatly improved.  You may have gotten us killed.  Kevashka, when I brought her along against your orders.  You would not have simply accepted my saying I wanted her to come with.”  You would’ve had question after question about why and countered every reason with logic based on some unwritten werewolf code.”  Duncan moved his hands to Snow’s hips. 


“There is a time and place for caution and following the rules; actual rules not some custom that has worked its way into being accepted as a rule.  In order to win this war, we need to get back to the basics and stop pigeonholing ourselves with nonexistent rules.  We need our old Snow back.”  Duncan stated, his hands now caressing the small of her back.


Snow remained where she laid on top of him, her face turned to the side looking off at nothing in the room while she thought.  She could understand what Duncan had said to her; she was not being her normal self. 


Instead she had started acting out of a sense of duty.  Trying to be what she felt she was expected to be.  Earlier Duncan had pointed out, had their leaders wanted a by the book commander, they had many.  When she considered stepping down from her command and relinquishing it to a more experienced commander because she was failing, Duncan stood up for her.  Snow was failing as a commander. 


She was failing because she was trying to be like every other commandeer and had succeeded at that.  Duncan stood up for her because he believed in her, knew what she was capable of.  He stood up for her and insisted she keep trying because he wanted time to solve the mystery behind their failing missions and to get his Snow back. 


He was right.  The immortals had chosen her, not because she was like others in command, but because she wasn’t.  Drastic times called for drastic measures.  She was just that.  A drastic measure.


Snow moved her head to try and look at Duncan.  “So what about your aggressive nature lately?  You’ve been snapping at people, barking orders and chewing peoples asses.  Not all the time, but a lot of the time.  You’ve changed too.”  Snow said back at Duncan’s eyes as he looked across her bum to her.


Duncan’s eyes went distant for a moment.  Snow brought her head back straight with her body.  She ran her fingers through his pubic hair while she waited out his response.


Duncan cleared his throat.  “You’ve never seen me in the field.  You just know me as ‘the bait’ and not the field commander in charge.  I’ll admit I have been a bit more aggressive than normal, but not much.  A bit owly, yes, but when on a mission I’m all business.  Thought you would have read that in me and expected it.”


Snow pressed her face to Duncan’s stomach just below his navel.  She let her mind ravage through the thoughts in it.


“You said ‘the Snow you fell in love with’, do you still love me?”  She asked turning her head again to look to Duncan who was playing with her labia and butt again.


He raised his head to look at her, his nose almost touching Snow’s butt crack.  “More than life itself, more and more each day.  Seeing your face and catching your scent every morning when I wake is something I very much look forward too.”  When he finished speaking he laid his head back on the pillow under his neck.  He smiled as Snow’s scent intensified and felt her moisture on his chest.


They continued to lay together, each lost in their own whirlpool of thought.  Snow was happy Duncan had admitted he loved her.  She didn’t want the first time he told her to be just before he passed, in a couple months.  Their time was short. 


Had she known of Duncan’s health when Robert first offered the ‘deal’ that mated her to him and the short allotment of time it would afford her, she would still agree.  Snow had wasted time trying to be a textbook commander.


Snow looked back to Duncan after several minutes of thinking.  Questioning appeared on Duncan’s face as he took in the mischievous look on his partners face. “Pffffffffffft!”  clapped from Snow’s bottom at Duncan’s raised face.


“I’m not filing a report on that one, nor did I ask permission.”  Snow said towards Duncan’s shocked and repulsed face. 


She dropped her face to his belly again as she broke into a fit of laughter.  Snow was lost in her own humorous little world.  She didn’t acknowledge the feeling of Duncan’s hands at her hips.  The motion of her hips being raised and being pulled back also went unnoticed by her until Duncan’s lips and tongue suddenly connected with her most sensitive of sensitive spots.


A full exhale followed by a raspy gasping inhale as Snow’s face shot forward.  Her eyes wide, mouth fully open.  The language Snow spoke was something only lovers would understand and consisted of a massive vowel movement. 


Her legs clamped Duncan’s head.  Her back arched as she pushed her hips back.  Her voice became deep for her as she howled out.  She was catching her breath as wave one rippled through her body.  Her breaths became hard and fast. 


The last thought she could remember as her legs started to quiver again was that they would need to change the sheets and that she was glad Duncan knew where the little man in the boat was.  Snow’s hips started twitching.  She howled savagely again as her body convulsed and she lost control, again.




Snow and Duncan finally returned to reality and emerged from the upstairs.  They passed by the sitting room and rounded the wall that gave entry to the dining room.  Shyhon was seated in a chair that was turned sideways to the dining table facing the direction they were coming from, her hands neatly in her lap.


Snow stopped suddenly just a step passed where the wall ended.  Duncan was yet to be able to see Shyhon and was not expecting Snow to come to a sudden halt.  He piled into her causing her to stumble several more steps forward.  Duncan apologized to her then looked for the reason his partner had so suddenly ceased walking. 


Shyhon looked between the two sets of eyes on her, one wolf, the other human.


Snow felt her face become hot.  A full boil blush came over her.  She wondered how long Shyhon had been sitting where she was.  Had she been in the house when she and Duncan rendezvoused?  Snow’s eyes fell to the floor in embarrassment. 


Quiet she was not when aroused.  Her many orgasms would have echoed throughout the house.  Had Shyhon been there much more than ten minutes, she would be well aware of what had transpired upstairs between herself and Duncan.


Duncan moved awkwardly in his own form of embarrassment.  Shyhon’s face didn’t hold its normal faint smile.  Her expression was serious.  Her eyes darted from him to Snow and back.


Shyhon’s head raised some, she flattened each hand on a corresponding leg and pressed slightly.  Her eyes stopped on Duncan.


“I would appreciate a word with princess Snow, brother, alone.”  Shyhon’s harp like voice requested.


Duncan fumbled with his hands, caught in Shyhon’s convicting gaze. “Ah, yeah, sure.”  He answered moving about nervously.  He nodded his head once at Shyhon then passed behind Snow as he made a hasty retreat to the front door and out.  He scurried to the garage, once there he ran down the stairs instead of taking the elevator to burn off some nervous energy. 


He made his way around the outer raised hallway of the main gathering hall, returning greetings from the few people at several of the tables as he skirted the area.  As he passed the machine shop Malkah waved at him.  Hovlek was next to him concentrating on the machine he was operating.  Once at Kevashka’s door Duncan ducked into her office.




After Duncan made his exit Shyhon stood, her expression of seriousness remained.  Snow followed as Shyhon led her to the sitting room; sitting on the sofa and gesturing for her to sit beside her.  When she sat, Snow was ridged, fearing the conversation she was about to have.


“Shyhon, I’m sorry about the noise.”  Snow stammered in a nervous voice.  “I forgot about your being here and, I know I’m far from, ah, quiet.”  She put her hands to her face feeling it reddening again.  She heard Shyhon laugh easily.


“The sound you speak of was secondary, your scent fills the entire house.”  Shyhon said as she put her hand on Snow’s arm, intentionally aggravating her embarrassment.  “It’s a beautiful thing.  Duncan considers himself fortunate to have a passionate love such as you are.”


Snow looked at Shyhon with bewilderment.  “He told you, that?”  She was wondering why the man who wouldn’t speak to her about his feelings for her would talk of their intimacies with an effective complete stranger. 


Shyhon’s faint smile resided on her face again.  “No dear, he hasn’t spoken with me about such private issues.  It radiates from him.  He is very proud to be with you.”  Shyhon reached and touched one of Snow’s lip rings then gently ran a finger across the bottom of the chain that ran from Snow’s nose to her earlobe causing it to sway lightly.


“He finds your piercings and gothic dress very comely.  The sound of your voice excites him as does the sight of your face.  He stares at your butt as you walk across a room or in front of him.”  Shyhon gently said.


“Yes, I know he watches me.”  Snow smiled when she admitted this.


Shyhon nodded her head several times at her response.  “And you reciprocate the same to him.  You savor his scent just as he does yours.  I think it’s beautiful, the mutual desire you each have for one another.”


Snow looked at Shyhon with a suspicious questioning look.  “How do you know, all this?”  Snow turned her torso towards Shyhon.  “You haven’t been with us or around us long enough to read all this.”  Snow was wondering who Shyhon had been talking to about her and her partner.


Shyhon’s hands moved fully into her lap, looking forward from Snow with a silent laugh.  “Oh, dear me.”  Shyhon shook her head briefly.  “Snow, I could read that from seeing you two together for ten seconds.”  She looked back to Snow again.  “I am more than just the writing on my back Snow.  You should understand that.  I can sense many things.  I can hear and see many things too.”


Shyhon read the shocked stun on Snow’s face.  Her eyes wide, mouth agape.  She sighed and looked down to the open space on the sofa between herself and Snow.  Her eyes returning to Snow when she spoke again.


“Yes, I know about the pigments that form on your body, that you fear they might show on your face.  But yours form from different reasons than mine.  Trust had the same thing.”  Shyhon shifted on the sofa and moved her gaze out to the floor in front of her.


“Like you, he was a passionate warrior and lover.  Like me.  We are said to be of an old breed.  People of passion like you and I...Duncan.  Intensity.  That’s us.  In everything we do, intensity.  Average mated of our kind only make love once or twice a year.  They lack the passionate drive that we have.  Even alphas, mate a couple times a month, stronger ones maybe more.  Then there are people like us.  We like to screw as hard as we fight.”


Snow’s eyebrow’s raised at Shyhon.  Picking up on the change in Snow she looked to her and gave a light laugh.


“What?  Just because I’m an oracle doesn’t mean I’m any different than you.  I have the same emotions and desires you do, and at the same intensity.  Like you, I have had to wait for a mate, years beyond normal.  Who better to understand what you’re going through?”  Shyhon said with a reassuring smile.


Snow guffawed.  “It’s just, you always speak so, gracefully, I don’t know how to put it.  Just hearing you use the word ‘screw’ was, unexpected.”


Shyhon looked off again.  “Snow, I just want you to know I understand how you are feeling.  I have the same passion burning inside me, though I don’t fight in the same manner you do, my passion in my work and desires is just as strong.  We are the epitome of alphas.”


She looked back to a bewildered Snow.  “A couple times a month, more like wanting to mate every day, or more.  I long for my mating bite, for my body to open and allow my mate inside me.  I have had some ‘hot and heavy’ time with my intended too.  I so wanted to bite him and feel his fangs in my flesh.”  Shyhon exhaled suddenly as her body quivered. 


She turned to face Snow again.  “When you’re with Duncan, do your fangs extend?”  She asked her.


Snow pushed her head forward.  Her lips curled back as she opened her mouth wide revealing the four nearly inch long fangs extended in her mouth.  Shyhon’s eyes widened as surprise crossed her face.  Snow had exceptionally long fangs.


“Even talking about mating with Duncan makes them extend.  I’ve completely soaked my pants and am probably seeping into the couch, so if you have a point to make, get to it.”  Snow answered with a coarse cross voice.


Shyhon had leaned back from Snow.  “Um, yes, of course.”  She broke her staring at Snow’s mouth, completely taken back by what she saw.  Snow was even stronger than she was.


“You, when I tried to wake you when you and Duncan… you… bit me, on the neck.  You thought I was Duncan in your dream that I pulled you from.  Not hard enough to draw blood, or turn a human.”  Shyhon shifted again, her face took on the serious look again.  “Do you bite Duncan?  When...”  Shyhon asked, Snow cut her off.


“What the frell, what we do in between the sheets is none of your frelling business, oracle or not!”  Snow ejected in a hurried anger.


Shyhon ignored the assault part of Snow’s outburst.  “I have already advised the Bishop of Clans about my concerns.  If by accident, or on purpose, you turn Duncan for any reason, the end result would… not be beneficial to either of you.”


Snow’s fangs had fully retracted, but not her anger.  Her eyes flashed.  Her voice was gravel from the indiscretion shown by the oracle. 


“You may come from a clan, just slightly, ever so slightly above where I now hold status, but I am still ranked above you as operations commander of the states.  I do not need nor care for your wet nursing me or interfering with my physical relations with the human I am mated with abhorrently.  And reporting on my sex acts!”  Snow stood up rashly. 


She moved to stand directly in front of Shyhon’s calm face.  “How would you like it if it were reported that your intended kissed your nether regions?  Oh, I’m sorry, that may not compute for you.  That you were getting your pussy licked?”


Snow’s anger intensified.  “As far as you understanding what I am going through, you’re frelling clueless.  When Duncan and I finish with Alexander, and we will, you get to mate and live happily ever after making pups and being a bishop’s mate, I can never be mated to Duncan fully, ever!  He has about two months to live. 


She leaned in close to the oracle’s face with seething despise.  “When he dies, I die beside him because Robert of the Clay injected my gland with Duncan’s blood.  You have no comprehension of what that is like!”


Snow took a step back from the now stunned face of the oracle and pointed towards the front of the house. “Get out!”  She yelled.  “You are no longer welcome in my house!”


Shyhon made a short shake of her head.  “Duncan would never allow you to kick me out.  Calm down Snow and think for a moment.”  She tried to reason.


Snow stiffened.  “I think you might...”


“Snow!”  Duncan yelled as he charged through the front door.  Several seconds later he entered the sitting room.


Snow had stepped towards the entrance to the sitting room, she focused on Duncan when he entered.


“Duncan, what’s the matter?  What’s going on?”  Snow asked with concern and urgency in her voice.  Shyhon had also turned on the sofa so she could look at him.


Duncan looked at Shyhon then returned to Snow.  “You tell me, you called me, something about intruder, intrusion, being violated.  I ran here as fast as I could.  What’s going on?”  He said breathlessly.


Snow smiled and moved next to Duncan.  Her smile was pleasure at Duncan, it changed dramatically as she turned to face Shyhon.  Shyhon’s face went beyond stunned and bordered on terrified.  Snow had wanted Duncan here, he had heard her cry without any assistance from any form of communications device.


“I ordered Shyhon out of the den house.  You have any problem with that?”  Snow asked.


Duncan blinked at Snow as he tried to read the situation.  He felt a shiver run through him.  “No, none.  Why, what happened?”  He queried back.


“This tart has been reporting to the Bishop of Clans on our sexual activities.  She’s afraid I might accidently, or on purpose, turn you.”  Snow recited to Duncan with a snarky tone.


Duncan felt like he had been punched in the gut.  He looked to Shyhon’s tormented face.  “Snow would never do that.”  He said in a soft absolute voice.


He looked back to Snow.  He looked intently at every movement of her face.  “No.”  Duncan started.  “She doesn’t need to leave the house.” Snow’s face dropped while Shyhon’s took on a smug smile.  Both expressions were short lived.


Duncan looked to Shyhon.  “You need to leave the den.  You’re not welcome here.” Duncan looked back to Snow.  He raised his arm that was next to her and placed it across her shoulders.  He looked back to the oracle.


“I’ll have Morning Dew drive you to the airport.  I think you should make a stop by the clan of the Highland Citadel, Night Harvest will want to have a few words with you.”  Duncan glanced at Snow before finishing.  “That’s what I feel, and I’m sure after I talk with the Bishop of Clans, he will want you to speak with Night Harvest also.”


Shyhon looked exacerbated.  She fought for words for a moment.  “Duncan, you know I can’t just leave.  Kick me out of the house fine.  But I have to remain at the den.”  Shyhon argued.


“Incorrect, and it’s Sir Galt, thank you.  As far as the rules go, you are bound by the Light to deliver your message and should you travel, remain until told to go elsewhere.  I am telling you to go elsewhere.  There is no stipulation that the Light has to be the origin of the order.  As a matter of fact, oracles usually don’t travel, the recipient of your messages are brought to you, you have chosen to travel.”  Duncan issued.


Duncan left the sitting room and went to the intercom.  He told Mud to have her mate requisition a vehicle and come to the house.  He would be taking someone to the airport.  When he returned to the sitting room he could tell the arguing went on without him.


Duncan filled the room with his presence.  “This discussion is over.”  He firmly said.


“She’s refusing to leave, says we can’t force her.”  Snow had a vexed look on her face as she spoke.


Duncan nodded.  “You reported Snow’s sex life to the Bishop?”  He said towards Shyhon then looked to Snow.  “She did that?  Actually bothered the Bishop to report that?”


“Yes, she said she did.  Afraid I might turn you, bite you good.  She said that after asking if I bit you while we were being friendly.”  Snow responded.


Duncan shook his head looking at Shyhon.  “As second in command of Trust Operations One, oracle princess Shyhon, I order you to leave the den and ground of Lady Sadness.  You are to leave the United States, returning to Clan of York after meeting with the Grand Inquisitor.”  Duncan turned to face Snow.  “Commander Sadness, are you in agreement with this order?”  He asked.


Snow gave a single nod.  “I am.”


There was a knock on the front door.


“Now then, should you still refuse to leave, you will be disobeying a direct order from the stateside operations command.  I’ll be sure to report that.”  Duncan told Shyhon.  Turning his head in the direction of the knocking that came again he yelled “Come in!”


Mud came to the sitting room with Morning Dew at her hip.  Four guards followed.  Mud looked mean as she surveyed the oracle.


Duncan held out an arm at Shyhon while Snow looked on with a frozen glare at her.  “Are you disobeying an order, or are you willing to leave on your own?”  He asked her.


She shook her head as she stood.  “I’ll go pack my things.”  Shyhon said with sad eyes and a long face.  As though she was in pain, the oracle plodded to the stairs and climbed them to her room to pack.


“You want I should go with her Sir Galt?  Make sure she doesn’t dawdle?”  Mud asked.


The room was quiet for a few moments. 


“No, she won’t dawdle.”  Duncan replied as Kevashka entered the room.


She had a folded paper in her hand.  She looked at Duncan and nodded.  He held out his hand and Kevashka put an end of the paper in his fingers.  Taking it he read it, turned so Snow could see it also.


Duncan finished reading the fax and looked to his partner.  When her eyes met his he folded the paper again and handed it back to Kevashka.  “Thank you.”  He said to her.


The group stood silently until Shyhon descended the stairs.  She walked up with a small suitcase in her right hand to Duncan, looking into his eyes. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”  She said to him.


Duncan’s eyes held a touch of sorrow as he looked with authority back at her. “I’m getting you out of here before you do any serious damage.”  He told her. 


He crossed his arms still facing her.  “It’s an impressive gift you have Shyhon, being able to see the visions you do.  Reading the mental images from those around you.  What would be even a more impressive gift would be the discernment of knowing when to speak of them and when to keep them to yourself.”  Duncan said to the grieving oracle.


Turning from her he gestured to her while looking at Morning Dew who stepped to her, taking her suitcase.  “Follow me please, miss.”  He said to her then he led Shyhon from the house to the waiting vehicle.  Mud and the guards followed after.


“Mud, why don’t you go with.  Keep your mate company.”  Snow said after her.


“You got it boss.”  Mud replied without looking back.


Once they were alone in the house Duncan took a seat on the sofa.  Snow came and sat in his lap and leaned into him. “So you had already talked to the Bishop?”  Snow asked.  Duncan nodded.


“That’s who I was on the phone with when you came in earlier, when we talked.”


Snow looked up at Duncan’s chin.  “Is that how you knew we could order her to leave?”


“No, I already knew that, as you know in all my research I read up on oracles.  I just went over what to do with her if she refused.  I had read her personnel file first.  She has a history of sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.”  Duncan inhaled deep and released his breath.


He looked at Snow giving a troubled smile.  “She has caused problems by telling people about visions she had had concerning them.  Not maliciously; thinking she was helping.  During her eighteen years of silence, the problems went away.  We are the first den she has went to since she started talking again.”


“So you were already planning to get rid of her?”  Snow asked.


Duncan rocked his head from one side.  “Well, I guess.  Back at the hotel, Night Harvest told me to read her file and get her out at the first sign of trouble.  He said I would know what he meant from her personnel file.  And I did.  I saw trouble this morning.  Things Night Harvest wanted me to keep between him and I.”


Snow was wondering which part of the morning tipped him off to trouble.  She wanted to ask; Duncan had already made it clear he was to keep his mouth shut.  Night Harvest.  She appreciated the respectful way Duncan had let her know not to ask.


Duncan was stroking Snow’s hair enjoying her company.  Snow suddenly shivered and somewhat shook herself.  Duncan looked down to her. “Something the matter?”


Snow moved her head and washed her hand over her face. “No, it’s just... I can’t believe she told the Bishop of Clans about our intimacies.  I feel, violated.  I can’t believe she thought I would force turn you.”


She shook her head in disgust and aggravation with a scoffing breath.   “Where in the frell did she come up with that?  I mean sure, I bit her, but she should have known it wasn’t hard enough to break skin.  And I would never give you a love bite with my fangs out.  I always keep my mouth closed till they go back in.”  She told Duncan.


His hand stopped midway through a stroke of her head.  “Excuse me, what?”


When Snow looked up to his face, bent to her, she found the same question on his face that was in his voice.


“What, what?”  Snow piped not getting his confusion.


“Fangs?”  Duncan posed.


“Fangs.  You know, they come out during mating too, not just when we’re a werewolf or fighting.  Though for mating they extend more and you can’t control them when it happens from arousal.”  She explained.


Snow took in the look on Duncan’s face.  She sat up to better look at him.  “Your shitting me!”  She turned on Duncan’s lap to face him fully bringing a leg up, tucking it into her chest and finishing her turn putting her leg down.  She now sat on his legs with a bent knee on either side of him and a surprised look on her face. 


“You’re shitting me!  Mr. ‘I research everything’ doesn’t know about fangs?”  Snow said then tossed her head back and gave a gleeful laugh.


Duncan gave her an ‘oh please’ look.  “Well, werewolf mating wasn’t exactly high on my research list, all things considered.”  Duncan gave a flabbergasted shrug.  “I figured when the… that it had no relevancy to anything.  I was trying to figure out why we were getting our asses handed to us, then to find a mole.  You know what I mean.”


Snow’s face had gone somber.  “You were going to say when the time came I’d teach you what to do weren’t you?”


“Ah, something like that, show me the ropes, but yeah, unlike our former guest, I have discernment.”  Duncan answered her.


Snow nodded at him.  The thoughts each were having conveyed to the other without spoken words.  Snow stood up facing Duncan and took a long step back.  She held her hand out to him to join her.


“Come, I’ll show you.”  She said as he took his hands in hers and stood facing him.


Snow turned her back to Duncan and eased herself back until she was against him.  She reached back, finding his arms she directed them in front of her.  Sliding her hands down his arms she clasped his hands and brought them to her chest.


“Now massage my breasts, pinch my nipples, give them a little twist and kiss the back of my neck like you do.”  Snow instructed.


“Ah, Snow, I know how to turn you on, I don’t need a play by play.”  Duncan said in between  kisses to her neck.


Snow was encouraging him on.  Duncan paused for a short moment, opened his mouth and chomped down on Snow’s shoulder near her neck. “Oh yes!”  Came loudly from her.  “Harder!”


Duncan could feel the rise in her body temperature.  She filled the air around them with her musk.  Duncan released his teeth from Snow.


Snow put a hand back pushing on Duncan’s belly and stepped forward.  She pivoted around fast to face him.  He was looking expectantly at her, focusing on her mouth.  Snow pulled her lips back and opened her mouth.


“Whoa.”  He said when he saw her fangs.


Snow looked back at him apprehensively.  She was unsure how he was receiving the sight.  His face was mostly surprise or shock.  She was trying to tell if he was repelled by her now. Duncan gave her no sign.  “Well?”  She coaxed.


“I, ah…”  Came from him.  He was gesturing aimlessly with his arms.  Duncan was trying to put together what he wanted to say.  He had never seen Snow’s fangs before during any of their romps.  He wanted to ask her why she had kept them hidden from him.  The thought came to him that his delay in responding was causing insecurity in Snow.


“Wow, those are sexy.”  He said.


Duncan chastised himself inside, thinking to himself.  ‘That’s the best you could come up with?  Sexy?’  His worry was fast put to rest when an ear to ear grin broke across Snow’s face.




“Really, really.”


“I was always ashamed of mine, they are so much longer than other werewolves.”  Snow said.


Duncan smiled and laughed softly.  “Well I don’t know about other werewolves, seeing you with your fangs out, very erotic.”  He affirmed.  Snow raised an eyebrow when Duncan spoke his thoughts.  “Well, that does explain some things.”  He said.


“Oh like what?”  Snow asked as Duncan watched her fangs start to retract.


“Like when you pull away from me, when you’re giving me a non-turning love bite or why sometimes you only lip kiss me keeping your jaws locked and not letting me tongue wrestle you.  Stuff like that.”  Duncan explained.


Snow smiled and nodded.


“Well, now you won’t have to keep them hid from me.  I rather liked seeing them out.”  He softly told her.


Snow reached out and took one of Duncan’s hands and tugged on it.  “Why don’t you come back upstairs with me and I’ll let you see them some more.”  She said in a playful manner.


Duncan smiled a crooked smile accompanied by a troublesome laugh.  “We aren’t going to get any work done today, are we?”  He asked.


Duncan followed Snow as she pulled him along.  “Tell me, what do we have to do now?  With your projects you have Malkah on, we can’t train on any new strategies and weapons till we have something to work with.”  Snow pointed out.


The ends of Duncan’s lips curved down and the fronts pursed out for the moment he considered Snow’s logic.  “Good point.”  He said and broke free of her hand then ran past her and up the stairs.


“Hey!”  Snow yelled and took after him.




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